Writers market

Peter Schaap

Peter Schaap is an old-timer and elevated fantasy into an art. Dream away with his tales and go along in their adventures.

Peter will be present on Saturday.

Cocky van Dijk

Cocky van Dijk is known from her successful Dragonsoul Trilogy. ‘Dragon Ice’ is her second serie. Next to being a writer Cocky is the beating heart of Publishing House Zilverspoor and Zilverbron. She writes farce comedies and musicals that are published at Theatre Publishing Vink and were translated into German. Got a manuscript of your own? Stop by and pitch your ideas at the stand of Zilverspoor and Zilverbron.

Her new book, written together with J. Sharpe, will be released at Castlefest.

Cocky will be present at: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Peter de Willis a.k.a. Gustaaf Glibber

Peter De Willis is the pseudonym of Peter van Roermund. As director and teacher he works for several theatre and film schools, as a voice teacher and actor coach. He is also known as the writer of the successful book series ‘The Books of Terra Fabula’. In the persona of Gustaaf Glibber he wrote the first book of another children’s and youth series called ‘Creepy & Co: The Monster Carnival’ and ‘The Monster Factory’.

Peter will be present at: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Gaby Raaijmakers

At the age of nine, Gaby Raaijmakers moved to an old house in Belgium, where she found plenty of inspiration for many stories. In her books, the color of your eyes determines who you are and what your status is.

Gaby will be present at: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Olivier Sted

Olivier Sted has been creating stories since childhood. Not only does he create fantasy and magical realism. He also writes non-fiction, columns and every now and then a poem. However, he doesn’t do grocery lists. That he does from his head. ‘The Mountain Builders of Metis Bidenk’ is a wonderful 80’s fantasy in a 2D world.

Olivier is present on Friday.

Dianne Arentsen

What if you are not safe anywhere? What if every movement is being watched ? What if there is an enemy that knows more about you than you know yourself? Read all about it in ‘Ithana’ and ‘Kimoh’ra’.

Dianne will be present on Saturday and Sunday.

Johan Lubbers

A cometh contains the building stones of the universe. These words are the start of a magical system and a fantastical story; ‘Doctors of the State’.

His new novel ‘Vergane glorie’ will have its release at Castlefest.

Johan will be present on Friday and Saturday.

Wouter Brink

Recently the debut novel ‘ Het Nieuwe Legioen ‘ by Wouter Brink (1991) from Haren appeared. Just a boy from the village Haren, who grew up on the Meerweg. First he went to OBS de Linde, later to the Zernike College. Then he studied English. Wouter played badminton and building model planes (gliders) was a hobby as well. The Red Thread in his life is his vivid imagination, of which he has quite a lot. As water is flowing it’s the way to the lowest point, the idea for a book developed in Wouters mind. Genre: Fantasy. It’s out now!

During his studies Wouter had to write short stories. For him these were too short to tell all the details he wrote. “So I came up with the idea of writing a book,” he says. As a lover of the fantasy genre, he devised a story about countries that do not exist, who struggle with each other for power. Raidon became his main character. Raidon’s dream of going into the army is started in his childhood. He gets an opportunity to make his greatest wish come true. The training is very intensive and the soldiers wear special armor. Raidon proves to have unique talents. He develops into the leader, and under his leadership an ancient legion with an impressive reputation comes to life again. Wouter: “In my book I describe a world that doesn’t exist, but I don’t go into too much technological details. The world I describe is inspired by the Roman Empire. ” Of course Wouters book is about good and evil.

As If he were running a crane, the words spill out of his mind. “When I have inspiration I just write loose pieces, which I don’t even know how to fit into my book,” he says. The story became longer and longer, until he decided to make it a trilogy. Part 1 has now appeared at Uitgeverij Elikser, and is also for sale in bookstores.

Johanna Lime

Her love for fantasy and science fiction developed in creating a fantasy world that resulted in three books. And there is one more to come…

Johanna Lime will be present on Sunday.

Arlieke van Remmerden

One of our debutants is Arlieke van Remmerden. She proves to be of all trades with her first novel: ‘Asquil, A Long Journey’. She designed the cover herself. ‘Asquil’ tells about Enyria, the main character, who is in search of herself. A beautiful roman where none of the characters are safe.

‘Asquil’ will have its debut at Castlefest.

Arlieke will be present at: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Jacob Pot: Thorns and stars

In the distant past, the Stars would descend to Earth to bring light where darkness reigned. They would live among people, until the time came where they were forced to hide themselves behind impenetrable thorn hedges.

Today, only a few still believe in the Descended.

It was therefore highly unexpected that the Foundation of Irkin ordered Bom to investigate whether the possible last Star in the world could be found in the High Principality of Ardwyn. After all, the achievements of Illustrious Investigator Bomallin Zehaster Rigus (Bom) had, until this day, not been that noteworthy at all. He didn’t feel like undertaking the journey either. Unfortunately for him, he had no choice.

This is how the adventurous journey of Bom and his ten apprentices begins.

Along the way, two new apprentices join Bom on his journey: the unusual Leer, who has been waiting all his life for an opportunity to look for Stars, and a woman from Tautir, Sea-anemone.

After arriving in Ardwyn, Bom is able to travel freely through the domain without exposing his quest, by getting himself the commission to investigate the mysterious travel pipes connecting the empire’s fifty-three countries.

The question remains whether Bom will successfully complete his journey. And more importantly: will he reach his destiny? Or is he just a side-character in Leer’s story, searching for his Star?


A fantasy tale that breathes its own, distinct, strange atmosphere. A story with deeper layers, but also a light-hearted rascal novel.

The writer Jacob Pot (1960) works in The Hague, but lives in Gouda, the city that holds an insignia surrounded by a circle of thorns. No wonder that the story about Illustrious Investigator Bom is interlaced with the theme “through the thorns to the stars”.

Tamara Geraeds

Tamara Geraeds (1981) was only six years old when she wrote her first poem. When she was fifteen, she started writing her first (children’s) book Achtervolgd door de Dood (Chased by Death), which she published herself in 2005.
For years she kept dreaming of a career as a writer and in 2011 that dream came true. Karakter Publishers published her short story 11 November in Bergen Bloedt (Bergen Bleeds), a collection of short summer thrillers.
The following year she landed a contract with the renowned Dutch children’s books publisher Kluitman, that published her début Nergens (Nowhere) in 2012.
Several Dutch children’s and YA books followed, with different publishers, and her first book for adults was published in 2017.

Since 2011 Tamara runs her own business, teaching English, Dutch and writing, and editing for several publishers. Recently her tenth book was presented. Number eleven – her third English book – is scheduled for release in October, and is part of the YA supernatural series Cards of Death.

Tamara loves to play with a mixture of fantasy and reality in her books. She also likes to make her readers think about worldly matters and therefore implements important messages into her stories. Her books are full of action and tension, and are written in a laid-back style. Easy to read, hard to forget.

Mathijs Hulster

Mathijs incorporates his fascination for ancient cultures in his stories and novels. The ancient mystery called ‘Evil’ and the gift of mankind to rise above themselves and achieve the supernatural.

Mathijs will be present on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Leonie Sophia van den Hoek: ‘Prinses Maan en de heerser van het duister’

Fighting for her life in a prison camp underground, Maan fears for only one man, the master. But when Maan escapes, she discovers that there are much worse things to be afraid of. She appears to have special powers and needs to learn how to deal with them. In addition, she is faced with various big power measurements. Who are her true friends and has she now found her great love? Or is he her downfall? And where is her family?

During a fight for life and death, a truth is revealed that Moon could have never imagined.

In this exciting fantasy novel, Leonie Sophia van den Hoek sketches a special, immensely fascinating world.

Leonie Sophia (1992) was born in Leiden. At the age of three she went into fighting sports and started making stories in notebooks. Leonie believes that you can become everything you want and that nothing is too crazy. She is a fantasy fan, psychologist, marine biologist, scientific researcher, security guard, writer and happily married.

Jasper Polane

Jasper Polane is an author and publisher of Quasis. His work is characterized by a fluid style, complex, rich plots and an original imagination. He is seen as an innovator in the genre. As a publisher, Polane initiated the short story series Splinters and the special science fiction project De Zwijgende Aarde (The Silent Earth). Five novels will come out in this series, written by different authors, but set in the same shared universe.

His debut novel Lege steden (Empty Cities, 2014) was nominated for the Hebban Award for the Best Fantasy Book of the Year. The sequel Vorstin van de Kou (Empress of Cold) was published in 2015 and the third part Wolvinnen van Otrostaadt (She-wolves of Otrostaadt) in 2016. The conclusion Heren van Twist (Lords of Misrule, 2018) completed the series.

Jasper’s latest novel, the futuristic thriller Roest (Rust), is part of The Silent Earth and is set on Mars. Main character Sam is a magistrate employed by the International Mars Agreement. She travels between settlements to enforce the law and to judge cases. Six years ago she was infected with a technovirus that has rewritten her DNA. Terrified to mutate further, she tries to do her work for better or for worse.