(Nederlands) Uitgeverij Emerald

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Uitgeverij Emerald is een nieuwe generatie uitgevers in actie, avontuur en fantasy.
De serie die via deze uitgeverij wordt gepromoot is “De Legende van Toran”.

Over De Legende: 

Het mysterieuze eiland Toran wordt al meer dan 500 jaar geregeerd door zes hertogdommen. Ondanks enkele conflicten zijn de verhoudingen altijd zo gebleven, maar dit staat op het punt om te veranderen. De regerende hertogelijke families beschikken over een groot geheim: toverkracht.

Lees de boeken van Toran over de avonturen van Brandon Bartagon in een epische fantasyreeks.

Peter van Roermund

Peter van Roermund works as a creator and teacher for several theatre and movie schools, a profession that allows him to tell a lot of different stories. On a very normal day, a few characters just entered his mind and stayed there. Their stories are now told in the succesful series De Boeken van Terra Fabula, which Van Roermund writes under the pseudonym Peter DeWillis.

Under the pseudonym Gustaaf Glibber, Van Roermund has started a new series of adventures with Griezel & Co. He wonders when the characters of both series will visit each other…

Terra Fabula book 1: Het vergeten koninkrijk
Terra Fabula book 2: Het zilveren labyrinth
Terra Fabula book 3: De vervloekte orakelsteen
Griezel & Co book 1: De monsterkermis
Griezel & Co book 2: De monsterfabriek (will be released at Castlefest)

(Nederlands) Kim ten Tusscher

Kim ten Tusscher has gathered a big group of fans with the Lilith trilogy and Jager & Prooi. These stories take place in an elaborate world, where it is sometimes difficult to define the difference between good and evil. Bloed is the first part of the Vertellingen van de Ondergang, a separate series that continues where the Lilith trilogy ended.

Lillith trilogy book 1: Gebonden in duister
Lillith trilogy book 2: Verbroken in schemer
Lillith trilogy book 3: Geboren in licht
Jager & Prooi book 1: Jager
Jager en prooi book 2: Prooi
Vertellingen van de ondergang book 1: Bloed
Vertellingen van de ondergang book 2: Wraak

J. Sharpe

J. Sharpe – a pseudonym for Joris van Leeuwen (1986) – has written various mysterious thrillers and fantasy books, as well as multiple thrilling short stories. His work has often been compared to that of authors like Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Peter Straub. He is known for mixing different genres and his thrillers often contain horror, sci fi and fantasy elements. Gebroken geheugen was on the shortlist of the Hebban awards and received an honourable mention. Eden was on the shortlist of the Bastaard awards.

Gebroken geheugen
Territoria part 1: De kettingen van Amarath
Territoria part 2: De ring van Andor
Web van Sennora
New title: will be released at Castlefest

Cocky van Dijk

Cocky van Dijk has been busy with books and literature all her life. Apart from being an author, she and her husband manage publishing companies Zilverspoor and Zilverbron. Cocky has been a judge on several writing competitions, such as Fantastels, the Harland awards and the Fantastic Stories competition organised by the American Book Centre. When she was working for Magic tales, she organised and judged her own writing competition in collaboration with Luitingh Fantasy. Cocky also writes plays, which have been published by Toneeluitgeverij Vink and are performed in all of the Netherlands. They’re even available for purchase in Germany.

Drakenzieler trilogy book 1: Spiegelgeest
Drakenzieler trilogy book 2: Sluimergeest
Drakenzieler trilogy book 3: Schemergeest
Drakenijs book 1: Kristallen hart
Drakenijs book 2: Kristallen ziel
Het doodschap (will be released at Castlefest)


Build a didgeridoo

Silvia and Kees both know exactly what they are talking about when it is about building and playing the didgeridoo. They have been discovering the secrets of this beautiful and inspiring instrument for years. Originally, the didgeridoo is an Australian wind instrument. For centuries the Aboriginals have been playing and using this hollow tree for their spiritual traditions. With this instrument, they tell stories about their lives and those of their ancestors. Because these stories are unknown to us, we play this instrument in a western way. We are inspired by the moment and by the music of the other person. From this joint hobby, Airflow was born. This name covers everything that matters when playing the didgeridoo: Air bending in different ways with our own body as the main instrument. With Airflow we want to inspire others to meet this beautiful instrument. We do this by demonstrating how the didgeridoo is made and of course by playing the didgeridoo, with explanation how these beautiful sounds come to life.

Historical Medieval Battle

Real steel, real weaponry, extreme battles. This is full contact medieval combat. This is Historical Medieval Battle.

Historical Medieval Battle is a relatively young sport in which contestants battle each other in full armour, with real (blunt) weaponry in an effort to defeat each other much like they used to in the Middle Ages in tough combat. Contestants fight full contact and about anything is allowed to make sure the opposing fighters are downed. Fighters train hard to get better, travel the world to fight and train and compete every year in the ultimate showdown, the world championships HMB; Battle of the Nations.

NLD was also represented at Battle of the Nations, they fought hard battles alongside the United Kingdom, and won Bronze in the Mass Battles category 21v21.

Come and hear the sound of crushing metal, feel the strength of real warriors and smell the atmosphere of medieval battle at Castlefest!

Manon Spierenburg

Manon Spierenburg is an author and scenario writer. After her studies Dutch Linguistics and Literature, she started writing screenplays for Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden, Rozengeur & Wodka Lime en Floor Faber, among others. She has also written ten books to date.

‘Spierenburg creates an exceptional story with Out There. She combines classical elements and mythical stories with contemporary, sometimes imaginative occurrences.’
Marloes Otten from Hebban.nl about Out There

(Nederlands) Erik Betten

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Erik Betten (Leeuwarden, 1976) is historicus en journalist en heeft een reeks boeken geschreven over geschiedenis, het landschap, kunst en cultuur. Hij schrijft zowel in het Nederlands als in het Fries. Quarantaine, over de nasleep van een bacterie-uitbraak bij gasboringen in Groningen, is zijn romandebuut. Een spannende, actuele thriller met het Noord-Hollandse landschap in de hoofdrol.

Martijn Adelmund

Martijn Adelmund (1977) studied Language and Culture sciences in Utrecht. He made his debut in 1998 with poetry in Fluisterend. In 2005 he published a collection of stories about local crime history and folklore, titled Mysteries in Nederland. Based on the research he conducted for these stories he later wrote three novels, of which two were awarded a Hebban Award for best Dutch fantasy. From 2015 to 2017, Adelmund was the city poet of Wageningen. He loves to write stories at the rare intersection of literature and genre fiction, such as in the last book he published titled Max Havelaar met Zombies. Fantastic elements can also consistently be found in his poems.

‘A wonderful initiative!’
Klaartje Groot, curator of the Multatuli Huis about Max Havelaar met zombies

‘Adelmund shows that our colonial history is very well suitable for horror stories.’
Anouk Abels, hoofdredacteur Boekenkrant over Max Havelaar met zombies

Martijn Lindeboom

Martijn Lindeboom (1971) has been writing science fiction and fantasy from a young age. His first book, De legende van de Zwarte Wolven, was published in 2005. His ninth book was published in 2015: Hoe schrijf je fantasy en sciencefiction? (a collaboration with Debbie van der Zande), a writer’s guide for aspiring authors. His other books and approximately eighty published stories vary from historical fiction, humoristic fantasy and a court thriller to science fiction, horror, fables and contemporary fiction.

Apart from being a writer, Lindeboom is Taekwon-Do teacher (6th dan black belt, co- head instructor of Sung Zang in Groningen), lawyer, editor (Hebban.nl and the Halloween Horror Verhalen), writing teacher (Schrijversacademie) and chairman of the Foundation to promote the fantasy genre.

Adrian Stone

Adrian Stone is the pseudonym for Ad van Tiggelen (1958). Like no other, Stone possesses the literary qualities to encapsulate complicated matters such as religion and history in compellingly thrilling, classically modelled fantasy stories. Stone is best known for his Devil trilogy and Rune books, and is now actively working on his new series: Magycker.


Bataille presents: the World Knights’ Federation Tournament!

Honour! Glory! Gold! That’s what this tournament is all about. The World Knights’ Federation has the honour to host its fighters at Castlefest this year. Knights from every corner of the realm will fight each other for eternal fame and the gold pieces – spent too quickly – that the winner will receive.

In the arena, where the gold beckons and rules are just suggestions, unprecedented fights will take place. Praise those worthy of the title of Knight: those who fight honourably and show courage and dignity. Encourage those who pursue fame and glory! Shudder … at the sight of those who are driven by greed and revenge, who will let nothing and no one stop them from filling their pouches with gold and soil the ground with blood.

Dutch Hurdy-gurdy & Bagpipe Foundation

Have you always been curious about bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy playing and how these instruments work? Then come and visit us at the Koetshuis at Castlefest

Under the guidance of experienced bagpipe/hurdy-gurdy musicians and the Dutch Hurdy-gurdy & Bagpipe Foundation, you can try these instruments. No previous knowledge is required, we only ask for a bit of enthusiasm and courage. Instruments are of course available.

The Dutch Hurdy-gurdy & Bagpipes Foundation is an organisation that focuses on hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes of the western European continent. Their activities include organising courses for advanced players and beginners. Beginners can even rent instruments from the foundation.

For the record: We won’t be playing the Scottish or Irish pipes, but the gurdies and pipes which are traditionally played in France, Belgium or in the Netherlands. Maybe you know them from paintings of Jeroen Bosch or Pieter Breughel?

Alwyn Hamilton

Alwyn Hamilton was born in Toronto and spent her early years bouncing between Europe and Canada until her parents settled in France. She is known for her bestselling young adult book Rebel of the Sands. She left France for Cambridge University to study History of Art at King’s College. On graduating  she worked in a bookshop in France, where she rediscovered YA. She then moved to London where she now lives and put her degree to use working for an auction house. Rebel of the Sands was her first novel.

‘‘The blurb promises you rebellion and love and magic, and IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!’
The Guardian over Rebel of the Sands.