Lifestyle plaza

Valentino Barbers

The barbers of Valentino Barbers are looking forward to participate in the event and showing their skills.
After visiting many locations in the Netherlands, they are proud to be at Castlefest 2018 with their shop.


Henna is a red dye that has being used for centuries to decorate the body and colour hair. It is made from the finely grinded leaves of the henna bush. Henna artworks are made to celebrate the different stages in the lives of women, such as birthdays, marriage, and pregnancy. Or as a blessing for joy and prosperity.

Regardless cultural background, henna art is always considered beautiful and is a mesmerizing tribute to the body. Everyone deserves to be decorated with the intricate patterns and to enjoy the beautiful shapes and intense red colour. The good thing is that henna artworks will fade after a while, thereby always leaving room for renewal.

Do you want to discover the world of henna art and what it can mean to you?

Hats ‘n Dreads

Want to make your Castlefest something special and change your look? Hats ‘n Dreads is on the Lifestyle Plaza to put real or wool dreads in your hair. Besides dreads they have a lot of different hair accessories for both dreads and regular hair.

Rumah Senang

Rumah Senang is a place where you can be yourself. A massage will give you the opportunity to feel what the possibilities are. You are invited to experience what goes around in your body and mind. Whether you want to learn to consciously listen to your body or just want to enjoy a nice massage, feel welcome at Rumah Senang!