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Goedvolk 2019 Castlefest middeleeuws spektakel historie geschiedenis


Goedvolk, a historical community of craftsmen

Goedvolk is a community of various craftsmen and -women. We provide handmade products, which are often based on historical and/or shamanistic objects.
In our historically inspired encampment, you will find processors of leather, bone, antlers, textile and metal. In addition, there is a historic kitchen where food is cooked on a wood fire. And you can be painted if you dare! In addition to socialising, there is always something to see and learn at Goedvolk.

Goedvolk consists of:

Atelier Solawende / Solawende Tattoo: Illustrations, pen drawings on animal skulls, postcards and posters. But she also offers the opportunity for unique hand-poked tattoos on appointment.
The Creative Dino: Hand-woven bands of wool, mostly authentic dyed with natural pigments.
De Coockerije: Historic kitchen where the tastiest dishes for the camp are prepared on a wood fire.
Erlund: Jewelry and accessories made of copper, bronze, leather, bone and other natural materials. Both replicas and own interpretations.
Rineke: Get painted by Rineke and hear what message she has for you if you dare…
Runeraaf: Handmade rune sets and shamanistic attributes.
Tyr’s Hand: Jewelry and utensils made from antlers, bone, leather and wood.
Witsinger Wurk: Leather pouches and clothing based on finds from the Viking age.

15e-eeuwse Altena, heeren van altena, middeleeuwen, castlefest, middeleeuws spektakel

Heeren van Altena

This year, the yellow and red salmons will once more fly above the terrain of Castlefest. The Heeren van Altena will once again set up camp to take everyone back to medieval times. Experience the Altena of the late 15th century with its Burgundian inhabitants. Inside the camp you will meet all kinds of people and aspects of these times, which makes for a nice overall image of the 15th century.

Visit the Heeren’s armoury and see the different knight’s armours that are used in battle. Get to know everything about medieval weapons and defences of these times. Visit the tents of the artisans and witness how they managed to craft everyday products and objects with their bare hands. Meanwhile the cook is busy in the medieval kitchen, while several members sit around the tables telling stories of conquests and victories. 

The Heeren van Altena welcome all to visit their encampment.



Bataille presents: epic knight show fights!

Bataille is back at Castlefest. Once again you can expect epic show fights, accompanied by the sounds of ringing steel, grunts of pain and witty remarks from the Tournament Master. This time the knights gather to discuss the will of Sir Marc de Quillan, by which land and property will be divided in the event of his death.

What possibly could go wrong?

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La Rosa d'Acciaio op Castlefest

La Rosa D’Acciaio

La Rosa D’Acciaio at Castlefest

Stunt group La Rosa d’Acciaio is no stranger to Castlefest. With an epic combination of medieval and modern fencing, they are now back at our festival. Check out La Rosa D’Acciaio at Castlefest 2019!

La Rosa D’Acciaio combines medieval and modern fencing into an epic stunt show. With their shows, they have already entertained over 700 European events. Their performances have also been used in movies, TV shows, theatre shows and much more.

Over the years, La Rosa d’Acciaio has entertained the main Italian and European medieval events. In addition to live performances, they work as fight performers and stunt group. For both Italian and international productions of movies and video clips, they have created fencing choreography and much more.

Make sure you don’t miss this entertainment spectacle at Castlefest 2019! Specific performance times will be announced at our website later on.

Zwaard & Steen

Zwaard & Steen

Zwaard & Steen at Castlefest

Zwaard & Steen is a sports club with a passion for history, martial arts and physical fitness. Internationally, our sport is known as HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts. Practicing HEMA is a combination of sports, movement and delving into the old martial arts as they were practiced in the middle ages. A unique experience where gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with getting fit and more confident. For over 15 years, we have been practicing longsword, dagger and wrestling techniques which are based on medieval German manuscripts like the Codex Ringeck and the Codex von Danzig. Drop by our stand for workshops or demonstrations or visit our club in Nieuwegein or Rotterdam for a free trial.

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