Heathen gang

spirituele ontdekkingsreis, heidense bende, spiritualiteit, heidendom, castlefest

De Heks en de Krijger (The Witch and the Warrior)

Join us for a spiritual journey with the Witch and the Warrior

Warriors Journey by Peter                                                                                          

Warriors of today! Join us on the battlefield to encounter your personal fight.                                                    
For men only!

Saturday and Sunday 2.00 pm.

 Workshop Children of the Earth by Ingeborg                                                                    

You are beautiful
You are of value!
Who are you?
Come explore with us.

For kids from 5 to 12 years old

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1.00 pm.

Peter en Ingeborg are qualified in guiding people in recovery and development processes for years. Discovering yourself is a central feature. Peter is a registered coach and Ingeborg works as a  Mindfulness trainer.

Want to know more about the Heathen Gang program? Read all about it here.




Drakenworkshop, dragonfae, castlefest, heidense bende

Dragon Fae workshops

Connect to Mother Earth with Dragon workshops of DragonFae

We are DragonFae Workshops and we facilitate, amongst others, Dragon workshops and meditations. The Dragons in our tent situated on the Heathen Gang field will help you to connect to Mother Earth, the Elements, Nature and yourself. This happens through guided meditations. There are no set times for these meditations, you can just walk in if the tent is open. 

We and the Dragons are looking forward to meet you in our tent on the Heathen Gang field. Be welcome!

Path of the Priestess, Margo Awanata, Castlefest,Heidense Bende

Path of the Priestess

Connection, deepening, strength, love and passion at the Path of the Priestess

Margo Awanata and Emelie Manawa, together with the other priestesses and priests of the Goddess Temple, will once again offer a beautiful program.

Want to sacrifice something for the Wickerman, but don’t have a clue of what to sacrifice? Drop by and create your own sacrifice bag. 
Consult the oracle, or drop by for a wonderful healing, a good conversation or a relaxing meditation. Of course you are very welcome to join us in one of the rituals or workshops. Will we meet you at Castlefest? 

Read more about the Heathen Gang program here.

spirituele workshops bij Ravens inn

Ravens Inn

Werewolves of Castlefest
At Castlefest it is teeming with werewolves. Now we need your help to teach those werewolves a lesson. Saturday evening at 19.30h we play Werewolves of Castlefest in a unique setting around the comfy campfire.

Wolf dance
Be guided in our Inn by the sound of drums and your own body. In this enticing meditation you will meet your inner wolf. Let the drums guide you at 12:00 or 16:00h (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

New Moon ritual
One wish for the new moon, to burn for the full moon. Craft a wooden offering amulet with a wish for the Wickerman. Draw a Sigil and brew Full Moon incense to make your wish come true during the Full Moon. Come by Ravens Inn all day for the New Moon ritual.

The Woodcarver from Ravens Inn would like to help you make a beautiful jewelry box. Fortunately, this busy man will be available for you the entire day.

runen orakel, castlefest, spiritualiteit, heidense bende

Rosa Mare

Visit the Rune oracle at the Heathen Gang

The first symbolic signs to express thoughts with were called runes, which originated from the gothic word “Runa”, meaning secret.

Each symbolic rune sign is a storage for intuitive knowledge, and it takes insight and knowledge to read the stones clearly and articulate them to the outsider.

If I am interpreting my stones, I always note how it fascinates people, especially by the pureness of the stones with their signs.

Meet with the old ritual of the rune stones. They provide wisdom and insight.

Asatru, heidendom, Castlefest, De Negen Werelden, Heidense Bende

De Negen Werelden

Visit De Negen Werelden (The Nine Worlds) to learn all about Asatru

De Negen Werelden is an enthusiastic group of heathens who, as an asatru-union, has the aim to provide a safe haven to asatruar and to those who are interested in Asatru.

We do this by holding rituals and celebrations, giving interviews, workshops and explanations and being a contact site for every interested party.

Come and visit our booth at the Heathen Gang for a fun conversation, information, rune interpretation, participation in one of our activities, or, perhaps, a sip of mead.

spirituele workshops bij de groene godin, castlefest, spiritualiteit, hekserij, heidense bende

De Groene Godin

Like previous years, there are lots of awesome spirituality workshops at the Groene Godin (Green Goddess) tent.

Visit us for: 

– Finding a connection with the didgeridoo sound meditation by Wim, every day at 13.00h

– Create a herbal bag or knot a witch cord by Paula, daily at 14.00h

– Move consciously to get a deeper connection with yourself with Desiree, every day at 17.00h

You are also very welcome to visit us during the day for Wishing upon an apple or a magical reading. 

We are looking forward meeting you at the Groene Godin and the other Heathen Gang activities! 

Paul & Roser

Visit Paul and Roser to discover more about Munay Ki

We invite you to discover Munay Ki and experience one of the nine rites of the Munay Ki.

Munay means love
Ki means energy or power

A loving, creative and profound healing process which allows you to feel and be the person you are deep within.



In use of some (mental) support? Yoka welcomes you for a magical healing. 

Yoka is a magical woman, who is strongly connected with nature. She helped many people with her skilled hands during the years. We’re very glad to welcome Yoka at the Heathen Gang.

She is a national and international Lokai Shiatsu Therapist and is also working with diverse healing methods, which she uses in the healing tent.

Are you dealing with acute physical complaints (like a sore back) or can you use some mental support? Yoka would love to see you in the Healing tent. Yoka and the rest of the Heathen Gang are there to welcome you!



Innerpeace, where the paths of the Shaman and the Priestess meet.

Innerpeace offers a Shamans journey to contact Mother Earth. In our workshops we offer a Shaman trance journey where you can meet your power animal or your power name. The vibrations of the drum make sure you come to rest.

The oracle of the priestess is there for you to contact the mystery. Join the Cube, the ancient oracle. Magic of the 11th offers the moment of transformation, from the student to the master. We love to celebrate our 11th edition with you.

Want to know more about the Heathen Gang program? Check it out here.


Herfstblaadjes: Healing trance journeys

Are you ready for a healing trance journey at the Heathen Gang

Are you looking for insights? For answers to life questions? Or a way to bring the magic back into your life? I invite you to come and make a trance journey with me.

A trance journey brings you into a different state of consciousness. We switch off your thinking for a moment and make a journey to your inner world. We make a connection with your inner knowing, your intuition and with the Nature Spirits. We ask for insights or a message that will take you further on your life path.

Making a trance journey is a powerful, magical and healing experience. Are you coming to see me?

Who is Astrid?

I work as a hedge witch. I help people to bring the magic back into their lives by reconnecting with nature, the spirits and all that lives.

More information will follow soon.