Castlefest Academy

Q&A: the emergence of Castlefest – Mark, Rob & Natasja

Long, long ago, in 2004, Mark and Natasja were visiting various fantasy events on a regular basis. Eventually they came up with the idea to organise a concert with a small market. This is the basis for what has became Castlefest. Curious about the funny anecdotes and stories about all that went wrong throughout the years? During this Q&A Mark, Rob and Natasja will tell you how Castlefest grew out to be world’s most amazing fantasy festival. Be amazed and ask your questions during this Q&A.

This Q&A takes place on Sunday at 14.30h

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Ever since the beginning of Castlefest, the bandmemers of FAUN are recurring artists on our line-up. They recall Castlefest as coming home. During this Q&A they will answer all of your questions. Are you curious about what changed the last years for them as a band, or where they get their inspiration from? Or perhaps you’d like to know more about their musical projects outside of FAUN? Drop by, listen and ask your questions during this Q&A.

This Q&A takes place on Friday at 14.30h

Panel: composing music – Eivør & Fieke van den Hurk

Music is emotion, this won’t be a secret for many of you. But how do you turn emotion into music? How do emotions translate into a melody? These emotions will make you as the composer very vulnerable when you perform your music for the first time. 

Eivør and Fieke van den Hurk will answer these and many more questions regarding to composing music. Come join and share your vision on this with us!

This panel takes place on Friday at 18.30h

Panel with Q&A: Rapalje

How do you stay together as a band for 25 years? We can hardly imagine the fantasy world without Rapalje. For more than 25 years they are spending more time together than with anybody else. How are they able to pursue that? Are they sometimes fed up with each other? How do you keep yourself motivated to give everything on stage every time?

These questions and many more will be answered, but Rapalje will tell a lot more funny and special stories during this panel with Q&A. Of course there will be plenty of time to answer your questions, so make sure to ask them everything you want to know.

This panel takes place on Thursday at 16.30h

Lecture: Damsels in Drag – Luke Schouwenaars

Gender is a hot topic, both in the academic world and beyond. In fantasy literature, one of the clearest examples of this is the popularity of crossdressing adventurers. But this is nothing new: even in the Middle Ages, authors wrote about men dressed as women and women dressed as men.

How do the crossdressing adventurers in the works of Tolkien, Pratchett, and Hobb relate to their counterparts in these medieval stories? Luke Schouwenaars, from Utrecht University, has spent almost a full year researching this question. At Castlefest, he will share his findings.

This lecture takes place on Saturday, 12.30h

Lecture: Costume: from chaos to festival – Joris van der Heijdt-Algra

Joris van der Heijdt-Algra is a familiar face in the fantasy world and never seizes to amaze everyone with his wonderful costumes. In this lecture he will tell you everything about the way he creates his costumes: from chaos to festival.
Where does he find his inspiration, what involves in a costume process? By showing examples of his costumes and the process, Joris will take you on the journey of chaos to the end result. Do you have any questions? Joris would be happy to answer them!
This lecture takes place on Sunday at 12.30h

Panel: supernatural elementd

Writer Erik Betten will talk about how his supernatural thriller ‘Quarantaine’ came to life. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask them!

This panel takes place on Friday at 12.30h

Panel: Young Adults

Alwyn Hamilton, Jeroen van Unen, Manon Spierenburg and Floortje Zwigtman will talk about the magic in writing Young Adult books. This panel will give you the opportunity as well to ask questions, so feel free to join in!

This panel takes place on Saturday at 14.30h

Workshops: Didgeridoo & Basis rhythm playing

Daphyd Sens, known from ThunderCrow, will hold two didgeridoo workshops in the Castlefest Academy.

Basic Didgeridoo: the Drone

During this basic workshop Daphyd will talk about several elements of playing the didgeridoo: get acquainted with the instrument, learn to play and control the basic drone and learn all about use of voice and overtones. Next to that Daphyd will teach you the basic elements of circulair breathing.

Thursday 14.00 – 15.00h
Costs: €20,-

Basic Rhythm Playing

During this workshop information will be given about simple rhythms, toots and use of voice in rhythms. Daphyd will explain all about breathing moments and overtones, the use of circulair breathing and training of ‘lip-spanning’.

Saturday 14.00 – 15.00h
Costs: €20,-

Sign up via mail: or at the Coach House at the GUDA/ThunderCrow booth.

Q&A: Robin Hobb

During this Q&A Robin Hobb will take the time to answer your questions. Do you want to know where she gets her inspiration from, how certain characters come into existence, or perhaps you’d just like to know if she owns any pets? Drop by, ask your questions or just sit back, relax and listen :-)

This Q&A takes place on Friday at 16.30h

Workshop: characters and acting – Peter van Roermunt

To understand the behaviour of a character, it is important to understand how dramatic actions are constructed. By grasping this, the writer also fulfils the role of actor: re-enacting a scene makes it possible to write about it in more detail. 

In this workshop you will get acquainted with some play principles that can be found in every book. Attendees are invited to join in!

This workshop takes place on Friday at 12.00h

Workshop: Common mistakes – J. Sharpe

In this active workshop, J. Sharpe will teach participants about frequently made mistakes in writing a novel. How does one write a novel, and most importantly: how not?

This workshop takes place on Saturday at 16.00h

Lecture: History of the fantastic story – Peter van Roermund

Traditionally, people have always told stories to try and understand themselves, the world around them and the supernatural. Modern, popular fantasy stories are based on sources that originated thousands of years ago.

During a short journey through the centuries, Peter van Roermund will tell you about the DNA of the fantastic story.

This lecture takes place on Saturday at 16.30h

Film Panel: ‘Epic movies from the Low Countries’

From Dutch fantasy to sci-fi and from horror to historical action drama.

How to compete against Hollywood spectacle? Dutch movie makers tell their story.

Directors and stunt coordinators discuss the challenges and opportunities of epic movies in the Netherlands. Their stories are illustrated by fragments of their work; work that enriches the Netherlands with unique movie genres.

An unique opportunity for questions, discussion and meeting people with the same interest for the art of movie making.

This panel takes place on Sunday at 18.30h.

Photo Copyright Redbad / Farmhouse Films

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