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Magisch Verhaal

Magisch Verhaal: adventurous tales from the zeven seas

Martin of Magisch Verhaal is a passionate storyteller. Especially for Castlefest you can listen and watch to different kinds of stories. Old heroes and villains will come back to life once more and take you on the adventures that they encountered. It will all be told. 

Come listen to the stories and enter a world in which everything is possible. The World of Magisch Verhaal.

Tim Talesman op Castlefest verhalenverteller

Tim Talesman

Tim Talesman at Castlefest

Tim Talesman has told his tales at multiple festivals, concerts and other events. As an award-winning storyteller he has specialized in the old Norse and Germanic myths and saga’s. Occasionally he uses Celtic stories as well.

As a storyteller, Tim distinguishes himself by creating a bridge in his stories to contemporary situations. Awarded the title “Young storyteller of the year”, Tim Talesman has made it his goal to collect as many stories as possible and pass them on in his travels. His creative approach to the traditional stories make these ancient stories relevant to today’s audience. Tim is a worldly storyteller who will take you away on journeys of your own imagination.

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