varend volk pyrolysis castlefest 2019

Varend Volk

Pyrolysis + Plunder = Varend Volk

Varend Volk is a collective of ten young folk musicians who have joined forces. They storm the stage with their acoustic instruments, determined to hoist any audience into one big musical journey. This year’s edition of Castlefest will mark the premiere of their brand new show. They will give their old and known songs brand new energy and introduce brand new songs for the very first time!

Pyrolysis, from the south of the Netherlands, is known to make crowds go wild to the chaotic energy of life, and Plunder, from way up north, brings a festive and joyful ode to all the black sheep out there. Combine these two groups of enthusiasts and receive a whirlwind of passionate folk music.

After meeting each other at Castlefest and discovering that they have a lot in common, they got the idea of performing together. This idea got crazier and crazier until they went on tour together in the spring of 2018, on a big theaterboat! Six days they sailed, under the name Varend Volk Tour, and they performed at a different town in Friesland every night. 

The tour was a big success, but the storm did not end there, and there is plenty of music to be enjoyed from these innovative bands. Fast Irish tunes, sea shanties, ballads, and other folk-inspired styles of music from all around the world. In other words: a fresh breath of folk music with the familiar feeling and powerful sensation of traditional folk. 

This uplifting show will take you out of your daily grind. The songs are about both the nice and the hard times in life, and they show you that you are not alone. Both the musicians and the audience experience the energy that is released when like-minded people come together.

Varend Volk speelt op vrijdag op Meadow Stage.