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Belga Boys

Belga Boys Party – La Horde, Rastaban & Friends

If you were to take the “Made in Belgium” craziness and festive mood of La Horde, combine it with Rastaban’s energy and tribal vibes, add some special guests and surprises… BOOM !
You’d get yourself a night worth to remember (only if you do not abuse too many beers of course)!
A night filled with music, friendship and joyfulness beyond measure! A night that would bring peace and order to the galaxy…(wait what?) Well, what if we told you that this is no dream, but a reality?

This year, exclusively for you, and only at Castlefest, something will happen which the Belgian pagan scene could not even dare to dream of…
La Horde and Rastaban will merge together and become the Belga Boys & Girls Party Band!
With a selection of their songs in an afterparty mood, they’ll bring your feet alive and have you jumping, they’ll transform the meadow stage into the dancefloor… The night will just begin.
Bring your festive mood with you, and be ready for a crazy experience on Saturday night for this unique moment specially set up for Castlefest.

Many of you already know both Belgian bands: La Horde with their combination of festive folk music, Disney and disco covers, sing-along revolution anthems, medieval tunes with a twist, pillow fights and breakfast parties. Rastaban and their music exploring medieval tunes, Slavic, Celtic and Nordic trads, mixing them with their Tribal Folk sounds and energy. For one night, we’ll bring them together for a special “Belgian Night” full of good vibes. Some of their friends of the big Castlefest family will also be invited to join the party. Be there, you definitely do not want to miss it!

The Belga Boys play on Saturday.

varend volk pyrolysis castlefest 2019

Varend Volk

Pyrolysis + Plunder = Varend Volk

Varend Volk is a collective of ten young folk musicians who have joined forces. They storm the stage with their acoustic instruments, determined to hoist any audience into one big musical journey. This year’s edition of Castlefest will mark the premiere of their brand new show. They will give their old and known songs brand new energy and introduce brand new songs for the very first time!

Pyrolysis, from the south of the Netherlands, is known to make crowds go wild to the chaotic energy of life, and Plunder, from way up north, brings a festive and joyful ode to all the black sheep out there. Combine these two groups of enthusiasts and receive a whirlwind of passionate folk music.

After meeting each other at Castlefest and discovering that they have a lot in common, they got the idea of performing together. This idea got crazier and crazier until they went on tour together in the spring of 2018, on a big theaterboat! Six days they sailed, under the name Varend Volk Tour, and they performed at a different town in Friesland every night. 

The tour was a big success, but the storm did not end there, and there is plenty of music to be enjoyed from these innovative bands. Fast Irish tunes, sea shanties, ballads, and other folk-inspired styles of music from all around the world. In other words: a fresh breath of folk music with the familiar feeling and powerful sensation of traditional folk. 

This uplifting show will take you out of your daily grind. The songs are about both the nice and the hard times in life, and they show you that you are not alone. Both the musicians and the audience experience the energy that is released when like-minded people come together.

Varend Volk speelt op vrijdag op Meadow Stage.

rastaban castlefest 2019 lisse


Rastaban brings a real experience of universality through music

Regular guests of our festivals and events with their powerful and evocative Tribal Folk vibes. With a slight change in band members, the band still has the same energy and sound, mixing Celtic and Nordic melodies with East-European influences, medieval tunes, Balkan trads or even eastern elements, combined with their typical tribal touch and energy. A good example of how cultural diversity can bring a real experience of universality through music.

Rastaban plays on Sunday at the Meadow Stage.


Drusuna gives nature a voice in their Ritual Pagan Folk music

“The connection to the mother earth is what we pursue through our music. Shamanism is presented in our concept as a link to the ancestral roots to which we belong. The modern world has reached a level where people have almost lost their connection with nature. It is urgent to find once again the missing link and connect with nature once more…Drusuna intends to spread this message through their music. Ritual Pagan Folk music!”

It is without a doubt that Drusuna offers a special listening experience.  Drusuna is a Pagan Folk Band from Gallaecia (Northern Portugal). The initial idea was to create primitive sounds with only organic ethnic musical instruments made from wood, stones, and other natural elements. The main idea was to build something directly from the roots of the earth, because the call of nature was the driving force behind the project. Torano joined the project introducing wind instruments like bagpipes and whistles. The original compositions were created deep in the forest, away from people, just playing rhythms and melodies and enjoying nature.

When Waili (didgeridoo) and Kluto (guitar) joined in and Drusuna became an official band.  After two years of productive rehearsals came the concept of their debut album, “Kaytos Kom” (2016). This is an introspective conceptual work that takes a deep journey through ancient time and space; an era where humankind was connected with nature and ancestral roots were strong and pure.

Drusuna left the forest and hit the stage in 2016 at folk festivals and other stages throughout Portugal. They first played in the Netherlands at FantasyFest Rijswijk 2018.

Drusuna plays on Saturday at the Meadow Stage.


La Horde

La Horde presents a message of love and party with their mixture of folk and Rock ‘n Roll!

La Horde stands at the crossing between medieval, pagan, Celtic music and funky disco Rock’ n Roll! All this comes with a lot of humor and surprises. A show with La Horde is much more than just music, it’s a shared experience between the audience and the band, where anything and everything can happen. It’s an unexpected journey on a pirate ship, where the many adventures make it an unforgettable trip. Don’t feel surprised when you find yourself dancing to old 90’s disco, dance or rock hits, it’s completely normal!

With their third album ‘X’, La Horde is out to spread their message of love, party and fun with the main purpose to mix musical quality and entertainment. La Horde knows how to twist every cliché of pagan folk music to make songs that are both catchy and funny. Have you already heard Ikeardruna?

La Horde will entertain you at its Castlefest show: they will make you dance, laugh and drink!
La Horde plays on Friday at the Meadow Stage.
Harmony Glen op Castlefest

Harmony Glen

Harmony Glen at Castlefest

Harmony Glen is a Dutch feelgood-folk group founded in 2005. The music is based on Irish-Celtic folk, but regularly, sounds from all over the world get woven in. The goal of the band is to stand out. Not only through their music (which is a mix of traditional and original songs and tunes) but through their stage presence as well.

Harmony Glen’s shows have been described as “Folk Extravaganza” and people who attend can’t seem to stand still as the energy is always on a maximal level!

Since 2013 the band has toured in Europe and North America, amongst others: Denmark, Germany, Azores, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy and Ireland, where they have participated in the Fleadh Cheoil (world championship for traditional Irish music) as the first band ever from Holland to make it into the world finals. Their latest album ‘Live at Elfia’ was just released in 2018 on CD and DVD!

Since September 2018, Harmony Glen also joined forces with Music Show Scotland on their amazing arena show throughout some of the biggest venues of Europe!

Come listen to Harmony Glen at Castlefest! They will play the Meadow Stage on Thursday.

La Maisnie Hellequin op Castlefest

La Maisnie Hellequin

La Maisnie Hellequin at Castlefest

Did you catch a performance of La Maisnie Hellequin at Castlefest last year? If not, you’re getting a do-over this summer. The Belgian band is back to liven up the stages of Castlefest 2019!

In medieval and traditional legends, ‘La Maisnie Hellequin’ refers to a band of little devils, led by Hellequin, making terrible noise at night. The musicians of La Maisnie Hellequin play around this theme, making musical parades. They create a special atmosphere with the strange sounds of hurdy gurdy, bruegelian bagpipe, nyckelharpa and medieval drums, inspired by the world of legends.
Don’t miss this unique sound! La Maisnie Hellequin will play the Meadow Stage on Sunday.
Plunder op Castlefest pirate party folk


Plunder at Castlefest

Plunder welcomes you to their harbor. Put on your most piratey dancing boots and seize your mates by the collar. It’s time for a party with Plunder at Castlefest!

In a world where the grey masses decide who and what is normal, Plunder creates a free port with their audience. For all the misfits, black sheep and creatures that don’t fear some colour in their lives. It’s a zone where it doesn’t matter who you are. Where life is celebrated to Plunder’s unique pounding party music, that they bring into the world with loads of energy.

Plunder’s music contains influences of Irish folk, ska and Balkan, and is combined with Dutch lyrics. It is best described as Pirate Partyfolk. Drums, bass and guitar give a solid and danceable foundation. Flute and accordion add a fiery folky flavour.

About the band

Plunder was founded in the summer of 2014. They made their first public appearance roughly nine months later, in front of a large audience at the Fries Straatfestival. Many lovely parties were sure to follow.

The group played at the opening of Leeuwarden’s Neushoorn and at Pairc Pub, between groups like the Dublin Legends and Fiddler’s Green. They were also part of a documentary about the folk group Irolt, which was broadcasted on Omrop Fryslân and NPO 2.

Plunder appeared at Keltfest and Castlefest in 2017, which opened many new doors for the band. They made their way to festivals like Paaspop, as well as supporting The Dread Crew of Oddwood and The Rumjacks. The latter of which was at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Plunder have also toured through Friesland on a big theatre ship with the band Pyrolysis in the spring of 2018, under the moniker of Varend Volk Tour.

The band will return to Castlefest after many beautiful adventures, to turn the festival grounds into a jolly mess. Join this crew of varied adventurers and Plunder the world in a grand party!

Plunder will play the Meadow Stage on Saturday.

Shireen op Castlefest witchpop


Shireen at Castlefest

SHIREEN – Enigmatic Witchpop from the Netherlands
Enthralling, deep dark sounds mark the sound of Shireen, the sound of Witchpop. Be thrilled by ominous vocal chords, vibrant electronic samples and deep grooves on the meadows of Castlefest. Dance, become enchanted, and moments will become memories during their performance. Shireen takes you into a world of its own, a world in which fantasy becomes reality, creating a vast energy both on and off stage.

In 2017, Shireen released her first full album ‘Matriarch’, reaching out to thousands of fans all over the world. A raw blend of folk, pop, and rock creates the profound, vivacious, and innovative sound that defines the bands energy. Evolving into something darker, more vivid, and purer to its form, the band has been developing ever since. An experience you simply cannot miss. 
Shireen will play the Meadow stage on Friday at Castlefest.
Photo by Ork Fotografie
Vael op Castlefest


Vael at Castlefest

The members of Spanish folk project Vael come from several music genres. They’re all united by a strong passion for the different cultures of the world, and wish to reflect that in their music. Vael mixes multiple musical traditions from all over the world with the richness of Spanish folk music. Doing this results in a cultural and social message, with a strong sound produced by acoustic instruments and different singing styles.

Cultural barriers made it impossible for many centuries to understand that all people come from similar roots. We share a good number of traditions, beliefs and, in general, everything that makes us human. Due to globalization, some of these barriers are breaking down, while others grow driven by prejudice, hatred or fear, without understanding that beauty is found in diversity.

Those who have always known the truth about humans are animals, present in all cultures and legends. Of all of them, the wolf is one of the most universal, found in many regions. This project is called Vael in honor of the Celtiberian wolf god. It has the intention of reflecting that under the gaze of the wolves we’re not different, because it’s what unite us that matters rather than what sets us apart.
Join Vael at Castlefest 2019! They will play the Village Stage on Friday and Saturday, and the Meadow Stage on Sunday. The band will release a new cd in July of this year.


Guinevere op Castlefest mystic vocal pop


Guinevere at Castlefest

With strong vocals and mesmerizing beauty, Guinevere follows her quest. Four voices merge and take you to different worlds, where light and darkness unite. Along rugged cliffs, green hills and lonely deserts, where vocal harmonies seamlessly evolve into heavily orchestrated epic soundtracks.

Guinevere represents a brand new genre called ‘mystic vocal pop’. Inspired by Bjørk, Kate Bush, John Williams and Celtic harmonies, Guinevere makes musical arrangements of existing (pop)songs and vibrant original songs. The audience gets a treat of astonishingly fierce girl power, accompanied by well grounded, manly craftsmanship.

The four female band members (Sanne Mieloo, Tineke Ogink, Tineke Blok and Barbe van den Brand) met each other for the first time at the Conservatory in Tilburg. After many (inter)national musical wanderings, they met again in 2016, and started co-creating as Guinevere. As soon as their creative energies connected, the most wondrous adventures started. This brought them to festivals and stages at home and abroad. In 2019, Guinevere will release their first EP.

Come check out Guinevere at Castlefest! Guinevere plays the Meadow Stage on Friday.

Scarlet Stories op Castlefest prog rock prog metal

Scarlet Stories

“Nature’s creative power is far beyond man’s instinct of destruction (Jules Verne, 1869)”

Scarlet Stories at Castlefest

Scarlet Stories at Castlefest: a newcomer in our line-up! Powerful, dynamic vocals and melancholic melodies blend with temperamental chords to create sinister tales that carry you away. Scarlet Stories explores the dark corners of the world in their progressive, eclectic music. One moment fragile and delicate, and the other intense, passionate and fierce!

Band history

Scarlet Stories originally consisted of Bram te Kamp and Lisette van den Berg (Ayreon, Karmaflow). They started out by creating melancholic acoustic songs, heavily influenced by progressive metal. In the fall of 2012, they decided to accept the challenge to sculpt their music in both an acoustic and expanded form. By joining forces with Tim Kuper (Kudra Mata), Carmen Raats (Witte Wieven) and Maarten Grimm, Scarlet Stories creates a unique type of dark music with an eclectic range of musical influences. The stories told are about mankind’s darkest emotions and acts, inequity, beauty and murder. The lyrics are written to make you think about the world we live in and delivered with an impressive and dramatic live performance.

Scarlet Stories was support act for Antimatter, Danny Cavanagh (Anathema), Gus G & Marty Friedman, Stream of Passion, KLONE and more. After releasing two ep albums, Scarlet Stories is now working on their first full-length album. The music video of the first single of the album ‘Vingt mille lieues sous les mers’ was released in October 2018 during their successful crowdfunding campaign. In 2019 they return to the studio to record the album together with producer Joost van den Broek (Ayreon, Navarone, VUUR, Marcela Bovio, MaYaN)!

Definitely check out Scarlet Stories at Castlefest! The band plays the Meadow Stage on Saturday.

Sunfire op Castlefest band western folk


Sunfire at Castlefest

Sunfire is an amazing contemporary western folk band that consists of five incredibly talented and experienced
musicians. They’ve conquered the hearts of many fans in a very short amount of time. No matter which stage, party or festival they play: they always deliver a unique and energetic performance!

Sunfire writes and composes their own material. They released their second album ‘Sinners’ Town’ last
August and are working on a third one. The band skilfully blends multiple genres, such as folk, rock, country and bluegrass. You’ll easily pick up on this western folk vibe when you listen to their music. Expect raw vocals, enthralling tales, and irresistible rhythms and melodies. Their music can be compared to the Sonoran Desert: pure, hot, wild, and unpredictable. A deadly combination to any music lover.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re even better live! The tunes are catchy and the energy on stage will make you want to party. Seeing Sunfire perform at Castlefest comes with a warning: you may get addicted. Beware: you’ll probably start to dance, and you won’t be able to get the songs out of your head!

Sunfire will play the Meadow Stage on Thursday and Saturday and the Forest Stage on Sunday.

The SIDH op Castlefest


The SIDH at Castlefest

The SIDH is back at Castlefest! They are a young and energetic band: always looking for new ideas and musical arrangements, without forgetting their roots. Their music is a combination of highly contemporary and electronic Celtic music. They make use of whistles and bagpipes, keyboards and percussion and hiphop and dubstep beats. This yields an original and innovative result. The SIDH creates an atmosphere with a distinctive scent of “future tradition”.

The SIDH has done dozens of tours between Europe and Asia (China, Ireland, Poland, Italy to name a few) and collaborated with the world’s greatest artists (Lindsey Stirling, Hevia, Red Hot Chilli Pipers and many more). These four young musicians are able to recreate strong and exciting sounds made with dubstep rhythms and Scottish bagpipes, hiphop and Irish whistles.

It is impossible not to be sucked in by the enthusiasm of the SIDH. Watch out: before you know it, you’ll be dancing!

The SIDH will play the Meadow Stage on Thursday and the Forest Stage on Friday.