Our events are known to be very photogenic, whether it’s the terrain, our line-up or our beautifully dressed visitors. Of course we’d like to see photo-enthusiasts enjoying this all. In order to let things run smoothly, we have created a photography policy, so everyone will enjoy making photos and having their photo taken.

It is allowed to bring amateur photo and video equipment for personal use and image- and audio recordings that have been made at our events are solely for non-commercial purposes.

Outside this policy are: mobile phones and tablets with photo/video possibilities, regular (digital) photo cameras without detachable lenses.
In case of doubt the organization decides at its own discretion.

Press & Media

Professional photographers can apply for press accreditation via our Vana Events press department: 

Castlefest receives many press requests every year and therefore we make a strict selection. Applying for accreditation doesn’t automatically mean you will receive accreditation for Castlefest. 

(Hobby) photographers
Hobby photographers can apply for a special Castlefest photo pass, which allows them to make photos with a camera with detachable lenses during Castlefest. A prerequisite for this is to accept our Vana Events photography rules of conduct.

After applying you will receive your photo pass, which can be picked up at the entrance of the festival.

Upload a passport photo (jpg or jpeg)* / Pasfoto upload (jpg of jpeg)*

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Social Media

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The deadline for applying is Tuesday July 23rd. From July 24th onwards it will not be possible anymore to apply online for a photo pass.

Applying needs to be done prior to the event.

When submitting this form I agree to and understand the Vana Events photography policy including the corresponding Vana Events Photography rules of conduct