Prima Nocta

The Prima Nocta promise: Fun guaranteed!

This Franco-Belgian band of troubadours brings you a heavy dose of Celtic Folk, spiced with metal and rock influences, a mix that has been formed into its own genre over the years. Stunning drum rhythms combined with melodies played on giant bagpipes, bouzouki and violin are a proven formula for an impressive live show.

Their unique blend of music, humour and charisma ensures that both audience and musicians can continue their festival (or return home) with a satisfied feeling.

Prima Nocta plays on Saturday at Castlefest at the Village Stage.

Panel: Paganfolk

CeltCast presents in the Castlefest Academy: a panel about Paganfolk

At Castlefest you must have seen or heard the term Paganfolk on occasion. But what does it actually mean? Is it the basis of a spiritual life, part of a religion, or merely a certain, defined style of music? Does it invoke ancient Gods or just a feeling that many people carry inside? Does one have to feel connected to greater powers, or can anyone just enjoy the music for the music itself?

With a name like this, that some may find somewhat charged, it is easy to imagine that there can be many questions. And for that reason Castlefest has decided to form an international panel with musicians from three different Paganfolk bands. Our special guests on stage will represent Rastaban from Belgium, Waldkauz from Germany and Vael from Spain, three very different bands, but each coming from a Paganfolk perspective. They will answer any and all questions that both Alex and you throw at them, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Obviously the panel is about the style of music, but if you have any questions for the bands themselves, we welcome those as well. Have you had any special experience while listening to any of their songs and you want to know if this was their intention? Want to know if they themselves experience spirituality while playing or writing their songs? Or would you like a more in depth insight into their inspirations? Join us at the Castlefest Academy as we dive deep into the the truest meanings of the wonderful sounds that we call Paganfolk!

This panel takes place on Friday from 16.30 – 17.30h.


Let the magical sound of Brisinga lead you into another world…

The psychedelic folk band Brisinga was formed in 2014 and consists of the three girls: Fanny (harp, vocals, drum), Fabi (recorders, overtone flutes, hurdy-gurdy, vocals), and Sandra (cello, nyckelharpa, vocals). Together they combine folk music with modern influences, such as minimal music and pop.

Their unique compositions tell stories of nature, myths and the archetypal emotions that haunt the human kind, ever since it began to exist. It is expressed on various folkloristic, partly ancient instruments such as recorder, hurdy-gurdy, harp, cello and nyckelharpa. By waving in their three voices, the magic is complete and lets your mind wander into yet unknown places of your fantasy.

Since the release of their debut album ‘Visa Nornir’ in 2017, Brisinga has developed a versatile sound with a touch of chamber music, which aims to address a broad range of listeners.

A new album will be recorded in summer/fall 2019 and released in early 2020.

Brisinga plays on Friday at Castlefest at the Village Stage.

Natura Florissima!

Medusa’s World presents: Natura Florissima!

Last year the creatures of the “Spirit World” worked and searched hard in the scorched earth left by the “Dragon Riders”. This year it appears their magic and fertility worked out.

After all, everything that dies, brings life. Everything that was, will return, although in a different shape. This year Medusa’s World celebrates rebirth. Softly and quietly they’ll let everything bloom in the Castle Gardens. Medusa wants to show you the vulnerability, which is so powerful in her beauty.

When flower buds bursts open, when everybody bades in the golden sunlight, when the full grown fruit falls from the trees and bushes, that’s the moment to realise that Nature flourishes by that what it appreciates it. 

The Green Fairy

Medusa’s world presents: the Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is with us again this year, with her bittersweet drinks! Be seduced by this green muse, she will inspire you strolling as a painting; her magic ritual lets you enter a surprising dream world. Take a sip and find yourself in a place where poets, painters, artists and dreamers found inspiration in her toxic green light…

Performance: Furore by Mojra

Furore: How to share your story with the world?

Everybody has a story to tell that the world needs and is waiting to hear. You have too. But how do you find that story? And how do you share it with the world? In the extraordinary performance ‘Furore’ Mojra shows us exactly how to do that. Join her on a journey through stories that come to life at the edge of the mythical and the modern, through English Spoken Word poetry and Gaelic songs from ancient Scotland. Weaving in lessons on authenticity, visibility and creating impact Mojra’s performance will bring you to the space within yourself where your story lays hidden. A place where time and space no longer exist and all that remains is who you are and what you came here to do.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if you would bring thát story to life every single day? Is there anything that would remain fantasy or would it instead become the new reality? Come and find out. Because ’Furore’ means being unapologetically yourself. Do you dare?


Previous reactions:

“A beautiful, incisive performance.”

“FURORE has got me thinking.”

“Moved to tears by Mojra’s performance.”

“This is a story and a message that I needed to feel deep within my bones: your story finds you, and be ready to tell it: put on your crown and reclaim your castle!”


Saturday & Castlefanatic Camping tickets are selling like hot cakes!

With only a few weeks left, tickets are going fast: the Castlefanatic Camping and Saturday tickets are getting close to sold out. When these tickets are sold out, it won’t be possible to buy these tickets at the cash desks anymore.

Don’t miss out and get your tickets now.

Florisimo Castlefest 2019


Meet Florisimo in all his weirdness and happiness

This drama queen with his split personality survived the darkness of the night.
An emotional tsunami almost became his end.
He refused to rot while he was buried alive.
Ready to spread his weird- and happiness once again & join the pack.

Games Tent

The Spellenspektakel Gamesconvention will bring the most awesome boardgames to Castlefest. Grab a chair in the Gamestent and perhaps you will discover a new favourite! Not really a big fan of reading the manual? No worries: the demonstrators of 4YourGames are ready to explain every game you like, so you start playing immediately.

They will make sure to bring all sorts of games you cannot miss. Of course you will be able to try out the newest games, but they will also bring very nice games that fit the Castlefest setting perfectly. Dragons, castles, damsels, knights, dungeons, mythical figures, Middle Ages and lots and lots of Fantasy are just some of the examples of themes they will be promoting. Will we see you there?

Grab a chair and try out the best games. 4YourGames will make sure you can bring your favourite new game home. Do you like to make a reservation for a certain game? Send them an email ( and they will bring it along for you without any extra costs.

Musical instrument storage

Planning to participate in one of the music workshops or do you want to bring your instruments for a jamsession in the Loungetent, but worried about carrying your instruments all day?

We might have the solution: there will be an instrument storage space next to the camping reception. Here you can drop off or collect your instruments as often as you want to during camping reception opening hours.

Conditions & use

– The instrument storage is free of charge
– When dropping off your instrument, you will receive a number. With this number you will be able to collect your instrument, so keep it safe. 
– At night the instrument storage will be closed and locked off (during 0.00 – 08.00h)
– Castlefest still is a festival, so be careful in bringing expensive instruments
– Making use of the instrument storage is at own risk. Castlefest bears no responsibility for any damage caused by carelessly stored instruments or weather conditions.



Six passionate musicians with a love for energetic, honest and spontaneous folk music, always raising the bar to ensure that both the audience and the band will go home satisfied after every gig…

In the past 12 years, Scrum has played at many festivals, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Every single time, the enthusiasm of the audience as well as the band members themselves is still increasing. As is Scrum’s fan base.

Scrum was born in April 2004. At the end of 2014 the band is at a crossroads as the former singer announces his departure. The bond between the remaining band members is strong, so quitting is no option. In 2015, lead singer Léon Moorman brings a new kind of energy into the band. This is reflected in the look & feel of the band. The band has set new goals without losing their energy, honesty and enthusiasm. In 2019 Léon announces to follow his career as a solo artist. The band decides to go back to beginning. After 5 years the former singer returns, so Scrum is back to basic!

SCRUM is: Skottie – Robin Slutter (vocals, banjo, mandolin, guitar), Marco (bass, piano, accordeon), Robin (guitar, mandolin), Oscar (drums), Fred (bagpipes, tin whistle) and Corné (fiddle, mandolin).

Scrum plays on Saturday on Forest Stage

hula hoop


Move, dance and experience the freedom of a hula hoop

A nice warm-up for a weekend full of fun! Dancing and running; you can completely let yourself go. Hoopdancing is more than an art form, it connects your body with the hoop so you can find your own flow.

Learn the first principles of hoopdancing or try out new things if you’re already a bit further. Everybody can learn to hoopdance.

There are limited amounts of hoops available so be on time!

This daily workshop takes place from 16.00h – 17.00h at the Party Area.

t ambachts ghylde castlefest

‘t Ambachts Ghylde

Meet this guild of medieval craftsmen: ‘t Ambachts Ghylde!

There is always something to do at our campsite. Whether you want to create something yourself, or you just want to watch someone else creating something by hand. This time our guild will be represented by ViaVilt, Wolspinnerij D’n droad Kwait and De Spellenmaker.

The ladies of ViaVilt can tell you all about felting wool with water and soap. And you can even do one of their workshops to try it yourself. You can decorate a small stone with felt or felt your own bracelet. 
At Wolspinnerij D’n droad kwait you can follow workshops like spinning yarn with the spindle, needle binding like the old Vikings, or go for something more modern like needle felting. We also bring our tiny library with us, so you can sit and relax and read all about wool, sheep and spinning yarn.
At De Spellenmaker you can play all kinds of medieval board games. You can play with your family, friends or challenge De Spellenmaker himself to a duel!

On Saturday we have our own Marskramer Selfgemaeckt as our special guest. He will be our cook this day and prepare his fellow guild members a wonderful medieval birthday meal. 

castlefest, arthur dreissen, metaal kunst, fantasy

Arthur Dreissen: Dragonfly sculpture

Arthur Dreissen is a technician and artist. Technique is his basis, a starting point, it gives him the confidence that every creation is possible. Technique offers space for creation, creativity; playing and allowing the imperfect, a zigzag course to the ultimate.

Arthur designs, creates and makes custom work and artistic products and objects in metal. Every product is made with a smile. He tries to think beyond the material, the usual and the traditional. Through a rational process he tries to achieve a free, fantastic and irrational result. 

Metal is Arthur’s medium. With this strong and uncompromising material there are so many possibilities.  If life consists of growth and overcoming resistance, then his challenge is to form this resilient material. The possibilities, especially in art, of the strength of steel fascinates him, where nature with its wealth of forms inspires him.

Arthur will bring his Dragonfly sculpture to Castlefest. Although it has many similarities with a living dragonfly, you will notice a lot of fantasy characteristics. Walk around him or below him and get enchanted by its magic. 

Camping baggage shuttle

It’s really sunny and hot weather these days. Not the ideal circumstances to carry your baggage all the way from the parking to the camping, right? We think so too!

For this reason we offer a baggage shuttle. Are you staying at the camping? Have your baggage transported to the camping. This way you can enjoy a more relaxed walk to the camping without carrying all your stuff.

Opening hours:

From the parking to the camping grounds
Thursday August 1st from 9.00 till 16.00h
Friday August 2nd from 9.00 tot 12.00h
Collecting baggage at the camping grounds is possible from half an hour after bus departure till 1.5h later

From the camping grounds to the parking
Monday August 5th from 8.00 till 12.ooh
Collecting baggage at the parking is possible from half an hour after bus departure till 1.5h later


€2,- per person for a one way shuttle, max. 4 items per person.
PLEASE NOTE: Only exact change is possible.


Hand in your baggage at the collection point at the visitors parking, pay the shuttle fee of €2,- and receive the colour code of your baggage shuttle. Make sure to collect your baggage within 1.5 hours. Walk at your own peace to the camping grounds or parking and upon arrival, you can collect your baggage at the corresponding colour stall.