Forest stage

Prima Nocta

Prima Nocta produces an extravagant mixture of Celtic folk, rock and many other styles, combined with humor power and charisma.  With the addition of traditional instruments like bouzouki and bagpipes on top of the drums, every song is made to jump and party.

Prima Nocta plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.


Not many bands can lay claim to the kind of dramatic career development that the Icelandic band Árstíðir can. Formed in the wake of the 2008 stock market crash, they found themselves catapulted to the top of the Icelandic music charts within six months of their debut, and then forged ahead with their 2010 tour despite a volcanic eruption that stalled global travel.

Árstíðir’s music defies genre borders and might best be described as classically influenced indie folk rock. Whether in a train station in Germany, a concert hall in Russia or a bar at home in Reykjavík, theirs is music that mesmerizes audiences. The band members’ wide range of musical backgrounds and experience, combined with professional interests ranging from law to literature and engineering to computers, make them unique in their wholly democratic approach to music making and performance. Entwining the elements of sound with lyrics describing heartbreak, longing, memory and a deep connection to the circular oneness of life, they marry organic acoustic traditions and modern electronic arrangements with intricate simplicity and unpretentious skill. 

At the end of 2017 Árstíðir toured Europe together with Sólstafir and Myrkur. In March 2018 their new single ‘While This Way’ came out, from their upcoming fourth album ‘Nivalis’, that will be released at the end of June 2018.

Árstíðir plays on Saturday at Castlefest.



“There is music in every situation you get yourself into.”

So says Eivør – vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter with a voice of rare beauty and power – when asked about where she gets her inspiration. These aren’t just words as she has relentlessly pursued music ever since dedicating her life to it at the tender age of fifteen.

Born in 1983 in the Faroe Islands, Eivør’s early musical forays were steeped in Faroese musical traditions. At the age of sixteen she released her self-titled debut album bearing the marks of this fruitful starting point. While an enduring love of Faroese culture remains at the heart of her work, its expression has been widened through profound interaction with other traditions.

Eivør’s musical palette has broadened since her folk beginnings as her albums and performances variably have included jazz, country folk, big band stylings, classical influences, and trip hop tinted rock. As of late, she has consolidated these experimental inputs into her own style of folktronica with heartfelt lyrical observations of life as it unfolds.

Her career has thus far been a testament to the fact that there is indeed music in every situation. Yet it takes a skilled artist to be able to grasp and express this music and Eivør is such an artist; an acclaimed vocalist/composer at the peak of her powers.

Eivør plays on Friday at Castlefest.


From Celtic to North-European culture, from medieval ballads to shamanic chants: the music of EMIAN combines North European and Mediterranean folk languages, capturing the listeners’ attention through enchanting songs, leading their mind to spectacular sceneries such as snowy peaks and enchanted woods, along the Scandinavian fjords. They are offered the unique and unexpected opportunity to discover their deepest self together with lost archaic feelings that can bring back the ancestral harmony with the universe.

EMIAN plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.

pagan folk, the moon and the nightspirit, castlefest

The Moon and the Nightspirit

Brought to life in 2003, the Hungarian duo known as The Moon and the Nightspirit has since been crafting a distinct artistic signature, reflected not only in their music but also in the unique visual universe that illustrates their work.

Such a combination has been greeted with growing enthusiasm since the release of their 2005 debut album on Equilibrium Music, “Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold”, and the early shows that followed, which included an appearance on Hungarian National Television. Later, and in support of “Regõ Rejtem” “Ősforrás” and “Mohalepte”, their second, third and fourth albums, The Moon and the Nightspirit had the opportunity to tour throughout most of Europe supported by two live musicians, Gergely Cseh (bass) and Gábor Végh (percussions). They gradually conquered a prominent role in the Pagan/Folk scene.

In 2014 the band signed a long-term contract with legendary German label, Prophecy Productions. Later this year their fifth album, entitled “Holdrejtek” has been released. The band release their 6th album called Metanoia in March 2017.

The Moon and the Nightspirit invites the listener into the moss-grown heart of the forest, into the emerald world of ageless, sylvan realms, weaving a web where threads of ancient mysticism combine with dreamy atmospheres, where World Music acquires a bewitching pagan aura.

The Moon and the Nightspirit plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.

sunfire, castlefest, elfia, americana, roots, blues, folk


The Old West. Hot, dry and a true mess. Women and men needed true grit to survive the hardships of the newly claimed land. A time of feared outlaws, predatory cattlemen, heroic sheriffs and brave men that won the West. In other words, a time that has been highly romanticized. The tales close to the truth didn’t always have a happy ending.

The four troubadours of Sunfire compose tales about these hard times and work as much as they can to entertain the audience with gritty and quite dance-able Alternative Western Folk. Influenced by Americana, Roots, blues and a pinch of sweet, good ol’ fiddle music this four-headed band gets a sound unlike any other.

Sunfire plays on Friday and Saturday at Castlefest.

The Dolmen, folk, Castlefest, Witches Folk

The Dolmen

The Dolmen are a relentless organic Celtic rock band born from the county of Dorset, England. Their mission has been to infiltrate the minds and souls of a growing audience with their tribal rhythms and powerful spiritual renditions. 

The band was founded by prolific song writer & lead singer, Taloch Jameson and after a few changes over the years, the current line-up has been solid since 2010 when drummer, Chris Harris, joined The Dolmen experience. Josh Elliott, lead guitarist, joined The Dolmen family in 2009 and Kayleigh Marchant, bass guitar & vocals, became a member in 2008. After breaking into Europe The Dolmen then found Anja Novotny, flutes & keyboard, in 2015. 

Their latest album ‘NUADA’ released in December 2016 is emblematic of their success, and testament to the band’s artistic evolution and enthusiasm, described by Van Muylem of SNOOZECONTROL “as an exceptional trip”. Their soon to be released album Wytches & Cunningfolk will take that trip a step further. The release of ‘NUADA’ has found The Dolmen nominated in the ‘Bastaard Fantasy Awards’ in 2017 for best album internationally and nominated best live act internationally. They won both awards. 2017 brought The Dolmen to Wacken Open Air where they gigged for 3 days for thousands of people. The Dolmen continue to grow as they take off on their journey into ever expanding territories.

The Dolmen plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.


IRFAN is an Ethereal World Music band formed in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2001. The kaleidoscopic sound of IRFAN reveals an original electro-acoustic World Fusion influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of the Balkans, Anatolia, Persia, the Middle East, North Africa and India, as well as by the musical and spiritual heritage of Byzantium, Medieval Europe and the Ancient Mediterranean. Its integrity bears the depths of an audio-archeology that explores the lost prehistoric universal musical heritage within the layers of time. IRFAN is known for its extensive use of ethereal and mystic female vocals in addition to strong male vocals and choirs in combination with an assortment of traditional Bulgarian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Persian and Indian string, wind, key and percussive instruments woven into a delicate electronic sound. The band’s name is borrowed from the Sufi’s terminology and means “gnosis”, “secret knowledge” or “revelation”. And indeed the music of IRFAN is an invitation for a mystical trip in and beyond time. A message, poetically revealed in the language of the heart.

Band Members:
Ivaylo Petrov – oud, baglama saz, tambura, setar, sitar, santour, programming
Kalin Yordanov – vocals, daf, bodhran, darbouka
Peter Todorov – darbouka, zarb, riq, electronic percussion pad
Yasen Lazarov – kaval, nay, duduk, harmonium


Darina Zlatkova – vocals

Irfan plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest. Their show on Sunday will be only accessible for Castlefest camping guests.

elektronische keltische muziek, the sidh, castlefest 2018, dubstep, folk


The SIDH is a young and energetic band, always looking for new ideas and musical arrangements, without forgetting their roots. A combination of highly contemporary and electronic Celtic music, by use of whistles and bagpipes, keyboards and percussion, Hip Hop and Dubstep beats, creating an original and innovative result. This way they are able to create atmospheres with a distinctive scent of “future tradition”. 

With dozens of Tours between Europe and Asia (China, Ireland, Poland, Italy to name a few), collaborations with the world’s greatest artists (Lindsey Stirling, Hevia, Red Hot Chilli Pipers and many more), these four young musicians are able to recreate strong and exciting sounds made with Dubstep rhythms and Scottish Bagpipes, Hip Hop and Irish Whistles.

The SIDH will present their latest album “Another Way to Fly” released worldwide at the beginning of 2018.

The SIDH plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest. Their show on Saturday will be only accessible for Castlefest camping guests.

Faun, Castlefest, fantasy, pagan folk


Like no other band FAUN knows how to open the gates into a mystical otherworld. With the combination of many medieval instruments, drums, archaic beats and enchanting multi-layered male and female vocals, they reached an outstanding position throughout any musical genres. Their two latest CDs reached gold and platinum status and went into the Top Ten of the German Album charts. Since 2003 FAUN played more than 1000 concerts around the world and are well known for their unique and enchanting stage appearance. Together with a mesmerizing light show FAUN transforms the stage into a mystic otherworld. 

FAUN plays on Saturday at Castlefest.