TICKET UPDATE: Saturday & Castlefanatic Camping close to sold out!

With less than two weeks left, ticket sales are going fast: the Castlefest Saturday and Castlefanatic Camping tickets are getting close to sold out! In case of sold out tickets it’s not possible anymore to buy those tickets at the festival entrance. Don’t want to miss out? Buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Want to photograph at Castlefest?

Want to photograph at Castlefest by using your camera with detachable lenses ? Apply for a photo pass! The deadline for applying is tomorrow (Sunday July 22nd).

Castlefest: drought in the Netherlands

Due to the ongoing sunny weather it is very hot and dry in the Netherlands. This drought affects nature and therefore also regulations regarding fire.
Nature is a great good for Castlefest and something we don’t want to take for granted, as well as the safety of our visitors. Therefore it has been decided that open fire like bonfires, torches, candles and the like are not allowed at Castlefest this year.
Wicker Ritual:
Fire is a essential part of the Wicker Ritual, an important element of Castlefest itself. Together with emergency services and the municipality we are working on how to proceed with the Ritual in the safest way possible.

LARP Village

A traveling LARP caravan has found a spot on Castlefest to attract new blood for their special adventures. This remarkable crew of wondrous characters creates a lot of commotion and spectable wherever they go. Take it up against the strongest caravan guards in the arena, learn to create powerful potions with the alchemists, let your future be predicted by mysterious fortune tellers, go on an adventure for the merchant or enjoy a lovely drink in the tavern to quench the thirst.

This year the LARP Village is about the LARP caravan and completely adapted to show you how awesome the LARP hobby is for people of all ages. LARP is a Real Life Game, where contestants, all dressed up, venture into an magical adventure world where everything is possible. 

Throughout the Netherlands LARP events are organised. Mostly in forests, but every now and then it takes place in a castle or stronghold. The magical play world is mostly medieval with various hints of fantasy. Several LARP crews are present to introduce themselves to you next to a lovely bonfire in the LARP Village. 


Q&A: Robin Hobb

During this Q&A Robin Hobb will take the time to answer your questions. Do you want to know where she gets her inspiration from, how certain characters come into existence, or perhaps you’d just like to know if she owns any pets? Drop by, ask your questions or just sit back, relax and listen :-)

This Q&A takes place on Friday at 16.30h



13 years of Castlefest and 12 years of Greenthingz attendance!

The garbage goblins from Greenthingz are welcome guests at Castlefest. Where they picked up litter twelve years ago, nowadays they pick up little bits and pieces. It’s therefore that they are into barter business now. Bartering will take place around the barter cart, where they will trade you all things they have found and traded in the past years. Mind you: money has no value here, only barter.


The two girls forming the psychedelic folk band Brisinga combine folk music with modern influences, such as minimal music and pop.

Their unique compositions tell stories of nature, love and myths, expressed on various folkloristic, partly ancient instruments such as recorder, hurdy gurdy and harp. Their style crosses borders between raw, archaic chants and fine folk tunes.

Since the release of their debut album ‘Visa Nornir’ in 2017, Brisinga has developed a versatile sound with a touch of chamber music, which aims to address a broad range of listeners.

On Castlefest 2018, they will be supported again by Sandra Schmitt (Storm Seeker) on cello, nyckelharpa, drum and vocals.

Brisinga plays on Sunday at Castlefest

Floortje Zwigtman

Floortje Zwigtman (1974) published her debut novel Spelregels in 2001 and the sensational Wolfsroedel a year later. She used her passion for 19th century London in the trilogy Een groene bloem, for which she did a few years of research. Zwigtman received many prized for her books, including the Gouden Uil and the Gouden Zoen. Her long awaited book Vlam appeared in 2014, the first part of a trilogy about young adults growing up during a dictatorship.

‘There is no other Dutch author who writes so honestly and transparently for the young as Floortje Zwigtman. (…) She tells the whole story. It leads to truly piercing young adult literature.’
Trouw about Een groene bloem trilogy

Floortje Zwigtman will be present on Friday

Ambachts Ghylde

Always wanted to know how to cook medieval dishes on an open fire? Or how to use a spindle to make yarn out of raw fleece from sheep? Or do you want to felt your own woollen bracelet, or braid a mouse from straw? The Ambachts Ghylde can show and teach you all of this and even more!

You can always find something to do in our camp. Whether you want to be creative yourself or you just want to look how a craftsman makes his own creations. Besides that you can also visit us to try, or buy our handmade items. Like tasting sweet honey from our own bees, or buying shiny jewellery made from straw, or have a look at our magical items from the woods and our freaky hats and scarves made from wool. All handmade by our craftsmen. Or just sit down and relax with one of our medieval board games.

The Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is with us again this year, with her bittersweet drinks! Be seduced by this green muse, she will inspire you strolling as a painting; her magic ritual lets you enter a surprising dream world. Take a sip and find yourself in a place where poets, painters, artists and dreamers found inspiration in her toxic green light…


In the footsteps of the dragons of last year: What is left, after this? In the end a dragon turns everything to cinders. We find ourselves scattered amongst the ashes, like lost souls on the battlefield. We smell the sulfur of lingering dragon’s breath; we walk through leftover smoke and call for it to coil around us. We breathe it in, we dance, welcome it to enter our bloodstream. In this fertile mud, in this darkest earth, we crave for magic. Our priests summon only: Darkness. And thus, a dark, black magic simmers… In this world of fog and confusion, we summon only monsters hidden in mist and smoke. 

Igor’s Goochelsjo

This year Igor’s Goochelsjo will bring a suitcase to Castlefest, filled of his favorite tricks from the last editions. You can find him anywhere on the festivalgrounds for one of his shows.

Chickens and balls, magic tricks and juggling: you will be amazed!

Magisch Verhaal

Listen to the wonderful stories of Magisch Verhaal at Castlefest!

Martin van Magisch Verhaal is a passionate storyteller. Especially for Castlefest he tells pirate stories.

Hoist the sails, sharpen the weapons and aboard the ship.
Come and listen to one of the stories and let yourself be led into the world of Magisch Verhaal. A world where everything is possible.


Wicker Ritual: The Pathfinder

Last year our Wickerman symbolised a new beginning, new paths to wander upon.

This year the Wickerman will embody a shaman. This Pathfinder will guide and support us with his wisdom, courage and strength. That is how we will find new paths.

A journey to our deepest desires. A journey to the wonders that await us. The Pathfinder helps you to reveal your path. Be open to new adventures and passion: your destiny. The Pathfinder’s energy will give us the strength and faith to take off our blindfolds and take the first step.

Are you ready for the journey?

Jeroen van Unen

Jeroen van Unen (1990) has been reading fantasy ever since he was a little kid. When he found out Christopher Paolini was only 15 years old when he wrote Eragon, Jeroen decided to start writing as well. Since then he has been working on his fourfold series De Nachtuilen. Jeroen mainly writes at night and only stops when he can hear the birds outside starting to sing.