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Coppelius – the great proof that rock music goes back to 19th century!

Six noble, but mysteriously pale Gentlemen with silk hats and tailcoats play their chamber chore instruments in a fascinating way, accompanied by their japanese drummer. With catchy melodies, thrilling rhythms and mosh-able highlights, they create a new kind of Rock Show. Travelling and performing with their butler at all times, they also deliver a great theatrical performance.

Having fallen out of their original time, as the Gentlemen assure, they had to adapt to modern times – and now, stuck in our present and their future, they perform their very own kind of chamber music – “Kammercore” – on a technical level suited for opera houses. As bizarre as it is outstanding, their stage show includes a magnificent performance which makes Coppelius an absolute highlight for metal heads, steampunkers and gothics alike.

Their songs mostly borrow themes from so-called “dark romanticism” – madness, drug experiences and the sometimes scary influence of modern technology – but they also include cover versions of songs known from Iron Maiden and Motörhead in the very unique style of Coppelius.

Coppelius plays on Thursday and Friday at Castlefest.


IRFAN is an Ethereal World Music band formed in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2001. The kaleidoscopic sound of IRFAN reveals an original electro-acoustic World Fusion influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of the Balkans, Anatolia, Persia, the Middle East, North Africa and India, as well as by the musical and spiritual heritage of Byzantium, Medieval Europe and the Ancient Mediterranean. Its integrity bears the depths of an audio-archeology that explores the lost prehistoric universal musical heritage within the layers of time. IRFAN is known for its extensive use of ethereal and mystic female vocals in addition to strong male vocals and choirs in combination with an assortment of traditional Bulgarian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Persian and Indian string, wind, key and percussive instruments woven into a delicate electronic sound. The band’s name is borrowed from the Sufi’s terminology and means “gnosis”, “secret knowledge” or “revelation”. And indeed the music of IRFAN is an invitation for a mystical trip in and beyond time. A message, poetically revealed in the language of the heart.

Band Members:
Ivaylo Petrov – oud, baglama saz, tambura, setar, sitar, santour, programming
Kalin Yordanov – vocals, daf, bodhran, darbouka
Peter Todorov – darbouka, zarb, riq, electronic percussion pad
Yasen Lazarov – kaval, nay, duduk, harmonium


Darina Zlatkova – vocals

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The SIDH is a young and energetic band, always looking for new ideas and musical arrangements, without forgetting their roots. A combination of highly contemporary and electronic Celtic music, by use of whistles and bagpipes, keyboards and percussion, Hip Hop and Dubstep beats, creating an original and innovative result. This way they are able to create atmospheres with a distinctive scent of “future tradition”. 

With dozens of Tours between Europe and Asia (China, Ireland, Poland, Italy to name a few), collaborations with the world’s greatest artists (Lindsey Stirling, Hevia, Red Hot Chilli Pipers and many more), these four young musicians are able to recreate strong and exciting sounds made with Dubstep rhythms and Scottish Bagpipes, Hip Hop and Irish Whistles.

The SIDH will present their latest album “Another Way to Fly” released worldwide at the beginning of 2018.

The SIDH plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.

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Jaco Koster

With the Scottish Bagpipe, Jaco Koster will amuse you with many Scottish and Celtic tunes. The music changes throughout the performance; beautiful and touching slow airs to exciting jigs and reels. Many cheerful tunes which will be familiar to the audience will also be played. The music takes you on a journey to the Scottish Highlands and beyond. You will not regret stopping by to listen to this!

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The Nordic folk trio KAUNAN breathe new life into old traditional Scandinavian music, re-awakening the ancient realms of pre-Christian folklore by drawing on ancient songs and tunes; odd scales; early folk instruments like the kontrabasharpa, the hurdy-gurdy, various lutes, the lyre, and the bagpipes; and the old Nordic myths.

KAUNAN is Oliver S. Tyr (Ger.), Boris Koller (Au.) and Göran Hallmarken (Swe). Oliver S. Tyr is the frontman of the well-known German folk band FAUN. Boris Koller is a professional painter and composer who specializes in working with the old types of Nyckelharpa (the Kontrabasharpa, and Gammelharpa). He has contributed to numerous studio productions and concerts performed by various early music ensembles. Göran Hallmarken is one of the most outstanding hurdy-gurdy players on the Swedish folk and medieval music scene.

As of now (2017), KAUNAN have played concerts in Germany, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Audiences have been fascinated not only by their virtuous performances, but also by the drive and archaic power that lies behind their fresh interpretations of the old nordic songs. KAUNAN do not simply play a Polska; they celebrate it, with almost religious passion.

KAUNAN plays on Friday at Castlefest.

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Tan Elleil

When dance and music combine,
Sharing fragments of forgotten dreams,
Wild creatures and dreamlike characters
Reveal themselves to Men.
Then ancient legends arise …

It is in the Breton and Celtic imaginary, intertwined with a dreamlike world own to the Company that, since 2008, Tan Elleil draws its inspiration. Mingling poetically the magical street art (music, puppetry, stilts, dance, pyrotechnics) with craftsmanship, the Company invites you to discover its unique and intriguing world in the tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Always accompanied with music inspired from the Celtic and Scandinavian repertoire, tinged with world music, Tan Elleil brings you to the fine line between dream and reality.

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Like no other band FAUN knows how to open the gates into a mystical otherworld. With the combination of many medieval instruments, drums, archaic beats and enchanting multi-layered male and female vocals, they reached an outstanding position throughout any musical genres. Their two latest CDs reached gold and platinum status and went into the Top Ten of the German Album charts. Since 2003 FAUN played more than 1000 concerts around the world and are well known for their unique and enchanting stage appearance. Together with a mesmerizing light show FAUN transforms the stage into a mystic otherworld. 

FAUN plays on Saturday at Castlefest.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Castlefan Tickets are selling like crazy!

There are less than 1000 tickets in this tariff type left. As soon as they sell out, we will continue with the Early Bird tariff. If you don’t want to miss out on that 24% discount, make sure you’ll buy them today!
Update December 24th: All Castlefan tickets are sold out. From this moment onwards we will sell tickets in the Early Bird tariff. 
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Ticket presale for Castlefest 2018 has started!

Ticket presale for Castlefest 2018 has started!

Are you up for four days full of fantasy, music and  friendship? Don’t want to miss the fantasy event of the year? Buy your tickets for Castlefest now!


Like previous editions Castlefest promises to be a wonderful event once again, with a epic musical line-up, fantastic entertainment, workshops, a market filled with beautiful products and of course the impressive Wickerman Ritual. 

Castlefest 2018 takes place August 2nd till August 5th 2018. First bands will soon be announced. 

Last day of Castlefest: plenty of tickets at the cash desk!

Today marks the last day of Castlefest 2017. We still have plenty of tickets available at the cash desks. Will we see you today?

Please note!

Please note! Saturday is completely sold out! There will be NO tickets left at the entrance. Our ticket offices won’t be open on Saturday!

But no worries: there are plenty of Thursday, Friday and Sunday tickets available at the entrance. 

Animals at Castlefest

Like previous years dogs are welcome at Castlefest, but are to be kept on a leash. This year won’t be different, but we like to draw your attention to the fact that other creatures from the animal kingdom* are not allowed at Castlefest. Back at home is a much more pleasant place for for example cats, piglets and chickens and we’re sure you’ll get a big animal hug when you’ll get back from Castlefest!
*except dragons, fairies and house-elves

Want to photograph at Castlefest? Apply for a photo pass!

Castlefest is known to be very photogenic, whether it’s the terrain, our line-up or our beautifully dressed visitors. Of course we’d like to see photo-enthusiasts enjoying this all! In order to let things run smoothly, we’ve crested a photography policy, so everyone will enjoy making photos and having their photo taken.

Check out the information page for photographers and apply for a photo pass.

New location for the Castlefest Camping

We’d like to inform you of a change of address: in 2017 the Castlefest Camping will be getting a new location!

This new location means new possibilities and is located on the Keukenhof estate itself, which means you don’t have to cross the road anymore and your air mattress will be just around the corner. Unfortunately, because of this new location, we cannot offer any campervan spots anymore, but we will make this up to you with more camping entertainment and an even better late night area.

Do you want the full Castlefest experience? We invite you to come to our Camping housewarming on the 3rd till the 6th of August 2017!

Wickerman ritual 2015

Once more we will look back to Saturday evening and the magic of the Wickerman ritual. Relive the memory or experience the beautiful world that is Castlefest. A moment of pure love at Castlefest 2015.