Writers market

Marte Jongbloed

Marte Jongbloed studied both acting and teaching. She is secretly a bit like Herre’s mom Silke from De (niet zo) rampzalige avonturen van Herre. Yet Marte has shown her adventurous side by living in Yemen with her husband and three kids for a year. At the moment she lives with her family in The Hague. She teaches acting at an international school and writes both youth novels and theatre scripts.

For her Young Adult-series the Heksenspiegel trilogy, Jongbloed learned everything about the world of modern witchcraft. She followed workshops, followed a coven study and performed rituals with real witches.

Marte Jongvloed will be present on Friday (with reservation), Saturday and Sunday

Pepper Kay

Pepper Kay: “Whenever there are no tight deadlines for my translation jobs, I like to dive into another world. I do so by writing science fiction thrillers/detectives and fantasy stories. What’s more, at events and fairs I love to tell visitors about the characters and worlds I’ve created. Curious? Come and visit the writer’s market and if reading in Dutch is no problem, browse through my books to your heart’s content.”

Ingrid Hageman

In 2010 Ingrid started writing the Valemya Trilogy about the elf Cat. Now the first trilogy is finished and she is busy writing her second trilogy: ‘De raad van Elfen’.

‘Valemya, deel 1: De poorten naar Valemya’
‘Valemya, deel 2: De vloek’
‘Valemya, deel 3: De vijand’
‘Raad van elfen, deel 1: Duistere magie’

Ingrid Hageman will be present on Sunday.

Natascha van Limpt

Natascha studied archaeology and is specialised in anthropology and archaeology of Central and South America. She also graduated as an editor. Currently she is working fulltime in the world of writing.

‘Luotisade, deel 1: Schaduwen der verdoemenis’
‘Luotisade, deel 2: Gruwelen des verraads’

Natascha van Limpt will be present on Friday.

Peter Schaap

Peter Schaap is an old hand in the box who made fantasy into an art. Daydream with his tales and find yourself trapped in one of his adventures.

‘Droomdanser, deel 1: Het land van middennacht’
‘Droomdanser, deel 2: Vlammenzee’
‘Het zwaard van Mechdany’
‘De heksen van Hallumse put’
‘Zwarte troon’
‘Sidian’, will be released at Castlefest

Peter Schaap will be present on Saturday.

Olivier Sted

Olivier Sted has been creating stories since he was born. Not only fantasy and magical realism are part of his works. He also writes non-fiction, columns and every now and then even a poem. He doesn’t do grocery lists though, he just remembers them. De bergbouwers van Metis Bidenk is a wonderful 80’s fantasy story in a 2D world.

Book: ‘De bergbouwers van Metis Bidenk’

Olivier Sted is present on Friday and Sunday.

Anton Wolvekamp

An inseparable friendship, an immortal connection, an unavoidable fate. With his great Young Adult novel ‘Zielsverwant’, Anton proves that his strength lies not only in writing for children.

‘De kinderen van Atlantis, deel 1: Lotgenoten’
‘De kinderen van Atlantis, deel 2: Dwaallicht’
‘De kinderen van Atlantis, deel 3: Erfgenaam’
‘Monster & Draak, deel 1: Monster’
‘Monster & Draak, deel 2: Draak’
‘Beschermengelen, deel 1: Zielsverwant’

Anton Wolvekamp will be present on Saturday and Sunday.

Arwen Mannens

When she was eleven years old Arwen finished her first short story. Her dream was to publish a book that would inspire the life of at least one person. She accomplished that with her trilogy ‘De laatste strijd’, a powerful epic with visual phrases, thrill and wonderfully developed psychology.

‘De laatste strijd, deel 1: Illiyana’
‘De laatste strijd, deel 2: Rheya’
‘De laatste strijd, deel 3: Thorian en Kristan’

Arwen Mannens will be present on Friday and Saturday.

Johanna Lime

Together, Marjo Heijkoop and Dinie Boudestein form the writing couple Johanna Lime. Their love for fantasy and science fiction developed into creating a fantasy world that resulted in two books. And even better: there are two more to come!

‘De vergeten vloek, deel 1: Sluimerend vuur’

Johanna Lime will be present on Sunday.

Mark Doornbos

Some tests cannot be captured in one novel. Specifically when they are about Cromrak, a very uncommon Orc. The adventures of Cromrak, originating from Mark Doornbos’ brain, are caught in a trilogy. But Mark is not done yet.

‘De kronieken van Cromrak, deel 1: De geheimen van Khifa’
‘De kronieken van Cromrak, deel 2: De wraak van Bernan’
‘De kronieken van Cromrak, deel 3: De zoektocht van Varok’

Mark Doornbos will be present on Friday and Saturday.

Hans Rek and Marieke Plaisier

In 2004 Hans and Marieke met at a fantasy festival. They became friends and started writing letters. These letters ultimately resulted in a comical letter novel in 2006: ‘Veel liefs’.

Book: ‘Veel liefs’

Hans Rek will be present on Friday. Marieke Plaisier will be present on Sunday.


Inge Pietjouw

Inge dedicates her life to stories. She literally made her profession out of writing and reading. ‘Droomwandelaar’ is her duology that takes place in the High North. Part two will be released at Castlefest.

‘Droomwandelaar deel 1: Aurora’
‘Droomwandelaar deel 2: Wolvenvuur’

Inge Pietjouw will be present on Saturday and Sunday.

Sebastiaan Koen

Gruesome and fantastical stories have always fascinated Sebastiaan. This is reflected in his own stories. Each character will suffer. The enemy is everywhere.

Book: ‘De verhalen van Auruco, deel 1: Een rijk in verval’

Sebastiaan Koen will be present on Friday and Saturday.

Hannes Wielant

Old age is irrelevant, wisdom inaccessible. Between the well-defined rules and structure of Hannes’ life as a Civil Engineer, his thoughts wander in search for answers that science tries to give to questions that are asked by the insecure. This resulted in a very special science fiction debut.

Book: ‘Arkhaii’

Hannes Wielant will be present on Saturday and Sunday.

Dianne Arentsen

What if you are not safe? What if every movement you make is being watched? What if there is an enemy who knows more about you than you know about yourself? Read all about it in ‘Ithana’ and ‘Kimoh’ra’.

‘Het patroon, deel 1: Ithana’
‘Het patroon, deel 2: Kimoh’ra’

Dianne Arentsen will be present on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.