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Letting Go

De Dansende Draak and La Dutchessa present: Letting go

Letting go… it needs to be done sometimes, but it’s not always easy.

2 travelling bohemians will help you in making a fire sacrifice to let go of whatever is keeping you back. As a result, your journey will become lighter once more! This colourful duo can be found around the castle with their cart.



Birdlive is a small and enthusiastic falconry, that enjoys bringing their spectators closer to nature with their beautiful birds. They work with rescue birds; birds that were injured or traumatized in their past, and have been lovingly and carefully nursed back to health. However, these birds are not pets and cannot be touched or petted. Birdlive does not do entertainment shows, but emphasizes the educational aspect of their craft, preferably for adults and/or children with special needs.

Falconry is an ancient tradition, carried on proudly and with great responsibility by Birdlive. For their falconers, living, flying and working with birds of prey and owls is not a job, but a 24/7 way of life.