De Anderling: The Wicked Wench

When your piracy starts to turn to landrubbery, when dry ground starts to feel wobbly underfoot, when The Seven Seas start calling your name and all you can think of is the horizon…for all those moments, Castlefest presents De Anderling! She’ll take little pirates with her aboard The Wicked Wench, the ultimate vessel for privateers on dry land!

Little pirates and stalwart heroines are invited to apply for the crew! A journey aboard The Wicked Wench and an intimidating pirate’s tattoo will be your booty, if you are courageous enough to explore the horizon…

Mermaids, beware! When The Wicked Wench sets sail, her crew is always on the lookout for the prettiest and fairest specimen to bring aboard! Princesses should be on the lookout as well! When you do get taken captive, you better hope the captain takes a liking to you! On the other hand, you can never really trust a pirate…



13 years of Castlefest and 12 years of Greenthingz attendance!

The garbage goblins from Greenthingz are welcome guests at Castlefest. Where they picked up litter twelve years ago, nowadays they pick up little bits and pieces. It’s therefore that they are into barter business now. Bartering will take place around the barter cart, where they will trade you all things they have found and traded in the past years. Mind you: money has no value here, only barter.


In the footsteps of the dragons of last year: What is left, after this? In the end a dragon turns everything to cinders. We find ourselves scattered amongst the ashes, like lost souls on the battlefield. We smell the sulfur of lingering dragon’s breath; we walk through leftover smoke and call for it to coil around us. We breathe it in, we dance, welcome it to enter our bloodstream. In this fertile mud, in this darkest earth, we crave for magic. Our priests summon only: Darkness. And thus, a dark, black magic simmers… In this world of fog and confusion, we summon only monsters hidden in mist and smoke. 

Igor’s Goochelsjo

This year Igor’s Goochelsjo will bring a suitcase to Castlefest, filled of his favorite tricks from the last editions. You can find him anywhere on the festivalgrounds for one of his shows.

Chickens and balls, magic tricks and juggling: you will be amazed!

La Dutchessa presents “Castlefest Stone Soup”

What is the core of Castlefest? What makes this event so special and nice? Helinja and Tessa tell the story of the “Stone Soup” and invite you to add an ingrediënt with your special message to our giant cooking pot. This will add up to a tasty and colourful Castlefest-soup. We will make a bunting of all these messages and hang them around the Main Stage every day. We will also film these messages and share them after Castlefest on the event page. Think about what you would like to add to our “soup” and look for the giant cooking pot!

Photos by Jimmy Purimahuwa and AvK Fotografie

keltische tunes, jaco koster, castlefest 2018, doedelzak

Jaco Koster

With the Scottish Bagpipe, Jaco Koster will amuse you with many Scottish and Celtic tunes. The music changes throughout the performance; beautiful and touching slow airs to exciting jigs and reels. Many cheerful tunes which will be familiar to the audience will also be played. The music takes you on a journey to the Scottish Highlands and beyond. You will not regret stopping by to listen to this!

magical street art act, castlefest, tan elleil

Tan Elleil

When dance and music combine,
Sharing fragments of forgotten dreams,
Wild creatures and dreamlike characters
Reveal themselves to Men.
Then ancient legends arise …

It is in the Breton and Celtic imaginary, intertwined with a dreamlike world own to the Company that, since 2008, Tan Elleil draws its inspiration. Mingling poetically the magical street art (music, puppetry, stilts, dance, pyrotechnics) with craftsmanship, the Company invites you to discover its unique and intriguing world in the tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Always accompanied with music inspired from the Celtic and Scandinavian repertoire, tinged with world music, Tan Elleil brings you to the fine line between dream and reality.