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Jaco Koster

With the Scottish Bagpipe, Jaco Koster will amuse you with many Scottish and Celtic tunes. The music changes throughout the performance; beautiful and touching slow airs to exciting jigs and reels. Many cheerful tunes which will be familiar to the audience will also be played. The music takes you on a journey to the Scottish Highlands and beyond. You will not regret stopping by to listen to this!

magical street art act, castlefest, tan elleil

Tan Elleil

When dance and music combine,
Sharing fragments of forgotten dreams,
Wild creatures and dreamlike characters
Reveal themselves to Men.
Then ancient legends arise …

It is in the Breton and Celtic imaginary, intertwined with a dreamlike world own to the Company that, since 2008, Tan Elleil draws its inspiration. Mingling poetically the magical street art (music, puppetry, stilts, dance, pyrotechnics) with craftsmanship, the Company invites you to discover its unique and intriguing world in the tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Always accompanied with music inspired from the Celtic and Scandinavian repertoire, tinged with world music, Tan Elleil brings you to the fine line between dream and reality.

More information will follow soon.