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Six passionate musicians with a love for energetic, honest and spontaneous folk music, always raising the bar to ensure that both the audience and the band will go home satisfied after every gig…

In the past 12 years, Scrum has played at many festivals, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Every single time, the enthusiasm of the audience as well as the band members themselves is still increasing. As is Scrum’s fan base.

Scrum was born in April 2004. At the end of 2014 the band is at a crossroads as the former singer announces his departure. The bond between the remaining band members is strong, so quitting is no option. In 2015, lead singer Léon Moorman brings a new kind of energy into the band. This is reflected in the look & feel of the band. The band has set new goals without losing their energy, honesty and enthusiasm. In 2019 Léon announces to follow his career as a solo artist. The band decides to go back to beginning. After 5 years the former singer returns, so Scrum is back to basic!

SCRUM is: Skottie – Robin Slutter (vocals, banjo, mandolin, guitar), Marco (bass, piano, accordeon), Robin (guitar, mandolin), Oscar (drums), Fred (bagpipes, tin whistle) and Corné (fiddle, mandolin).

Scrum plays on Saturday on Forest Stage

asynje castlefest


Asynje carries you on a journey back in time through Nordic landscapes

The pagan folktronica group Asynje carries you on a journey back in time through Nordic landscapes and moods and mesmerizes you with a beautiful Nordic voice. With lovely flute and violin tunes, they bring new life into old Danish spells, viking poem’s and folklore. The combination with electronic beats and characteristic nature drumset, they sketch a world of its own.

The group is among the pioneers of the Danish pagan folk scene since the beginning of 2000 and consist of members from both Valravn, Sorten muld, Huldre, Heilung, Virelai and more.

It’s the fourth time that Asynje will visit Castlefest bringing their impressive number of historical instruments, guiding the audience into old viking games, dances and dreaming viking hymns.

Asynje plays on Saturday at the Forest Stage.

russkaja castlefest


Russkaja – the exact opposite of Easy Listening

Russkaja is the exact opposite of Easy Listening music, Russkaja – terror of terrors of all Russian folk music societies – stands for fat Austrian Polka beats. The group members are the most illustrious musicians of the Alpine region, who possess a colourful mix of cultural backgrounds. They pour these various cultural influences into a postmodern version of Russian folk and spread their distinctive music all over Europe.

The band has played for many crowds all through Europe. They are a welcome guest at festivals like Wacken Open Air (DE). Since 2010, Russkaja is also touring past big Dutch festivals, like Bevrijdingsfestivals, Zeehelden, Big Rivers, Festival op ’t Eiland, Welcome To The Village, MadNes, Westerpop, Appelpop and the Zwarte Cross.

Their newest album is a mix of the old polka ska, with hints of gipsy, klezmer. One thing is sure: it brightens up your day!

Russkaja plays on Sunday.


Songs about ancient magic, the wisdom of nature and the ecstasy of dance. Energetic and wild at some times but also spherical and dreamy are the sounds rolling of the stage. But yet the binding theme of old myths and legends remains, their power and secret reverberating in the music of the band to this day. That is WALDKAUZ.

On historic and modern instruments they combine their own compositions with influences from European folk-music. Danceable rhythms intertwine with catchy melodies and arrangements for up to three voices enchant the audience.

In the spring of 2017 they released their sophomore album “Mythos” and made a huge leap forward. A refined and extensive production resulting in attention and praise from press and listeners in Germany and other European countries.

Before that they released their debut-album ‘Komm mit’ which was dearly beloved at the time as well. With over 6000 sold records and a high touring frequency the band has many fans across the genres of medieval, pagan, fantasy and folk-music.


Euzen – alternative rock with a clear Nordic tone at Castlefest

Euzen is the love child of Danish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Christopher Juul, and Norwegian singer and composer Maria Franz. In the live set up you will find the strong and experienced guitar player Harald Juul, the progressive drummer Kristian Uhre and the energetic bass player Thomas Welin.

The band began their journey in 2008 and has since then released three albums and toured the world in both folk and modern music festivals. The music can be described as alternative rock with a clear Nordic tone. Its melodic, rhythmic and experimental, with an abundant richness in the organic sounds and always with a clear focus on the melody.

Trobar de Morte op Castlefest

Trobar de Morte

Trobar de Morte

Trobar de Morte was born in 1999. It’s the most ambitious project of the multifaceted Lady Morte, singer and songwriter. They have played at several festivals, concerts and tours – including one big tour with Faun in 2011 – and visited countries such as Germany, Holland, Portugal, Romania, France and Italy. The band has recently collaborated with the Celtic Orchestra of Barcelona and toured through Europe as coheadliner with The Moon And The NightSpirit to celebrate its 18th anniversary. Two tribal dancers have accompanied them in several concerts throughout the years, adding a strong visual impact to many of the songs.

The band’s live show includes performances, dances and ritualistic elements which enhance the audience’s experience.

Last summer they released their seventh album. Myths, legends, sorcery and occultism are intertwined with charming melodies of violins, guitars, bagpipes, ethnic percussions and beautiful voices. All together, it forms a dark and magical universe composed of 13 songs entitled “Witchcraft”. Cover art was designed by Victoria Francés.

Trobar de Morte will play the Forest Stage on Friday and the Village Stage on Saturday and Sunday.

cesair op Castlefest folk


Cesair at Castlefest

Ever since mankind learned to speak, stories have been shared and passed down through generations. As such, legends gave birth to epic songs. It is this manner of storytelling that lies at the heart of Cesair’s music. As a band, they aim to bring to life the epic tale of the eponymous Cesair. She was a mythological princess who sailed the oceans 5000 years ago. They set to music the chapters of her story, captured by the words of many romantic souls. Cesair makes use of unique, original compositions, performed on a great variety of instruments. Their music incorporates the musical, spiritual and historical heritage of cultures from all around the Orient and Occident. This creates a mixture of eastern sounds and rhythms as well as traditional and modern European folk music. They invite you to join them in a world of timeless adventures and colourful characters, and to take part in a story that may last a lifetime.

Cesair plays the Forest Stage on Friday.

Sunfire op Castlefest band western folk


Sunfire at Castlefest

Sunfire is an amazing contemporary western folk band that consists of five incredibly talented and experienced
musicians. They’ve conquered the hearts of many fans in a very short amount of time. No matter which stage, party or festival they play: they always deliver a unique and energetic performance!

Sunfire writes and composes their own material. They released their second album ‘Sinners’ Town’ last
August and are working on a third one. The band skilfully blends multiple genres, such as folk, rock, country and bluegrass. You’ll easily pick up on this western folk vibe when you listen to their music. Expect raw vocals, enthralling tales, and irresistible rhythms and melodies. Their music can be compared to the Sonoran Desert: pure, hot, wild, and unpredictable. A deadly combination to any music lover.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re even better live! The tunes are catchy and the energy on stage will make you want to party. Seeing Sunfire perform at Castlefest comes with a warning: you may get addicted. Beware: you’ll probably start to dance, and you won’t be able to get the songs out of your head!

Sunfire will play the Meadow Stage on Thursday and Saturday and the Forest Stage on Sunday.

The SIDH op Castlefest


The SIDH at Castlefest

The SIDH is back at Castlefest! They are a young and energetic band: always looking for new ideas and musical arrangements, without forgetting their roots. Their music is a combination of highly contemporary and electronic Celtic music. They make use of whistles and bagpipes, keyboards and percussion and hiphop and dubstep beats. This yields an original and innovative result. The SIDH creates an atmosphere with a distinctive scent of “future tradition”.

The SIDH has done dozens of tours between Europe and Asia (China, Ireland, Poland, Italy to name a few) and collaborated with the world’s greatest artists (Lindsey Stirling, Hevia, Red Hot Chilli Pipers and many more). These four young musicians are able to recreate strong and exciting sounds made with dubstep rhythms and Scottish bagpipes, hiphop and Irish whistles.

It is impossible not to be sucked in by the enthusiasm of the SIDH. Watch out: before you know it, you’ll be dancing!

The SIDH will play the Meadow Stage on Thursday and the Forest Stage on Friday.