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Fantasy auteur Wouter van Gorp

Wouter van Gorp

Fantasy author Wouter van Gorp, winner of one of the famous Harland Awards

A classical languages teacher by day, Wouter van Gorp (1990) spends most of his time off-work writing fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction. Publishing his own stories as well as writing for publishing houses, he has written novels and short stories both. His narratives, whether set in antiquity, outer space, made-up places or (a version of) our reality, always contain traces of Van Gorp’s trademark humour.

After publishing his debut, The Wanderers – part I: Spinner’s soldier (2015), first of what is to become an English epic fantasy series, Van Gorp has turned to writing short works of fiction, mainly in Dutch. He has written for some of the major short story competitions in the Netherlands, and has achieved high rankings and prizes with many of his stories. 2018 saw the publication of his second book: a collection of short stories titled Dusk Words (Dutch: Schemerwoorden).

In 2018 Van Gorp joined Nimisa Publishing, a cooperation of like-minded authors. In 2019 a second edition of his short story collection Dusk Words will appear at Nimisa Publishing.

Geert van der Pol

Geert van der Pol was born on the 18th of July 1962 in the city of Rotterdam. As soon as he could go outside by himself, his parents lost track of him all of the time, finding him back at the end riding some pony.It seemed only natural to exchange the hustle of the city for a more natural environment. Via Nijmegen, the hills of Limburg and the coast of France, Geert ended up in Breda, where he grew up, wandering through the forests around the city.

Besides his love for silence, horses and nature there was another unremitting need inside of him: expressing whatever he was seeing and experiencing.When he was a child he drew dragons in the sand with a little stick, while his statues of horsemen made from bound branches watched over his shell princess.

His expressive voyage of discovery continued and in 1990 he graduated from the art academy of Arnhem, main direction liberal arts.

Geert is still learning from horses and nature, his life-sized animal sculptures made of natural materials are scattered throughout the country and on a daily basis symbols are still scratched on paper with a little stick…

In 2019 Celtica Publishing will issue the illustrated fairytale The Flower Curse, a story with a deeper message, which makes it suitable for both adults and children.

The Flower Curse is a remarkable project by Mischa van Broekhoven as writer of the story and artist Geert van der Pol as designer both images and interior of the book.

fantasy schrijfster Femke de Vos

Femke de Vos

Do you just love fantasy, romance, plots and political games? Then the books by Femke De Vos may just be your thing!

In The Chronicles of Riona she takes you to a realm where gods and goddesses fight a mutual power play, where no one can be trusted and love never follows a rose-strewn path.

With her ornate style, extended characters and strong female protagonists her work forms a dreamt of bridge towards adult literature.
Young fans, be warned! An often heard of complaint is that the parents will steal these books before you will have finished them. These really are books meant for the entire family!

Femke de Vos (1990) is a real stickler. Her biggest pride and achievement is her capacity for writing. She knows it’s not ‘world literature’ that she writes – it is but the simple arranging of words and letters – something most people just take for granted and which is really, terribly under-appreciated.

Femke suffers from a type of dyslexia that means reading and writing cannot be taken for granted. Without continuous repetitive practice, she’d forget how to spell the most simple of words in just a few months. But she doesn’t let this stop her. Not one bit of it.

At sixteen she published her first book To Kamalla while she studied economy languages. She achieved her master in criminological sciences at Gent University and published the first part of The Chronicles of Riona.

At the moment Femke De Vos works as a strategic analyst for the federal police. This is where she analyses crime figures for the judicial district Halle-Vilvoorde and where she lets the ideas for all kinds of crime stories come to her.

Celtica Publishing has published parts one and two of The Chronicles of Riona; part three will hopefully see the light in 2019.

Fantasy schrijfster Atalanta Nèhmoura

Atalanta Nèhmoura

Fantasy author Atalanta Nèhmoura creates breathtaking fantasy

Atalanta Nèhmoura is a well known Dutch author of fantasy books. Her series of the Chronicles of Ulriach the Insane contains already six volumes. The seventh one will appear in spring 2020. The Chronicles of Ulriach are an epical quest about friendship, love, forgiveness and loyalty. Atalanta invented a highly stratified world with many cultures and nations. According to many; a joy to read.

For Dreams and Demons, a manuscript competition organised by Luitingh, a Dutch publisher, she wrote the novel: De Erfwachter. This epic story ended up in the Top 5 and was published by Nimisa in 2017.

Atalanta also cooperates with Mark van Dijk and Marieke Frankema in writing two books for children. This was the last wish of Melanie, a young woman who suffered from Louis-Bar disease and sadly passed away last year.

Rianne Werring

Nimisa author Rianne Werring presents her first novel

Rianne Werring (1988) is a literary theorist and manuscript doctor at www.midgard-manuscripten.nl. In 2018 she published Van Hoofdletter tot punt. Bullet Journal voor Schrijvers: a booklet designed to assist both aspiring and experienced writers through assignments, using checklists and tips & tricks. Her first novel, an adaptation of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, will be released in the spring of 2019.

Fantasy auteur Marieke Frankema

Marieke Frankema

Fantasy author Marieke Frankema is like a spider in a web

Marieke Frankema is best compared to a spider in a web, weaving all the different aspects of her life together. She writes, sings, acts, dances, teaches, is a voice actor and a mother and wife.

Her passion is telling stories, on paper as well as on stage, where she brings characters to life. She is the author of five books (fantasy, romance and children’s books) and in 2019, two more of her books will appear.

Her mission is to bring beauty to the world. The little sparks of magic that can be found in our daily lives, get a spotlight in her work. By that, she makes the normal world shine a bit more. Her readers get to join in the joy.

fantasy schrijfster Cathinca van Sprundel

Cathinca van Sprundel

Old myths come to life in the stories of Cathinca van Sprundel

Fantasy writer Cathinca van Sprundel brings old myths, fairytales and legends back to life with her stories. From the moment she could hold a pencil, she fell in love with writing. In 2017 she debuted with her first novel ‘De Vrouwe van Myrdin’ and this novel has captivated many dutch readers.

She gets her inspiration from myths, legends and fairytales. This summer, she presents a new novella: ‘De held van Anwyn’, a story with adventure, humour, special characters and a magical Otherworld.

Meet her at the writers market and discover the magic.

fantasy schrijfster Mischa van Broekhoven

Mischa van Broekhoven

Mischa van Broekhoven (1972) was born in Hulstand grew up in Terneuzen, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, near the Belgian border.When she was a child she loved animals and stories in which she could lose herself. In a little notebook she wrote down three countries that she dreamed about visiting one day: Tanzania, Argentina and Lapland.

As an adolescent she made long walks with her dog along the Scheldt riverside, but her love for books was put aside for a while. It returned during her studies in Spanish language and literature in Nijmegen, just as her wanderlust. She started in Indonesia and from that point on she visited numerous countries, amongst of which two of her little list: Tanzania and Argentina.

The inner restlessness was also reflected in the jobs and activities that she had after finishing her studies: she worked for a travel agency, as a translator and a trademark researcher, as well as taking a language course in Welsh and doing voluntary work with felines and porpoises.This stage in her life seemed a little disorganised, but the most important components were always there: books and languages, nature and countries to dream about.

It was then that she discovered her biggest passion and started a course on writing children’s stories, taught by Bibi DumonTak, award-winning author. Afterwards she continued witha writing group led by Bibi.

With the arrival of her daughter a more quiet period has dawned. Mischa has been living and working in the Randstad for quite some time. However, plans are being made to visit Lapland one day…

In 2019 Celtica Publishing will issue the illustrated fairytale The Flower Curse, a story with a deeper message, which makes it suitable for both adults and children.

The Flower Curse is a remarkable project by Mischa van Broekhoven as writer of the story and artist Geert van der Pol as designer both images and interior of the book.

Fantasy schrijfster Pepper Kay, fantasy schrijver, fantasy boeken, castlefest

Pepper Kay

Fantasy writer Pepper Kay will be back at the Castlefest 2019 writersmarket.

Pepper Kay: “Whenever there are no tight deadlines for my translation jobs, I like to dive into another world. I do that by writing science fiction, thrillers, detectives and fantasy stories. What’s more, at events and fairs I love to tell visitors about the characters and worlds I’ve created.”

Curious? Come and visit the writers market and if reading in Dutch is no problem for you, browse through her books and ask her any question you’d like.

Fantasy schrijfster Patty van Delft, Celtica Publishing, Castlefest

Patty van Delft

Fantasy writer Patty van Delft will bring her fantastic stories to the Castlefest writersmarket

Patty van Delft is the author of the Dutch Drägan Duma trilogy from which the first book is awarded with the third place in the Hebban Fantasy awards.

The books are published by Celtica Publishing and tell the story of Jill. She is a young girl that, after her troubled youth, ends up on the parallel planet Drägan Duma where humans have formed a bond with dragons. A compelling story filled with emotions!

Last year Drägan Duma – An Unbreakable Band was published, a standalone story which takes place 330 years before the trilogy and describes the first bond between human and dragon. It’s a story about touch choices, fear for the unknown, friendship and a desperate struggle to survive.

Patty has also published two English dark poetry collections: My Wings and My Whisperings. These dark collections with rays of light tell about emotions that often stay hidden inside.

Visit Patty van Delft at the Castlefest writersmarket

labyrint wereld van Dizary, schrijversmarkt, Castlefest, fantasy boeken, fantasy schrijvers


Step into the labyrinth world of Dizary and get lost in a dream full of stories, art and games.

Dizary is a project devised by Patrick Kerkhof. In the coming years this labyrinth world will surprise you with books, art and games. Guest authors, artists and musicians are participating within this project. They all contribute to the dream that we are going to build together. And this dream will become your reality. Start to move forward with imagination.

The world of Dizary is a large labyrinth in which various stories take place. Each story can be read separately, but they always have a link with each other. Patrick started the project in 2016 with his book Dizary – The Living System. In this story, six strangers meet at a peace guild. They all have their secrets and yet something in common: a magical punishment mark on their hand. They get seven days to do a good deed or they will die.

Meanwhile, authors Johan Klein Haneveld and Jasper Polane have joined the project. Johan’s novel Acmala was published at the end of 2018. In this story, an expedition in the forests of Gesmèr is in search of the source of the giant moth, which also plays an important role in Patrick’s book. Of course the expedition goed sideways. Jasper’s project is still in development as we speak.

Want to know more about this magical labyrinth world? Come visit Dizary at the writersmarket at Castlefest!

Schrijfster Carine J.A. Maes, fantasy, Celtica Publishing, Castlefest, Fantasy schrijfster

Carine J.A. Maes

Writer Carine J.A. Maes takes you with her to enchanting worlds at the Castlefest 2019 writersmarket. 

I am a story teller. Let me whisk you away to an enchanting universe, populated with characters who are both human and bird. Meet talking cats, lightning catchers, superstitious northerners and voluptuous witches. But be wary, for you can get lost in my stories. They might be true, they might even be about you. They tell a tale of heroism and love, of fear, doubt and confusion. Of found and lost loves. I am Carine J.A. Maes and write for anyone who wants to believe in magic. My first book from the series ‘Stories of the Lacuna’ appeared at Celtica Publishing in early July 2018. ‘Raven’ is a mixture of fable, absurd fairy tale and fantasy. It contains esoteric elements, references to self-hypnosis, herbs and meditation. It is a book filled with adventure that reads smoothly. It opens up its world to you. It’s waiting for you.

Want to know more? Visit Carine J.A. Maes at the writersmarket.

schrijfster Esther Wagenaar, Celtica Publishing, sciencefiction schrijver, fantasy

Esther Wagenaar

Writer Esther Wagenaar brings her Science Fiction Fantasy series to the Castlefest writers market

Esther Wagenaar (born in Den Helder, The Netherlands) is the author of the SF/fantasy series Terra 7. The books takes place on an old Earth colony with the intention to form an ideal society. There has been no contact for 500 years and when scientists start looking at what has become of the settlers, they are stranded on the planet. The scientist are getting deeper and deeper involved with the residents who, due to genetic manipulation, look as extreme as the plants and animals on Terra 7.

Esther grew up in a creative family. Her father collected science fiction books so she came in contact with the genre early on. She fell ill and had to stay home in her early twenties. Her way to escape from the harsh reality was to invent stories. This led to the story of Terra 7, which was written down on 1022 A4 pages in nine months.

Only 25 years later she picked up the story again and sent it to Celtica Publishing for a text review. Finally in February 2018 the first book of Terra 7 The green crystal appeared. In the autumn of 2019 The House of the Rose will follow and in 2020 the last book will appear: The anti-paradise.

The books are so far only available in Dutch.

Gé Ansems

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Gé Ansems is het brein achter de Castlefest Kronieken. Van huis uit is hij toneelspeler. Tijdens zijn toneeltijd was hij nauw betrokken bij de oprichting van de wijkkrant Transvaal in de jaren zeventig van de vorige eeuw. Hij heeft bijna zijn hele werkzame leven als journalist doorgebracht.
Daarnaast is hij altijd actief geweest als schrijver en dichter en publiceerde poëzie en proza in diverse literaire bladen. Zo publiceerde hij in 1996 al twee korte verhalen in de verhalenbundel ’12 Pareltjes’ van uitgeverij Servicepost. In 2003 debuteerde hij met zijn dichtbundel ‘Glooiing in het laagland’ en in 2009 werd zijn gedicht Zeezicht opgenomen in de verzamelbundel ‘De zee is van iedereen’. In de hierop volgende jaren zouden zijn gedichten in verschillende bundels opgenomen worden. Hij publiceert nog altijd regelmatig poëzie en proza op de website ‘Schrijvers tussen de kassen’ en heeft zijn eigen vertelvoorstelling ‘De Slangfluit’ waarbij hij royaal gebruikt maakt van theatrale middelen. Begin jaren tachtig deed Ansems mee aan het hoorspel ‘De Hobbit’, gebaseerd op het gelijknamige boek van Tolkien, dat door de NCRV werd uitgezonden.
In  2006 zou zijn eerste boek uitgegeven worden, getiteld ‘Dikke Tot en de Geinkwezels’. Bij Macc zijn ondertussen drie boeken van hem verschenen, waaronder twee boeken uit de serie Dikke Tot en recent het eerste deel van de Castlefest Kronieken, een fantasyserie die zich op het bekende festival Castlefest afspeelt. Gé Ansems onderscheidt zichzelf door zijn humoristische en inventieve schrijfstijl. Zijn nieuwste roman Zieleneiland is een aangrijpende reis in het voorportaal van het hiernamaals en zonder meer zijn beste roman tot nu toe.

Sophia Drenth

A gruesome nightmare startled Sophia Drenth back into writing five years ago. Her Bloedwetten (Bloodlaws) series now holds three novels and two novellas.

If you like dark stories with a twist, read Sophia’s books. Her Ath’vacii are callous bastards, seductive predators who like to toy with mortals. Some of them are monstrous, others beautiful.

Sophia likes to explore the psychological depth of her characters and does not shy away from either violence or erotica when the story cries for it. She also includes romance, love and a kaleidoscope of intricate emotions.

The fundamental question she keeps asking is: What defines someone as a monster? To find out, she willingly wanders the twilight zone, treading the line between good and evil.

She has received various awards for her work: The Bastaard Award, The Indie Award, Edge.Zero and the Millennium Award. Several of her short stories were also published by Luitingh-Sijthoff, Quasis uitgevers and Dutch Venture Publishing.

Drop by for a chat on the writer’s market. Sophia prefers signing to biting. Unless she’s hungry. So it’s best to bring something along for her to nibble on, just to be safe. Crispy fried children’s ribs are her favourite snack.