House of Wax

Winter is coming, this summer

House of Wax Entertainment will create a Game of Thrones experience a specially for Castlefest, where you can travel and experience this world on an ultimate level.

Enter and work your way through the various kingdoms, meet the inhabitants of these worlds and enjoy there arts which they are eager to show you and share with you like making music, cooking and dancing, learn to fight like a real Dothraki and take place on the Iron Throne.

Welcome to the world of Ice and Fire!

Natura Florissima!

Medusa’s World presents: Natura Florissima!

Last year the creatures of the “Spirit World” worked and searched hard in the scorched earth left by the “Dragon Riders”. This year it appears their magic and fertility worked out.

After all, everything that dies, brings life. Everything that was, will return, although in a different shape. This year Medusa’s World celebrates rebirth. Softly and quietly they’ll let everything bloom in the Castle Gardens. Medusa wants to show you the vulnerability, which is so powerful in her beauty.

When flower buds bursts open, when everybody bades in the golden sunlight, when the full grown fruit falls from the trees and bushes, that’s the moment to realise that Nature flourishes by that what it appreciates it. 

The Green Fairy

Medusa’s world presents: the Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is with us again this year, with her bittersweet drinks! Be seduced by this green muse, she will inspire you strolling as a painting; her magic ritual lets you enter a surprising dream world. Take a sip and find yourself in a place where poets, painters, artists and dreamers found inspiration in her toxic green light…

Florisimo Castlefest 2019


Meet Florisimo in all his weirdness and happiness

This drama queen with his split personality survived the darkness of the night.
An emotional tsunami almost became his end.
He refused to rot while he was buried alive.
Ready to spread his weird- and happiness once again & join the pack.

Dutch Warbow Society Castlefest

Dutch Warbow Society

Discover the English warbow at the DWS

The Dutch Warbow Society lets people discover the beautiful tradition of traditional bows.  

To show you the English longbow, the DWS created a demo-team. They will show you different kinds of arrows and their impact on different materials. Besides that, you’ll see how a group of archers would travel across the battlefield, led by their commander.

But, most important: you can try some archery yourself! With the help of the skilled members of the demo-team, you can try the English warbow. It is fun for all ages!


Greenthingz become Playmates

Greenthingz is getting a make-over: PLAYMATES!

Greenthingz is so much more than just being Green! Most people will recognize us from being our wonderful green selves, as we pick up trash and keep the festival grounds clean. But there’s so much more to us! So this year we decided to show you a different side of us. And to share one of our other great passions; playing games! And because we are setting up camp in one of the hottest spots (figuratively and literally haha) on the map this year, we
put our green heads together and put our thinking caps on. We’ll be adapting to you this year, as we paint our skins
human-coloured and become; The Playmates!

And because we were feeling a little rambunctious and rapscallious, we dug up our pirate-outfits! We’ll be working with “The Jolly Pirates”. We’ll be playing all sorts of silly, fun, crazy games with all you silly, fun, crazy people at Castlefest. You can find us at Meadow Fields. A true hotspot for all the true ‘die-hard’ Castlefest-fans! We’re going for a cosy, cooky, old British pub atmosphere. As our name suggests, you can come to find us and play a little game if you like. Weither you’re tipsy, topsy, turvy or sober! And best of all; if you try your very best, you can pick out a grand prize from our ‘swapmobile’! However..have you ever tried wiggling a prize away from a pirate? We might need a little convincing! Greenthingz and Jolly Pirates wish you an unforgettable year at Castlefest!

steamnation Castlefest steampunk


Meet the crew of the BSS Phoenix at Castlefest

Steamnation is not your typical steampunk group. We are not simply individuals in a group. We are a team, all working under the command of Captain Glenwell. As an airship crew, we’re officially working in cargo delivery, a little less officially as smugglers of everything under the radar. All of us have diverse backgrounds, which at times crossed paths and locked together. We work as one, all with our own expertise, to make every job a success.

Meet the team

Our captain is the driving force behind the crew, he scores jobs and makes sure we get paid. Explorer and navigator John A. Wander plans the trip and gets us where we need to be. Absinthologist James greases our throats and will explain to you the wonderous world of Absinthe and unravel its mysteries. But beware, once he starts, there’s no stopping him and you’ll get to hear the complete history of the green liquid.
When we lose a limb, Doctor Elizabeth sews it back on so we don’t lose our heads. She’s always ready for a Game of Graces or other Victorian games and is also the Tiffin master at our sophisticated Victorian Tea duels. They can get very dangerous but never uncivilised. Try to beat our n°1, I dare you!
Stay away from Mr Brown, our cook. He’s as crazy as it gets! He’ll blow your fuse in the blink of an eye. But what he cooks up in his caboose is damn tasty! And then there’s yours truly, Nathaniël L Hetfield, chronicler for Steamnation. I might just be one of the most normal ones on the crew (cough..). Also, I’m in charge of our written stories. I stand guard over our reputation and pen down our adventures for generations to come. You’ll find them between the trumpery on my desk. Be on the lookout for my camera, as it captures your past, present and future on film. I will try to trick you into a steamfie.

Join us and the rest of the crew on our crazy adventures, join us for high tea, biscuits and gossip or a chat about steampunk and Steamnation.


CoZaCrea Peculiar Creations

A welcome entertainer on Castlefest for several years. Every year his self-designed creations attract many visitors to his beautiful machines. His steampunk style projects are mostly made from trash, junk and other discarded materials.

You will start to recognize more and more used items the longer you spend looking at his projects.  
Stop by and be amazed by the many fantastic elements at CoZaCrea Peculiar Creations.

Igor's Googelsjo Castlefest magie

Igor’s Googelsjo

MagixShow – Igor and the professor show their talents with alchemy, magic and a dysfunctional working relationship

Igor and the professor are back at Castlefest with their lab full of magical tests and experiments. A wonderful show where Igor tries to assist the professor in his work, but this doesn’t go well al the time…. Come and watch, laugh and wonder at a show with alchemy, magic and a dysfunctional working relationship.

Show times are shown at the show, so come by to see when they are there!

KLOEK Castlefest straattheater interactief


KLOEK. An interactive street theatre act. Or rather: a bold, mobile installation which only becomes a performance in brave collaboration with the audience.

Back to basics. KLOEK as genuine installation-theatre. Nothing hidden, nothing kitschy. Robust constructions, basal mechanisms. Transparent and comprehensible. The timeless strength of simplicity.

Pure. Steel and wood. Natural- and human power. Strong hands, large and small, pulling on thick ropes in order to make the rhythm instruments sound and the marionette fly… free as a bird.

Sturdy and subtle interplay between man and machine will create poetic images with muscles!

the aviator crew castlefest steampunk

The Aviator Crew

The Aviator Crew

Meet the Aviator Crew. A colourful bunch of steampunkers, who will happily greet you in their encampment. Step into their large marquee and join in with their favourite pastime. Certainly, for a Time Traveller there is always time for a game! Take place at one of the tables and challenge one of the crew members (or somebody else) for a round. For example, how about some old Dutch table hockey, or a game of Rattrap?

If games are not your thing, they gladly invite you to one of the sleeping quarters to tell you about all the items they brought back from their travels. Also, every beginning or seasoned Time Traveller can get their timetravel passport stamped. The crew is at Castlefest for everybody, young and old!