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Kultura Catering


De gezellige koffie stand! Maal je eigen bonen en geniet van een heerlijk bakje zwart goud. Daarnaast kun je bij ons ook terecht voor verse thee, zelf gemaakte ijsthee en ijskoffie. Kom dus zeker langs!


Heerlijke ambachtelijk bereide, versgebakken slingerchips. Deze knapperige lekkernij wordt gemaakt van verse aardappels en ter plekke gebakken. In 2 heerlijke smaken (zout en kruidenmix) en met een ruime keuze uit de lekkerste sauzen. De Slingerchips zijn bovendien vegan!

Everts castlefest 2019 catering fruit smoothies

Everts Partycatering

Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Pressed or cut directly in front of you! The fruit team processes this throughout the day into a delicious smoothie, fruit salad and fresh juice. Vegan, healthy and fresh daily.

Sunny weather or not, fruit is always a refreshing snack. Our concept has
remained unchanged for 10 years and we enjoy making these delicious products.

wietse's pie, catering, castlefest 2019

Wietse’s Pie

Wietse’s Pie has been active for many years at the most beautiful festivals in the Netherlands
and Germany with his delicious Englies Pies. The English Pie is a pastry made from dough with various delicious, savoury fillings.

The absolute winner in taste is the Steak and Guinness; Pie. Honest beef cooked in Guinness beer. But Mushroom, Minced Lamb, Lentil-Curry are also included on the menu.

In addition to the Pie filled with meat we also offer Vegetarian and Vegan Pie. What do you think of Spinach Roquefort, Spinach Feta or Lentil Curry? 

Every time we come to Castlefest we also try to bring a new taste. Haggis Pie, Sauerkraut with Sausage Pie or Breakfast Pie. And for example at the request of The Dolmen, a Pie with products from their region (South of England), Pork and Cider Pie.

koek en zopie, castlefest 2019 catering

Koek & Zopie

Fair coffee with a touch of retro. Let yourself be pampered with unique coffee cocktails. Our mobile espresso bar is the place to be for stronger coffee, but also tea or chocolate milk. And all that 99% organic and vegan-friendly! Our mission is to serve hot drinks with responsible organic and ecological products, don’t miss out on taste!

Our drinks are served in compostable cardboard cups, which is much less harmfull for the terrain and the environment. We do ask the customers to throw the cups into the dustbins after use.

marskramers amsterdam castlefest pretzels broodkrakelingen

De Marskramers van Amsterdam

The ‘Marskramers’ have been coming to Castlefest for years. We walk around the festival grounds to sell  our Bread Pretzels.

We offer various types:
Salt (vegan)

You can buy a pretzel from us from half a coin. The Breadpretzels have been known
throughout Europe since the 13th century, it was considered a delicacy already in the Middle Ages. Due to its infinity shape, it was also a common delicacy at weddings as well. Of course, Castlefest cannot do without them! See you then!

schoorsteenbrood kurtoskalacs castlefest catering

Kürtőskalács Hilversum

The kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake) is a traditional sweet pastry, which originally comes from the area of Transylvania. This snack is hand made in our castle: the dough is rolled out, wrapped around a wooden cylinder and provided with a layer of sugar. The kürtőskalács are baked above the smouldering coals until the sugar layer is caramelized. Then a delicious topping of your choice is sprinkled over it, such as walnuts, vanilla or cinnamon. This snack is preferably eaten hot from the bbq and can be kept for a day. Enjoy Your Kürtőskalács!

More information will follow soon.