Heathen gang

Heathen Gang

Everyday at 11.00 we start with an opening ceremony and at 15.00 our members are having a beautiful drum circle. Each day a different group will lead the opening ceremony & drum circle with a different theme.

Our view on Heidense bende field is as a village. We come together every day to celebrate life and connect with joy and love.

You can feel the rhythm of the drums like the beating of your heart. The dancing and sound will flow through your veins.

Would you like to experience this? Come and watch, dance and move with us.

Opening ceremony
Friday: Gabs
Saturday: Centrum Inner peace
Sunday: de Negen werelden

Drum circle
Friday: The Pagan Lady
Saturday: Margo Awanata
Sunday: The Pagan Lady


This year Gabslichthuis presents the theme ‘creation’ in her well known purple temple. Her workshops are suitable for young and old!

Workshop Intuitive drawing – 11.30h
In this magical workshop you’ll get an insight in your inner being. Do you like to draw and are you curious how this will work out?

The ceremony of protection and embrace – 13.30h
This ceremony will be guided by healing sounds and gives energy and peace, in spirit and mind.

Elves healing hour- 14:00h
Are you in for a lovely healing of the elements?  

Workshop powerstick with healing stone message – 15.30h
Create your own powerstick to connect with the treespirits and receive a message from the healing stone.

Elementdance – 16.30h
Come dance with us through the 4 elements in rhythm and sound.

The Wishing Rainbow will be present for you to create your wish for the next year to come.

I would love to see you all!
Gabs and her elves

The Pagan Lady

This year at the Heathen Gang field, one of the tents will be dedicated to the path of the moon.
The Pagan Lady and her team will provide various workshops. We love to tell about Lughnasadh, the sabbat of Castlefest.

– What is witchcraft? With a guided meditation through the 5 elements.
– Meet your totem animal and learn how this can support you on your path of awareness.
– Character analysis/palmistry by Lydia Waterreus.
– Stories around the fireplace, see and taste what is bubbling in the kettle.
– The importance of the moon for witches, the waxing harvest moon.
– Make your personal talisman or herbal-offering for the Wickerman.
– And this year again the chakra dance! Put on a headphone and dance with me, to be in balance with yourself and nature.

Feel very welcome to enjoy the power of connection with nature.

Totem animal:12.00h
Chakra dance: 14.00h


Yoka is a magical woman, who is strongly connected with nature. She helped many people with her skilled hands during the years. We’re very glad to welcome Yoka at the Heathen Gang.

She is a national and international Lokai Shiatsu Therapist and is also working with diverse healing methods, which she uses in the healing tent.

Are you dealing with acute physical complaints (like a sore back) or can you use some mental support? Yoka would love to see you in the Healing tent.

Kids workshop: Witches soup by Ingeborg

At 12.00h SoupLady Ingeborg will be making a witch soup. Together we stir in the brew, we cut the vegetables, smell the different herbs and taste the witches soup. At the end there will be a little surprise by the fire. See you soon!

Paul & Roser

We invite you to discover Munay Ki and experience one of the nine rites of the Munay Ki.

Munay means love
Ki means energy or power

A loving, creative and profound healing process which allows you to feel and be the person you are deep within.


Sparkling Spirit Healing
Trees and seasons help you lift your spirit by steams and sparkles. You are welcome to enjoy a healing with the seasons and trees. 

Tree spirit Healing
Ilonka gives healing with the treespirits. Every tree has a spirit, a soul. Which treespirit will show her spirit and let you feel her power. Which message has she for you? Insight, protection, healing? Come and lay in the treecircle to experience your power, your softness. You human, so deeply rooted, widespread human, tree of a human. 

Season healing
What do you need to stand strong and sparkling in life? Astrid gives a healing with the seasons, through visualisations you make a season journey. Which season has a message for you? After the visualisation we make a powerbag filled with herbs connected with the season.

 Ilonka Heideveld, het Loosterveld, Nederlands sjamanisme (known from the Happiness magazine)

Astrid Jongbloed


Just unwind in the tipi through a shaman journey. You can meet your totem animal or find your strength name. At the Innerpeace tent you can ask the Oracle for advice or come by for a good conversation. You can make your personal, transformation, wicker butterfly. Walk the little medicine wheel to see where you are now. The training: “The Path Back” invites you for a knowledge ritual, every day around 13.30 pm.

The Kundalini healers

Your evolution lies coiled within you.
A potential called Kundalini.

Your are most welcome at the kundalini healers.

Pagan Passion Night

Feel life flowing through your veins. Wild, free and untamed. The pagans are gathering to celebrate life and love.
The ecstasy of the Wild Women and the Wild Men in an ecstatic dance of life.

Unleash your wild nature and embrace the god(dess) that you are!

Path of the Priestess

Connection, deepening, strength, love and passion.

Together with the other priestesses and priests of the Goddess Temple Margo Awanata and Emelie Manawa will once again offer a beautiful program. 

For example you can make an offering for the Wickerman or consult the oracle. You may enjoy a nice healing, a good conversation or a relaxing meditation. And of course you are welcome in one of the rituals or workshops.


A little moment of inner peace and silence. Just sit still and experience the moment. After that moment you can go back into the festival with renewed energy and joy.

That is what happens when you go to Rineke; she draws a little green painting on your face. Just visit her and experience it yourself.

You can find her on the Heidense Bende field, or just follow the people with the green drawings on their faces.

Rosa Mare

Rune oracle

The first symbolic signs to express thoughts with were called runes, which originated from the gothic word “Runa”, meaning secret.

Each symbolic rune sign is a storage for intuitive knowledge, and it takes insight and knowledge to read the stones clearly and articulate them to the outsider.

If I am interpreting my stones, I always note how it fascinates people, especially by the pureness of the stones with their signs.

Meet with the old ritual of the rune stones. They provide wisdom and insight.

De Groene Godin

De Groene Godin (The Green Goddess) offers something for everyone:

– Three beautiful trance meditations guided by Petra and Wim on didgeridoo;
– Meet your totem animal  
– Journey through the chakra’s
– Travel through the quarters
– Make your power pouch of knot your witches power cord with Paula Chakra
– Make your apple wish or enter a labyrinth meditation with Desiree.

Let the tarot cards give you a beautiful message. They all bring their favourite tarot deck.

De Groene Godin Kids

De Groene Godin (the Green Goddess) kids will have their own tent this year! 

Spirit animal dance – 11.00 h
Meet your spirit animal during this meditation dance. From an inner search for your spirit animal to dancing on the dance floor together with your spirit animal. Feel connected again with your spirit animal and with your own body.

Passion dance – 13.00 h
Have passion for yourself, but also for each other. During the Passion dance, you dance with each other and connect with yourself in a new way! Bring a friend, or your mother or father to this passion dance.

Werewolves of Castlefest – Friday 19.30 and 20.30 h, Saturday 17.00 h, Sunday 16.00 h
Welcome to the village of Castlefest, we have come together because the village has been plagued for some time by werewolves! Are you brave enough to start the investigation with the other villagers and expose the werewolves?