Panel: Paganfolk

CeltCast presents in the Castlefest Academy: a panel about Paganfolk

At Castlefest you must have seen or heard the term Paganfolk on occasion. But what does it actually mean? Is it the basis of a spiritual life, part of a religion, or merely a certain, defined style of music? Does it invoke ancient Gods or just a feeling that many people carry inside? Does one have to feel connected to greater powers, or can anyone just enjoy the music for the music itself?

With a name like this, that some may find somewhat charged, it is easy to imagine that there can be many questions. And for that reason Castlefest has decided to form an international panel with musicians from three different Paganfolk bands. Our special guests on stage will represent Rastaban from Belgium, Waldkauz from Germany and Vael from Spain, three very different bands, but each coming from a Paganfolk perspective. They will answer any and all questions that both Alex and you throw at them, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Obviously the panel is about the style of music, but if you have any questions for the bands themselves, we welcome those as well. Have you had any special experience while listening to any of their songs and you want to know if this was their intention? Want to know if they themselves experience spirituality while playing or writing their songs? Or would you like a more in depth insight into their inspirations? Join us at the Castlefest Academy as we dive deep into the the truest meanings of the wonderful sounds that we call Paganfolk!

This panel takes place on Friday from 16.30 – 17.30h.

Performance: Furore by Mojra

Furore: How to share your story with the world?

Everybody has a story to tell that the world needs and is waiting to hear. You have too. But how do you find that story? And how do you share it with the world? In the extraordinary performance ‘Furore’ Mojra shows us exactly how to do that. Join her on a journey through stories that come to life at the edge of the mythical and the modern, through English Spoken Word poetry and Gaelic songs from ancient Scotland. Weaving in lessons on authenticity, visibility and creating impact Mojra’s performance will bring you to the space within yourself where your story lays hidden. A place where time and space no longer exist and all that remains is who you are and what you came here to do.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if you would bring thát story to life every single day? Is there anything that would remain fantasy or would it instead become the new reality? Come and find out. Because ’Furore’ means being unapologetically yourself. Do you dare?


Previous reactions:

“A beautiful, incisive performance.”

“FURORE has got me thinking.”

“Moved to tears by Mojra’s performance.”

“This is a story and a message that I needed to feel deep within my bones: your story finds you, and be ready to tell it: put on your crown and reclaim your castle!”

Lecture: creation of a world of wonder by Garvin Pouw

In 2017 Garvin Pouw (1977) first published his fantasy novel “Shadowqueen”. The book was successful and paved the way for this years launch of “Valtada, the series.” With four books already on the market and a signed contract for four more parts, great things seem to have been put into motion.

The Valtada series is an enormous project. Drafts have been finished for 18 parts and many more are to be expected. But how does one go about creating such a world of wonders? How does a story of this magnitude come into being and how does it warp the mind of its own creator?

Join Garvin as he embarks upon a journey through a world full of wonder. A world meant to be a paradise, better than any world that has come before, until something went woefully wrong. For what remains of Valtada today is a world in shambles. One that on the one hand seems like ours, but on the other boasts is magic, it’s fabulous vista’s and it’s wondrous creatures. A world wherein Nimfana’s create their oases of wonders, whilst Darklings and Heridaths seek to eradicate every dream of beauty…

For Castlefest, Garvin will shine a light on the vastness of Valtada’s backstory, taking you along in moments that defined both the books and himself. A story that is sometimes sad, often beautiful, and just like the books, meant to sweep you away from this known world, onto the unknown paths of dreams and desires…

This lecture takes place on Sunday from 11.45 – 12.45h.

Games Tent

The Spellenspektakel Gamesconvention will bring the most awesome boardgames to Castlefest. Grab a chair in the Gamestent and perhaps you will discover a new favourite! Not really a big fan of reading the manual? No worries: the demonstrators of 4YourGames are ready to explain every game you like, so you start playing immediately.

They will make sure to bring all sorts of games you cannot miss. Of course you will be able to try out the newest games, but they will also bring very nice games that fit the Castlefest setting perfectly. Dragons, castles, damsels, knights, dungeons, mythical figures, Middle Ages and lots and lots of Fantasy are just some of the examples of themes they will be promoting. Will we see you there?

Grab a chair and try out the best games. 4YourGames will make sure you can bring your favourite new game home. Do you like to make a reservation for a certain game? Send them an email ( and they will bring it along for you without any extra costs.

hula hoop


Move, dance and experience the freedom of a hula hoop

A nice warm-up for a weekend full of fun! Dancing and running; you can completely let yourself go. Hoopdancing is more than an art form, it connects your body with the hoop so you can find your own flow.

Learn the first principles of hoopdancing or try out new things if you’re already a bit further. Everybody can learn to hoopdance.

There are limited amounts of hoops available so be on time!

This daily workshop takes place from 16.00h – 17.00h at the Party Area.

Workshop: Hypnotic Journeys

In search of talents and loves from past lives

Peter (73, astrologer, Past Lives therapist and Family Constellations therapist) works with (light) hypnotic techniques, which, for most people, give access to hidden or suppressed areas in the subconscious mind. That information can come from past lives, but it might just as well be an archetypal representation from the so-called collective subconscious. Any guided fantasy or dream stuff can provide you with useful and funny insights.

Less sensitive people, not immediately jumping off into spontaneous regression, I help with clairvoyant observations from the aura. You can start looking for talents and skills, for love and joy from past lives. I shall also introduce you into an exercise for better grounding and cleaning your aura from unwanted energies. These exercises are available on CD (available after the workshop).

This workshop takes place on Thursday from 15.15 – 16.45h.
Please note: workshop is in Dutch!

Activity: Creating a story live

Create a story together with the rest of the audience

Through world construction and character building that the public, together with teachers Anaïd Haen and Django Mathijsen will assemble, a blueprint for a story is created. Or at least a starting point. This allows the audience to write a short story. And the prize for the best story: a book!

This activity takes place on Saturday from 10.30 – 11.30h.

Lecture & Workshop: Creating a character

Characters are part of creating a story, but how to create a character? 

Characters come from somewhere and go somewhere. And in the meantime, we get to know them. What types of characters can we recognise and how to develop a character yourself? Based on examples, the participants are set to work under the guidance of one or more authors to allow a new person to enter our world.

This workshop takes place on Sunday from 10.45 – 11.45h.

Workshop: Characters & acting styles

Just like in film and theatre, characters in literature have a certain way of acting, appearance and speaking. Peter van Roermund will teach you all about these various distinctive styles, which he will explain via examples of film clips.

This workshop takes place on Friday from 10 – 11h.

Workshop: Writing for theatre

Get acquainted with the wondrous world of writing for theatre

Writing a book is essentially different from writing for theatre. In this workshop you will get acquainted with the differences but also with a number of similarities. How is a scene structured and in which ways can dramatic dialogue be created? On the basis of examples from the world repertoire, the participant examines the rich spectrum of language in the service of playing.

Teachers: Cocky van Dijk & Peter van Roermund

This workshop takes place on Thursday from 18.45 to 19.45h.

(Nederlands) Lezing & Workshop: Plot technieken

Learn how plot techniques can improve your stories

A story has a certain course, a structure in the events taking place. Many stories follow a recognisable structure that has existed for over a thousands years. Together with you, Peter van Roermund will explore this structure and how to play with it as an author.  

This workshop takes place on Thursday from 13.15 tot 14.15h. 

Offline Tinder

After being a big hit on last year’s Castlefest, we again like to offer you a chance to find the love of your life in the fantasy scene. We offer you the opportunity to meet someone you like without having to talk with them. Doesn’t that sound easy?

How does it work?
Go to the Party Area and join the Offline Tinder game. The kind ladies of the Offline Tinder game will give you your personal number. Wear the number visible for everyone so you will be noticed as a participant. If you see anyone you like, go to the Offline Tinder office and check if you have a match with their number


castlefest, arthur dreissen, metaal kunst, fantasy

Arthur Dreissen: Dragonfly sculpture

Arthur Dreissen is a technician and artist. Technique is his basis, a starting point, it gives him the confidence that every creation is possible. Technique offers space for creation, creativity; playing and allowing the imperfect, a zigzag course to the ultimate.

Arthur designs, creates and makes custom work and artistic products and objects in metal. Every product is made with a smile. He tries to think beyond the material, the usual and the traditional. Through a rational process he tries to achieve a free, fantastic and irrational result. 

Metal is Arthur’s medium. With this strong and uncompromising material there are so many possibilities.  If life consists of growth and overcoming resistance, then his challenge is to form this resilient material. The possibilities, especially in art, of the strength of steel fascinates him, where nature with its wealth of forms inspires him.

Arthur will bring his Dragonfly sculpture to Castlefest. Although it has many similarities with a living dragonfly, you will notice a lot of fantasy characteristics. Walk around him or below him and get enchanted by its magic. 

kinderrijk kinderentertainment castlefest kiddy battle kinderen

Children’s Kingdom

The children’s kingdom at Castlefest has a magical theme

During Castlefest 2019, the theme of the children’s kingdom is all about magic. Count Lennard and his niece Lillianne went on an exciting adventure at the magic school. They helped out the students and teachers when the school was in big trouble. As a thank you for the count’s help, the magic school is visiting the children’s kingdom this year. Have you always wanted to know more about magic? Then come and join our enchanting lessons and workshops!

Children’s theatre Groot Duimpje will also be present again at the children’s kingdom. They will read the story of Count Lennard and the magic school to the kids. A few times a day, the children can come and enjoy Groot Duimpje’s magical performances.

In the crafting tent, the children can come and use their creativity on a number of different colouring pages and crafting projects that will all have something to do with out magical theme. In addition, the children are welcome on our playing field, to come and join in a large choice of different games. It will also be possible for children to have their faces painted for free at our face painting table at the field.

For the youngest kids

Just like previous years, our ‘snoezeltent’ will offer a place specifically designed for the youngest children. Here you will find a big playpen with toys, where babies and toddlers will be able to play safely with other children. In this tent you will also have the option to change your baby’s diaper at our changing table, heat bottles or baby food jars, use your breast pump in a private corner or feed your child on our special straw couch. Our volunteers will be ready to assist you if needed.

Kiddy battle

Finally, it wouldn’t be Castlefest without our traditional Kiddy Battle. Once a day during this battle, the children will get the chance to fight an army of grown-ups to defend the children’s kingdom. Of course, we need as many brave wizards, witches, knights and princesses as we can find. Will you come and help us?

We’d like to remind parents that we are an entertainment service, not a day care. We kindly ask that
you remain present while your child is playing at the children’s kingdom.

The timetable for the activities will be announced later on.

Heathen Gang 2019

‘Connection’ is this year’s theme at the Heathen Gang field. Connection with the elements, the sun connecting with the moon and the mystery connecting us humans with it all.

Below you will find that we’ve put together a great programme for you with all sorts of workshops, rituals, drum circles and many more. We love to meet you in one of the workshops or just welcome you into our pagan village to celebrate the joy of life.

Be welcome on behalf of all Heathen Gang members!

You will find the Heathen Gang at the same spot as last year, very central and connected within the trees (check out the Castlefest map for the exact location).