Magisch Verhaal

Listen to the wonderful stories of Magisch Verhaal at Castlefest!

Martin van Magisch Verhaal is a passionate storyteller. Especially for Castlefest he tells pirate stories.

Hoist the sails, sharpen the weapons and aboard the ship.
Come and listen to one of the stories and let yourself be led into the world of Magisch Verhaal. A world where everything is possible.

De Sprookspreker

Sprookspreker is a fairytailer who tells interactive improvised stories. His fairy tale case will be filled with objects by the audience. The Sprookspreker uses these objects to tell a story that doesn’t exist yet. The results will be surprising to everyone, including the storyteller. The stories are only in Dutch.

Bastiaan de Zwitser

“Nothing is true, everything is possible”. Stories always dance at the border of the real world and mock it with glee, showing all is true. Because stories are not real, they are true.

Bastiaan de Zwitser won’t unload a barrel of facts on your back. If Viking hero Beowulf meets Shakespeare’s Hamlet, then so be it. Because in stories and your imagination it is possible.

So, if you’re looking for some rest and want to journey in your imagination, be welcome here.