Medieval Spectacle

Historical Medieval Battle

Real steel, real weaponry, extreme battles. This is full contact medieval combat. This is Historical Medieval Battle.

Historical Medieval Battle is a relatively young sport in which contestants battle each other in full armour, with real (blunt) weaponry in an effort to defeat each other much like they used to in the Middle Ages in tough combat. Contestants fight full contact and about anything is allowed to make sure the opposing fighters are downed. Fighters train hard to get better, travel the world to fight and train and compete every year in the ultimate showdown, the world championships HMB; Battle of the Nations.

NLD was also represented at Battle of the Nations, they fought hard battles alongside the United Kingdom, and won Bronze in the Mass Battles category 21v21.

Come and hear the sound of crushing metal, feel the strength of real warriors and smell the atmosphere of medieval battle at Castlefest!


Bataille presents: the World Knights’ Federation Tournament!

Honour! Glory! Gold! That’s what this tournament is all about. The World Knights’ Federation has the honour to host its fighters at Castlefest this year. Knights from every corner of the realm will fight each other for eternal fame and the gold pieces – spent too quickly – that the winner will receive.

In the arena, where the gold beckons and rules are just suggestions, unprecedented fights will take place. Praise those worthy of the title of Knight: those who fight honourably and show courage and dignity. Encourage those who pursue fame and glory! Shudder … at the sight of those who are driven by greed and revenge, who will let nothing and no one stop them from filling their pouches with gold and soil the ground with blood.

Heeren van Altena

Heeren van Altena ( Lords of Altena) is an early 15th century living history group.

​At Castlefest they will demonstrate several ​medieval crafts and Historical European Martial Arts. The Kinights of Altena hey will enter any battlefield under the banner of yellow with red salmons.
Have you ever wondered how an armour works and how heavy it is? What did our ancestors eat in the 15th century? How did they tailor the most beautiful garments? If so do not be afraid to step into our camp and we will explain and show you.

More information will follow soon.