Art at Castlefest

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Arthur Dreissen: Dragonfly sculpture

Arthur Dreissen is a technician and artist. Technique is his basis, a starting point, it gives him the confidence that every creation is possible. Technique offers space for creation, creativity; playing and allowing the imperfect, a zigzag course to the ultimate.

Arthur designs, creates and makes custom work and artistic products and objects in metal. Every product is made with a smile. He tries to think beyond the material, the usual and the traditional. Through a rational process he tries to achieve a free, fantastic and irrational result. 

Metal is Arthur’s medium. With this strong and uncompromising material there are so many possibilities.  If life consists of growth and overcoming resistance, then his challenge is to form this resilient material. The possibilities, especially in art, of the strength of steel fascinates him, where nature with its wealth of forms inspires him.

Arthur will bring his Dragonfly sculpture to Castlefest. Although it has many similarities with a living dragonfly, you will notice a lot of fantasy characteristics. Walk around him or below him and get enchanted by its magic. 

KLOEK Castlefest straattheater interactief


KLOEK. An interactive street theatre act. Or rather: a bold, mobile installation which only becomes a performance in brave collaboration with the audience.

Back to basics. KLOEK as genuine installation-theatre. Nothing hidden, nothing kitschy. Robust constructions, basal mechanisms. Transparent and comprehensible. The timeless strength of simplicity.

Pure. Steel and wood. Natural- and human power. Strong hands, large and small, pulling on thick ropes in order to make the rhythm instruments sound and the marionette fly… free as a bird.

Sturdy and subtle interplay between man and machine will create poetic images with muscles!