Art at Castlefest

CoZaCrea Peculiar Creations

A welcome entertainer on Castlefest for several years. Every year his self-designed creations attract many visitors. His steampunk style projects are mostly made from trash, junk and other discarded materials. You will start to recognise more and more used items the longer you spend looking at his projects. Stop by and be amazed by the many fantastic elements at CoZaCrea Peculiar Creations.

Kunst en Schietwerk


Come and try your hand at archery at Kunst and Schietwerk. We can tell you about the different aspects of our versatile sport. If you are new at it or already experienced, we offer something for everyone. Learn the basic principles, tweak your performance or challenge your friends to a shoot-off.

Archery is for young and old, everyone can learn how to shoot! Do you want to shoot, get your picture taken whilst shooting or just have a look? You are welcome at our range.

Do you want to shoot with your own gear? let our supervisor approve it first.

On our larp-range you can safely shoot monsters and for the diehards we have classic targets and sharp arrows. This year we will also have fun shooting, so come and check it out.

Note: If you have had any wine, mead or beer, you can only shoot larp-arrows here.