Wicker Ritual: The Wolf

This year the Wickerman comes to us shaped like a wolf. The wolf’s energy is like a circle, in which your base, your loved ones and yourself as an individual are in an equal balance.

The wolf gives you freedom and strength to develop yourself, without losing the importance of the circle, or losing yourself in the circle. The wolf stands in his power as an individual, because of the unity of the larger whole: the pack.

The wolf is strongly connected to the sun and the moon. The spirit and energy of the sun are reflected by the moon and give us deeper insights, in which emotions are brought to light.

He gives us intuitive power, a deeper knowledge of the past, present and future, which together form a trinity in the year 2019.

Let your voice be heard and howl with the wolf. The strength of the wolf teaches you the balance between showing your teeth and serving the pack, the circle. Look into the shadows when they are slowly but surely illuminated by the moon and feel the energy.

The energy of loyalty, strength and love, a perfect balance for yourself and your loved ones.