New merchandise webshop!

Did you want to buy a beautiful hoodie during Castlefest, but did you not get to it? Or did you intend to take home one of the beautiful girlie tops, to find out later that you had forgotten this? Then our brand new merchandise webshop is the place for you! To start the new year right away, we immediately have a lot of great deals for many articles. For many items the stock is limited: do not wait too long. The webshop also offers great gift packages and many other goodies from our events. See you soon!

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Ticket presale for Castlefest 2019 has started!

Ticket presale for Castlefest 2019 has started!

Are you up for four days full of fantasy, music and  friendship? Don’t want to miss the fantasy event of the year? Buy your tickets for Castlefest now!

Like previous editions Castlefest promises to be a wonderful event once again, with a epic musical line-up, fantastic entertainment, workshops, a market filled with beautiful products and of course the impressive Wickerman Ritual. 

Castlefest 2019 takes place August 1st till August 4th 2019. First bands will soon be announced. 

Camping baggage shuttle

It’s really sunny and hot weather these days. Not the ideal circumstances to carry your baggage all the way from the parking to the camping, right? We think so too!

For this reason we offer a baggage shuttle. Are you staying at the camping? Have your baggage transported to the camping. This way you can enjoy a more relaxed walk to the camping without carrying all your stuff.

Opening hours:

Thursday August 2nd from 10.00 till 18.00h (collecting baggage till 18.30h)
Monday August 6th from 9.00 tot 13.00h (collecting baggage till 13.30h)


€2,- per person for a one way shuttle, max. 4 items per person.
PLEASE NOTE: Only exact change is possible.


Hand in your baggage at the collection point at the visitors parking, pay the shuttle fee of €2,- and receive your personal collecting number. Upon arrival at the camping you can collect your baggage with your personal number. 

Castlefest presents: Thursday festival day!

The festival days of Castlefest will be expanded next edition. From Castlefest 2018 onwards the Thursday opening concert evening will change into a complete festival day at the camping. This day Castlefanatic visitors will be able to enjoy lots of activities, entertainment and a wonderful band line-up which will start Thursday afternoon. Therefore the Thursday will be only accessible for visitors with Castlefanatic tickets. Of course it will still be possible for camping guests to arrive on Friday and check-in at the Castlefest Camping.

Animals at Castlefest

Like previous years dogs are welcome at Castlefest, but are to be kept on a leash. This year won’t be different, but we like to draw your attention to the fact that other creatures from the animal kingdom* are not allowed at Castlefest. Back at home is a much more pleasant place for for example cats, piglets and chickens and we’re sure you’ll get a big animal hug when you’ll get back from Castlefest!
*except dragons, fairies and house-elves

New location for the Castlefest Camping

We’d like to inform you of a change of address: in 2017 the Castlefest Camping will be getting a new location!

This new location means new possibilities and is located on the Keukenhof estate itself, which means you don’t have to cross the road anymore and your air mattress will be just around the corner. Unfortunately, because of this new location, we cannot offer any campervan spots anymore, but we will make this up to you with more camping entertainment and an even better late night area.

Do you want the full Castlefest experience? We invite you to come to our Camping housewarming on the 3rd till the 6th of August 2017!

Wickerman ritual 2015

Once more we will look back to Saturday evening and the magic of the Wickerman ritual. Relive the memory or experience the beautiful world that is Castlefest. A moment of pure love at Castlefest 2015.


Weapon regulations

Castlefest has again, as previous years, an allowance for bladed weapons. However, there are some rules concerning wearing a bladed weapon. Next to that, this year there will be extra patrols in the town of Lisse to make sure people don’t walk around with weapons or other dangerous objects. So if you plan on going off the festival terrain with your trusted sword, bow, axe, Steampunk machine-gun or similar items then you can expect a heavy fine and possibly confiscation. In other words, leave your weapons at the campsite or with friends when going into town.

Check out our information page on weapons by checking out this page.

Castlefest Merchandise

Only a few days left until Castlefest 2015! Again we have an extensive merchandise stand with the finest Castlefest and Keltfest merchandise and of course we also have some fantastic deals for you. For example you get a 50% discount when buying a second t-shirt and you can save up to 25% on your Castlefest cd’s! Whether you’re looking for a warm and fantastic hoody (standard fit & lady fit), t-shirts, calendars, patches, beautiful leather pouches, keycords, silver rings or a cd; our merchandise has it all! This is also the place to trade in your old festival straps for a new strap of the same edition (for free) or to purchase one for 1 euro. And we have a new item in our shop: the Ashtraytogo! In the Ashtraytogo you can dispose of your cigarette butts in an easy and clean way as well as help us keep the festival tidy. You can find the Castlefest merchandise left of the main stage (Forest Stage). For those who cannot wait until the festival opens, on Thursday (from 10:30am-16-30pm) there will be a special merchandise booth at the festival campsite!

Castlefest Powerbanks

New this year: Castlefest Powerbanks! Charge your phone while recharging yourself for a new exciting festival day? For 6 coins (5 deposit, 1 for the charge) you can get this 2200 mAh Castlefest Powerbank at the Castlefest Camping.

Return them to recollect your 5 coins, or take it home!

New merchandise items!

We love thinking about and deciding on special and beautiful Castlefest merchandise. Today we’re revealing a new item we’ve added to our collection! Handmade, leather Castlefest money pouches, wonderfully crafted by our kind friends Udo and Katrin of Luna et Sol. The first batch is a special one, the first 60 are numbered and make great collector’s items. Come and have a look at them in our webshop!


You can only buy tickets for the campsite during the presale in our webshop. No campsite tickets will be sold at the gate.

The following tickets are available:

– 3-Day-ticket with camping – Admittance for one person to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival and to our campsite. 
– 3-Day-ticket with camping for children age 4 to 12: Admittance for one person age 4 to 12 to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival and to our campsite, but only under supervision of an adult.
Castlefanatic Camping ticket: Admittance for one person to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival, the special Castlefest openings concert on Thursday and to our campsite. 

For more information go to our ticket page. The prices are for the whole weekend and include the use of sanitary facilities and tourist tax. Please check out our camping rules before you order your tickets. If you have any questions you can always check the F.A.Q. page.