Weapon Regulations

Castlefest has again, as previous years, an exemption which allows visitors to carry a weapons. However, due to a changing society and stricter regulations Castlefest will carry out weapon checks.

In case you are in possession of a weapon (regardless the authenticity, shape or size), you are obliged to hand over your weapon for a check-up.

1.1 General rules

  • – Within the designated event area, rules are according to the Dutch Weapon and Munition Law (WWM – Wet Wapen en Munitie)
    For more information check: https://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0008804/2019-05-01
  • The weapon permit is issued for an exemption for WWM: Art. 2 Cat. IV Sub. 1 & 2, provided that weapons are blunt.
  • Vana Events expects her visitors, in case they want to bring a weapon, to read in on the WWM very carefully. Vana Events cannot be held accountable if weapons are carried over to the police because their owner is not aware of the laws.
  • Vana Events and by them appointed staff will have the last say in the final decisions made.
  • Vana Events and by them appointed staff are allowed to carry out weapon checks at any time and at any place within the designated event area.
  • It’s not allowed to carry or operate a weapon by individuals younger than 18 years old or to carry over weapons to individuals younger than 18 years old. Selling weapons is only allowed to visitors of 18 years and older.
  • Weapons that violate the WWM are prohibited at all times. In consultation with Dutch police we will offer the owner the possibility to hand over the weapon for destruction. In case the owner doesn’t want to hand over this weapon or in case of excessive violation of the rules, the police will act repressively.

1.2        Permit area: 

  • Authorized weapons are allowed to carried around within the designated event area.
  • The Castlefest Parking and the shortest route from the parking to the festival entrance, as well as the shortest route from the Castlefest Camping to the festival entrance are within the designated event area.
  • Outside the designated area (read: public roads) weapons need to be properly packed. Police will check on this.

    1. 3 Bladed weapons (swords, axes, spears, daggers, bats, etc.)

  • Bladed weapons are without exemption blunt in such way that no dangerous situation can accure.
  • Blunt bladed weapons need to be carried safely and correct. For example by wearing it in a scabbard. Longer weapons like spears, lances and halberds need to be held upright.
  • Buying a sharp weapon within the designated area is only allowed when said weapon is handed over for safekeeping with our special weapon check counters at the entrance.

 1.4 Firearms

  • Real decommissioned weapons and realistic looking modern firearms are not allowed.
  • Functioning fire arms are not allowed.
  • Crossbows are not allowed

 1.5 Examples

The following examples are for clarification, but are just a sampling of the different types of weapons. The final decision made by Vana Events is always obligatory.

1.5.1. Allowed 

  • All sorts of swords, daggers, spears, as long as they are blunt.
  • LARP (foam rubber), wooden or weapons made of another blunt material.
  • Most NERF-guns, SuperSoakers, etc.
  • Fake or decommissioned blackpowder weapons

1.5.2 Not Allowed

  • Crossbows
  • Double bladed knifes
  • Toy guns that are very similar in appearance to modern firearms
  • Airsoft weapons. We are not a NABV certified Airsoft area.
  • Weapons that, regardless of their shape, colour, material or purpose, can cause any danger during the festival.