Larp village

LARPdorp live action role playing Castlefest 2019

LARP Village

Enter the LARP village and join the stories!

The Colonists of Staevenlingen have arrived in the lands of The Keukenhof. They expected to start a new life here, but nothing could be further from the truth. Their activities disturbed the forest, along with the long-forgotten Cuacapola tribe. After a long period of strife, there now seems to be a tentative peace between the colonists and the tribe – but how long will this keep? A new wave of colonists filling the lands, are forcing people to make a choice… Who will YOU join? Will you help the indigenous people, the Cucapola, or will you choose to join the Colonists of Steavenlingen? The choice is YOURS!

Come visit the LARP village during Castlefest, if you already know LARP or if you want to discover what it is; Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) is best described as improvisation theatre. Forget the script and go explore a new world where adventure awaits. In the LARP village, we will immerse you in a fantasy world, where you can experience this yourself. LARP is not just about watching, but primarily about participating.

We will take you into this world and you can participate in several activities. You can learn to handle a LARP weapon, we will take you on a quest which takes brains and muscles to complete – you get the opportunity to go on a real-life adventure! All activities are suitable for kids and adults, for experienced LARPers and newbies. The LARP village also has a tavern where you can gather your strength, enjoy the shade or visit one of the artisan shops. Come visit us during Castlefest to see what other activities and workshops are organized.