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Do you like cool graphic novels? So do we! 
That is why we go through great lengths to make affordable  and perfectly finished books, that make you forget about everything else. We bring a wide variety of books for you. We have some great Art- Books in English and some great textless books. If you read Dutch, you hit the jackpot. We bring fantasy books with us like ElfQuest and Game of Thrones. Our favourite steampunk lady: Lady Mechanika, science fiction books like Star Wars and many game related books like Assassin’s Creed and Dragonero will be available too.
By the way, if you visit us, please check out the many other different, beautifully drawn and well written graphic novels. They may surprise you! 
Dark Dragon Books from and for lovers of the ninth art! 

Cathinca van Sprundel

Cathinca van Sprundel (1989) fell in love with writing from the moment she could hold a pencil. In 2017 she debuted with her first novel ‘De Vrouwe van Myrdin’ and this novel has captivated many dutch readers. She gets her inspiration from myths, legends and fairytales. Meet her at the writersmarket and discover the magic. Do you want to write your own retelling of a myth and fairytale? Visit her workshop on friday.

Bianca Mastenbroek

Bianca Mastenbroek has already written 27 books for children, youth and adults. In her magical books she takes the reader to unknown worlds, where outstanding characters undergo exciting adventures. Be seduced by the magic in Bottenduider, Zonnestorm, or De Gehoornden.

Or go back in time, with Bianca’s historical novels. Vuurproef is a gripping story about the witch trials in the 16th century. Vrij! (nominated for the Thea Beckman Prize) revolves around the genesis of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and in the acclaimed Walvisvaarders you go on a chilling journey.

Bianca combines fantasy with history in her novel Duivelmaeker inspired by the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch.

Her latest novel, Hendrick, de Hollandsche indiaan, is her magnum opus. It is translated into English and waits fora an American publisher.

She also brings along her children’s books, so there is something for everyone!

(Nederlands) Godijn Publishing Fantasy

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Dit jaar is Godijn Publishing Fantasy met een eigen tafel in de schrijverstent op Castlefest te vinden! Godijn Publishing Fantasy is een snel groeiende uitgeverij die in de laatste jaren heel wat nieuwe nederlandstalige fantasy, SciFi en middeleeuwse romans op de markt heeft gebracht. Onze schrijvers komen graag op festivals om hun boeken te verkopen en hun lezers te ontmoeten. Bij Godijn Publishing Fantasy vind je Nederlandstalige Fantasy in alle subgenres! Van Young-adult tot Urban-fantasy, High-fantasy en SciFi! Ontmoet schrijvers Nienke Pool, Oli Veyn, Garvin Pouw, Marguerita le Roy , Esmeralda van Belle en Marc Lommert en laat populaire boeken zoals ‘Falco en de verloren stympha’s’, ‘De Orde van de Poortwachters’, ‘Schaduwkoningin,’ ‘Midland,’ en ‘De Eerste Wereld’ ter plaatse voor je signeren!

Cynthia Fridsma

As long as she can read, Cynthia Fridsma has been writing for a a hobby. Authors like Philip K. Dick, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe have been her inspiration. Cynthia writes both in English and in Dutch. She has published various titles in English already.

In 2014 fate struck. Due to a handicap on her right hand she could no longer practice her job as a programmer. However, this did not throw her back and she took up writing again.

In June 2017 Celtica Publishing released Cynthia’s horrorthriller The Chosen One. It is the first story in a series of books that can be read apart from each other and in which vampyre Sybil Crewes and her secret organisation Nightbird play a major part.

There is one manuscript ready to be published and Cynthia is already working on a new book.

Patty van Delft

Patty van Delft is the author of the Dutch Drägan Duma trilogy from which the first book is awarded with the third place in the Hebban Fantasy awards.

The books are published by Celtica Publishing and tell the story of Jill. She is a young girl that, after her troubled youth, ends up on the parallel planet Drägan Duma where humans have formed a bond with dragons. A compelling story filled with emotions!

This year Drägan Duma – Een Onbreekbare Band will be published, a standalone story which takes place 330 years before the trilogy and describes the first bond between human and dragon. It’s a story about touch choices, fear for the unknown, friendship and a desperate struggle to survive.

Patty has also published two English dark poetry collections: My Wings and My Whisperings. These dark collections with rays of light tell about emotions that often stay hidden inside.

Jeffrey Debris

Jeffrey Debris (de Blieck, 1981) was born in Amsterdam, but raised in Uithoorn, where he still lives. He grew up with cartoons, computers and video games. When he was young he always wanted to become a comic artist. Movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner and other scifi movies- and series inspired him to learn more about the universe.

Somewhere in 2014 he began writing his scifi trilogy. Here he combined everything from science fiction and fantasy that he liked into one coherent universe. Woven into the story are moral dilemmas and social criticism. He also likes to believe that there’s no such thing as pure evil or good, but that all of these things are different sides of the same coin. In 2015 his debut “The Fall of Netherea” was released, followed by “The Zar’aranos Deception” in 2016. He’s currently working on finishing his scifi trilogy.

Evi F. Verhasselt

Evi F. Verhasselt (1977) lives in Antwerp and has had a passion for the written word since the day she could read, especially for the Fantasy genre. Once the internet was invented, she shared her short stories on various digital platforms with the world and in 2006 her story Mij rest slechts de stilte was included in the bundle Een Gebloemde Lezing. In the same year she published a novel De Gevangene van het Licht and in 2007 she was 22nd on the Harland Awards with Bloedmoeder. Meanwhile Evi wrote stories that became longer and longer, and in 2013 she made her debut with De Tranen van Tataneh. The book was ninth at the Hebban Fantasy Awards in 2014. Two years later De Saffieren Troon, was published, the first part of her fantasy epos De Laatste Erfgenaam. Currently she is finishing the follow-up, which will be titled De Smaragden Troon.

Esther Wagenaar

Esther Wagenaar (born in Den Helder) grew up in a creative family. Her father collected science fiction books so she came in contact with the genre early on. She fell ill and had to stay home in her early twenties. Her way to escape from the harsh reality was to invent stories. This led to the story of Terra 7, which was written down on 1022 A4 pages in nine months.

Fortunately, her health improved. She moved to Hoorn and there followed a period in which relationships, study, work and singing played a major role. Terra7 got back in her life when she becameill again. She still found the story relevant and began to rewrite it. After a text review, Celtica Publishing wanted to publish it, and so, 25 years after writing the manuscript, Terra 7 part 1 The green crystal is a book found in stores and libraries in the Netherlands.

Rianne Lampers

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Rianne Lampers schrijft zowel horror als fantasy en science-fiction, maar ook romantische verhalen behoren tot haar oeuvre. In het fantastische genre bracht zij de eerste twee delen in de serie De kronieken van de Nieuwe Tijd uit: Het duistere pact en Vooravond van Armageddon. Daarna volgden Bizarre verhalen en De vriend van de koning.

In 2011 ruilde Rianne het schrijven grotendeels in voor uitgeven. Ze richtte Celtica Publishing op en gaf sinds de start naast 4 boeken onder eigen naam en 3 onder pseudoniem nog eens 35 titels uit van 16 verschillende auteurs. De visie van Celtica Publishing is: dromen vangen, vastleggen en delen met de wereld. Niets is onmogelijk!

Celtica Publishing richt zich voornamelijk op het fantastische genre, met boeken die zowel voor volwassenen als voor young adults geschikt zijn.

Rianne werkt nog aan deel drie van de Kronieken van de Nieuwe Tijd, maar het uitgeven gooit wat dat betreft roet in het eten.

Floortje Zwigtman

Floortje Zwigtman (1974) published her debut novel Spelregels in 2001 and the sensational Wolfsroedel a year later. She used her passion for 19th century London in the trilogy Een groene bloem, for which she did a few years of research. Zwigtman received many prized for her books, including the Gouden Uil and the Gouden Zoen. Her long awaited book Vlam appeared in 2014, the first part of a trilogy about young adults growing up during a dictatorship.

‘There is no other Dutch author who writes so honestly and transparently for the young as Floortje Zwigtman. (…) She tells the whole story. It leads to truly piercing young adult literature.’
Trouw about Een groene bloem trilogy

Floortje Zwigtman will be present on Friday

Jeroen van Unen

Jeroen van Unen (1990) has been reading fantasy ever since he was a little kid. When he found out Christopher Paolini was only 15 years old when he wrote Eragon, Jeroen decided to start writing as well. Since then he has been working on his fourfold series De Nachtuilen. Jeroen mainly writes at night and only stops when he can hear the birds outside starting to sing.

Marte Jongbloed

Marte Jongbloed studied both acting and teaching. She is secretly a bit like Herre’s mom Silke from De (niet zo) rampzalige avonturen van Herre. Yet Marte has shown her adventurous side by living in Yemen with her husband and three kids for a year. At the moment she lives with her family in The Hague. She teaches acting at an international school and writes both youth novels and theatre scripts.

For her Young Adult-series the Heksenspiegel trilogy, Jongbloed learned everything about the world of modern witchcraft. She followed workshops, followed a coven study and performed rituals with real witches.

Marte Jongvloed will be present on Friday (with reservation), Saturday and Sunday

Pepper Kay

Pepper Kay: “Whenever there are no tight deadlines for my translation jobs, I like to dive into another world. I do so by writing science fiction thrillers/detectives and fantasy stories. What’s more, at events and fairs I love to tell visitors about the characters and worlds I’ve created. Curious? Come and visit the writer’s market and if reading in Dutch is no problem, browse through my books to your heart’s content.”

Ingrid Hageman

In 2010 Ingrid started writing the Valemya Trilogy about the elf Cat. Now the first trilogy is finished and she is busy writing her second trilogy: ‘De raad van Elfen’.

‘Valemya, deel 1: De poorten naar Valemya’
‘Valemya, deel 2: De vloek’
‘Valemya, deel 3: De vijand’
‘Raad van elfen, deel 1: Duistere magie’

Ingrid Hageman will be present on Sunday.