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Asynje carries you on a journey back in time through Nordic landscapes

The pagan folktronica group Asynje carries you on a journey back in time through Nordic landscapes and moods and mesmerizes you with a beautiful Nordic voice. With lovely flute and violin tunes, they bring new life into old Danish spells, viking poem’s and folklore. The combination with electronic beats and characteristic nature drumset, they sketch a world of its own.

The group is among the pioneers of the Danish pagan folk scene since the beginning of 2000 and consist of members from both Valravn, Sorten muld, Huldre, Heilung, Virelai and more.

It’s the fourth time that Asynje will visit Castlefest bringing their impressive number of historical instruments, guiding the audience into old viking games, dances and dreaming viking hymns.

Asynje plays on Saturday at the Forest Stage.

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Workshop: Wicker Drumming

Join this workshop and be one of the drummers during the Wicker Ritual

This edition of Castlefest promises to be spectacular again! This year we even offer you a chance to participate as a drummer in the Wicker Ritual! Led by percussionists Rob van Barschot and Gijs Anders van Straalen you will learn in the afternoon prior to the ritual some rhythms and techniques on your own drum. In a short period of time you will be getting ready as a drummer to let the music thunder from the audience during the ritual.
No experience necessary, everyone can participate. The only condition is that you bring your own drum; you can think of a shamanic drum, a frame drum or djembe or any other good sounding drum as long as it’s easy to carry. 
We hope to see you all to form a large tribe of drummers together!
Workshop costs: €10,- . The workshop will take place on Saturday, from 14:15 to 15:15h. To register send an e-mail to
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Dutch Warbow Society Castlefest

Dutch Warbow Society

Discover the English warbow at the DWS

The Dutch Warbow Society lets people discover the beautiful tradition of traditional bows.  

To show you the English longbow, the DWS created a demo-team. They will show you different kinds of arrows and their impact on different materials. Besides that, you’ll see how a group of archers would travel across the battlefield, led by their commander.

But, most important: you can try some archery yourself! With the help of the skilled members of the demo-team, you can try the English warbow. It is fun for all ages!


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Russkaja – the exact opposite of Easy Listening

Russkaja is the exact opposite of Easy Listening music, Russkaja – terror of terrors of all Russian folk music societies – stands for fat Austrian Polka beats. The group members are the most illustrious musicians of the Alpine region, who possess a colourful mix of cultural backgrounds. They pour these various cultural influences into a postmodern version of Russian folk and spread their distinctive music all over Europe.

The band has played for many crowds all through Europe. They are a welcome guest at festivals like Wacken Open Air (DE). Since 2010, Russkaja is also touring past big Dutch festivals, like Bevrijdingsfestivals, Zeehelden, Big Rivers, Festival op ’t Eiland, Welcome To The Village, MadNes, Westerpop, Appelpop and the Zwarte Cross.

Their newest album is a mix of the old polka ska, with hints of gipsy, klezmer. One thing is sure: it brightens up your day!

Russkaja plays on Sunday.

Greenthingz become Playmates

Greenthingz is getting a make-over: PLAYMATES!

Greenthingz is so much more than just being Green! Most people will recognize us from being our wonderful green selves, as we pick up trash and keep the festival grounds clean. But there’s so much more to us! So this year we decided to show you a different side of us. And to share one of our other great passions; playing games! And because we are setting up camp in one of the hottest spots (figuratively and literally haha) on the map this year, we
put our green heads together and put our thinking caps on. We’ll be adapting to you this year, as we paint our skins
human-coloured and become; The Playmates!

And because we were feeling a little rambunctious and rapscallious, we dug up our pirate-outfits! We’ll be working with “The Jolly Pirates”. We’ll be playing all sorts of silly, fun, crazy games with all you silly, fun, crazy people at Castlefest. You can find us at Meadow Fields. A true hotspot for all the true ‘die-hard’ Castlefest-fans! We’re going for a cosy, cooky, old British pub atmosphere. As our name suggests, you can come to find us and play a little game if you like. Weither you’re tipsy, topsy, turvy or sober! And best of all; if you try your very best, you can pick out a grand prize from our ‘swapmobile’! However..have you ever tried wiggling a prize away from a pirate? We might need a little convincing! Greenthingz and Jolly Pirates wish you an unforgettable year at Castlefest!

varend volk pyrolysis castlefest 2019

Varend Volk

Pyrolysis + Plunder = Varend Volk

Varend Volk is a collective of ten young folk musicians who have joined forces. They storm the stage with their acoustic instruments, determined to hoist any audience into one big musical journey. This year’s edition of Castlefest will mark the premiere of their brand new show. They will give their old and known songs brand new energy and introduce brand new songs for the very first time!

Pyrolysis, from the south of the Netherlands, is known to make crowds go wild to the chaotic energy of life, and Plunder, from way up north, brings a festive and joyful ode to all the black sheep out there. Combine these two groups of enthusiasts and receive a whirlwind of passionate folk music.

After meeting each other at Castlefest and discovering that they have a lot in common, they got the idea of performing together. This idea got crazier and crazier until they went on tour together in the spring of 2018, on a big theaterboat! Six days they sailed, under the name Varend Volk Tour, and they performed at a different town in Friesland every night. 

The tour was a big success, but the storm did not end there, and there is plenty of music to be enjoyed from these innovative bands. Fast Irish tunes, sea shanties, ballads, and other folk-inspired styles of music from all around the world. In other words: a fresh breath of folk music with the familiar feeling and powerful sensation of traditional folk. 

This uplifting show will take you out of your daily grind. The songs are about both the nice and the hard times in life, and they show you that you are not alone. Both the musicians and the audience experience the energy that is released when like-minded people come together.

Varend Volk speelt op vrijdag op Meadow Stage.

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Workshop: Design your own RPG

Ready for the next level? Design your own RPG in this Castlefest Academy

Are you an avid role-player or aspiring RPG author with your own homebrew setting all ready to go? This workshop teaches you the first steps to designing your own role-playing game: writing a concept, pitch, and outline. Even if your book has a working first draft, this workshop will help you tighten your concept and pitch, and cull extranous sections to make your book better. We’ll also discuss independent publishing and crowdfunding versus selling your game to an established company.

Bring your own pen and paper, or tablet, if you want to take notes.

Steffie de Vaan is a Dutch author of role playing books and short stories, who has written for lines such as Vampire the Masquerade Anniversary Edition en Fifth Edition, Changeling the Lost Second Edition, and Harlem Unbound Second Edition. She also developed Night Horrors: Tormented and is currently developing the Legendlore Roleplaying Game.

Want to know what more is going on in the Castlefest Academy? Check this page for all activities. 

rastaban castlefest 2019 lisse


Rastaban brings a real experience of universality through music

Regular guests of our festivals and events with their powerful and evocative Tribal Folk vibes. With a slight change in band members, the band still has the same energy and sound, mixing Celtic and Nordic melodies with East-European influences, medieval tunes, Balkan trads or even eastern elements, combined with their typical tribal touch and energy. A good example of how cultural diversity can bring a real experience of universality through music.

Rastaban plays on Sunday at the Meadow Stage.


Visit the magical encampment of WizardWear

WizardWear will set up their magical encampment during Castlefest to give visitors a look inside a settlement from the Wizarding World. Come fight for house points and lead your house to victory by participating in the Quidditch game. Have a look into the daily life of Hogwarts students in their magical encampment. Chat with costume- and prop enthusiasts and see how they replicate props from the movies. You can even have your picture taken in WizardWear’s well-known photo booth.

steamnation Castlefest steampunk


Meet the crew of the BSS Phoenix at Castlefest

Steamnation is not your typical steampunk group. We are not simply individuals in a group. We are a team, all working under the command of Captain Glenwell. As an airship crew, we’re officially working in cargo delivery, a little less officially as smugglers of everything under the radar. All of us have diverse backgrounds, which at times crossed paths and locked together. We work as one, all with our own expertise, to make every job a success.

Meet the team

Our captain is the driving force behind the crew, he scores jobs and makes sure we get paid. Explorer and navigator John A. Wander plans the trip and gets us where we need to be. Absinthologist James greases our throats and will explain to you the wonderous world of Absinthe and unravel its mysteries. But beware, once he starts, there’s no stopping him and you’ll get to hear the complete history of the green liquid.
When we lose a limb, Doctor Elizabeth sews it back on so we don’t lose our heads. She’s always ready for a Game of Graces or other Victorian games and is also the Tiffin master at our sophisticated Victorian Tea duels. They can get very dangerous but never uncivilised. Try to beat our n°1, I dare you!
Stay away from Mr Brown, our cook. He’s as crazy as it gets! He’ll blow your fuse in the blink of an eye. But what he cooks up in his caboose is damn tasty! And then there’s yours truly, Nathaniël L Hetfield, chronicler for Steamnation. I might just be one of the most normal ones on the crew (cough..). Also, I’m in charge of our written stories. I stand guard over our reputation and pen down our adventures for generations to come. You’ll find them between the trumpery on my desk. Be on the lookout for my camera, as it captures your past, present and future on film. I will try to trick you into a steamfie.

Join us and the rest of the crew on our crazy adventures, join us for high tea, biscuits and gossip or a chat about steampunk and Steamnation.


CoZaCrea Peculiar Creations

A welcome entertainer on Castlefest for several years. Every year his self-designed creations attract many visitors to his beautiful machines. His steampunk style projects are mostly made from trash, junk and other discarded materials.

You will start to recognize more and more used items the longer you spend looking at his projects.  
Stop by and be amazed by the many fantastic elements at CoZaCrea Peculiar Creations.


Songs about ancient magic, the wisdom of nature and the ecstasy of dance. Energetic and wild at some times but also spherical and dreamy are the sounds rolling of the stage. But yet the binding theme of old myths and legends remains, their power and secret reverberating in the music of the band to this day. That is WALDKAUZ.

On historic and modern instruments they combine their own compositions with influences from European folk-music. Danceable rhythms intertwine with catchy melodies and arrangements for up to three voices enchant the audience.

In the spring of 2017 they released their sophomore album “Mythos” and made a huge leap forward. A refined and extensive production resulting in attention and praise from press and listeners in Germany and other European countries.

Before that they released their debut-album ‘Komm mit’ which was dearly beloved at the time as well. With over 6000 sold records and a high touring frequency the band has many fans across the genres of medieval, pagan, fantasy and folk-music.

15e-eeuwse Altena, heeren van altena, middeleeuwen, castlefest, middeleeuws spektakel

Heeren van Altena

This year, the yellow and red salmons will once more fly above the terrain of Castlefest. The Heeren van Altena will once again set up camp to take everyone back to medieval times. Experience the Altena of the late 15th century with its Burgundian inhabitants. Inside the camp you will meet all kinds of people and aspects of these times, which makes for a nice overall image of the 15th century.

Visit the Heeren’s armoury and see the different knight’s armours that are used in battle. Get to know everything about medieval weapons and defences of these times. Visit the tents of the artisans and witness how they managed to craft everyday products and objects with their bare hands. Meanwhile the cook is busy in the medieval kitchen, while several members sit around the tables telling stories of conquests and victories. 

The Heeren van Altena welcome all to visit their encampment.

Igor's Googelsjo Castlefest magie

Igor’s Googelsjo

MagixShow – Igor and the professor show their talents with alchemy, magic and a dysfunctional working relationship

Igor and the professor are back at Castlefest with their lab full of magical tests and experiments. A wonderful show where Igor tries to assist the professor in his work, but this doesn’t go well al the time…. Come and watch, laugh and wonder at a show with alchemy, magic and a dysfunctional working relationship.

Show times are shown at the show, so come by to see when they are there!


Euzen – alternative rock with a clear Nordic tone at Castlefest

Euzen is the love child of Danish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Christopher Juul, and Norwegian singer and composer Maria Franz. In the live set up you will find the strong and experienced guitar player Harald Juul, the progressive drummer Kristian Uhre and the energetic bass player Thomas Welin.

The band began their journey in 2008 and has since then released three albums and toured the world in both folk and modern music festivals. The music can be described as alternative rock with a clear Nordic tone. Its melodic, rhythmic and experimental, with an abundant richness in the organic sounds and always with a clear focus on the melody.