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Hats 'n Dreads lifestyle plein Castlefest 2019

Hats ‘n Dreads

Create a new look with the wool dreads of Hats’nDreads

Want to make your Castlefest something special and change your look? Hats ‘n Dreads is on the Lifestyle Plaza to put real or wool dreads in your hair. Besides dreads, they have a lot of different hair accessories for both dreads and regular hair.

The dreads are made of 100% wool, a natural product, to fit in with your hair perfectly. Wool dreads will be braided into your own hair, so taking them out later will be no problem!

Of course, our dreadlock artists will be there to give you real dreads or touch up the ones you already got. They also know everything about braiding, so a Viking or romantic updo… it’s all possible!

houtspelmaatwerk, creatures of colour, Castlefest 2019

Creatures of Colour

Creatures of Colour, the place where fantastic creations come to life

Professional Face&Bodypaint, Special FX and temporary tattoos for you by 2 awesome artists Yvonne Zonnenberg, Elke Klaassen-Overdevest and their team.
If you miss some fantasy, feeling underdressed or you already have an awesome costume and need some complementary facepaint or materials… we are here for you!

Options during Castlefest

  • Face & Bodypainting – small, beautiful details, scary elements of even entire bodypaints (on request)
  • Special FX – makeup – wounds – prosthetics
  • Temporary tattoos with special ink or glitter
  • Sale of:  Prosthetics, Face & Bodypaint, brushes, glue, soap & removers, lenses & liquid, blood, glitter, teeth, lashes, Special FX products, Hairfeathers

Massage centre Rumah Senang

Come visit Massage centre Sumah Senang for a wonderful massage or other treatment.

Massagepraktijk Rumah Senang is an old friend at Castlefest, from the very first time there was a lifestyle square at Castlefest, we were there.  You can come to us for massage, Reiki, polarity massage, chair massage, shiatsu, foot treatment, moxa, acupuncture, wrist-tongue diagnosis and much more. Always full of attention, quietness and in contact with you.

You can come to us with complaints, or simply because it is wonderful to enjoy a massage or other treatment. In consultation with you, we look at what feels best for you right at this moment in terms of treatment. We agree in advance how long you want to make time for the treatment. Come and experience the oasis of tranquility that many people find in our massage pagoda. Feel welcome with everything that you bring.

Never been before? Come and look around the corner if it’s something for you. And have you been there before? Then we would like to see you again this year! Can not you wait for Castlefest? Take a look at our (renewed) website to see if an appointment before Castlefest is possible for you. Take a look at (and Like!) our Facebook page or take a look at le Centre de Bonnenouvelle, a beautiful place in France where we are busy creating a ‘Centre de Bien-Etre’, a centre for wellness and personal development.

For Castlefest it is smart to reserve for Saturday and Sunday. You can do this at Castlefest, or send an e-mail or Facebook message. With kind regards! Team Massagepraktijk Rumah Senang



Henna is a red dye that has being used for centuries to decorate the body and colour hair. It is made from the finely grinded leaves of the henna bush. Henna artworks are made to celebrate the different stages in the lives of women, such as birthdays, marriage, and pregnancy. Or as a blessing for joy and prosperity.

Regardless cultural background, henna art is always considered beautiful and is a mesmerizing tribute to the body. Everyone deserves to be decorated with the intricate patterns and to enjoy the beautiful shapes and intense red colour. The good thing is that henna artworks will fade after a while, thereby always leaving room for renewal.

Do you want to discover the world of henna art and what it can mean to you?

Have yourself decorated!