Last day of Castlefest: plenty of tickets at the cash desk!

Today marks the last day of Castlefest 2017. We still have plenty of tickets available at the cash desks. Will we see you today?

Please note!

Please note! Saturday is completely sold out! There will be NO tickets left at the entrance. Our ticket offices won’t be open on Saturday!

But no worries: there are plenty of Thursday, Friday and Sunday tickets available at the entrance. 

‘t Ambachts Ghylde

Always wanted to know how to cook medieval dishes on an open fire? Or how to use a spindle to make yarn out of raw fleece from sheep? Or perhaps you’d like to felt your own woolen bracelet, or braid a mouse from straw. Visit The Ambachts Ghylde to learn all of this and even more!

Animals at Castlefest

Like previous years dogs are welcome at Castlefest, but are to be kept on a leash. This year won’t be different, but we like to draw your attention to the fact that other creatures from the animal kingdom* are not allowed at Castlefest. Back at home is a much more pleasant place for for example cats, piglets and chickens and we’re sure you’ll get a big animal hug when you’ll get back from Castlefest!
*except dragons, fairies and house-elves

De Troubadour Harpen – The Bards’ Harps – Harps built with passion!

Searching for just thát specific harp that really matches your personality? Every single harp, form small lap harp to the biggest concert lever harp, it is handcrafted as a unique instrument with its own character.

Our harps are being played by many amatures and professional harpists all around the globe. From Helisir to Lavinia Meijer, Omnia to Kelten zonder Grenzen, they all choose one of the magnificent harps in our collection.

Whether it is a high quality, small, light weight lap harp or a wonderful performance harp by Triplett, Pratt or Rees, our harps will amaze you. Gotten curious? Come and have a look (and play of course) at the instrument builders market in the “Koetshuis”!

Have you been mesmerized by the sound of the harp already and just interested in hearing other harps, or in need of advise on your own harp? Our technical staff is at your service! Come and visit our exhibition or check out our website.


You have packages or letters to send and don’t know how? You need to be somewhere where no one else goes? You are looking for complete privacy, no questions asked? Look no more! The Steamnation airship crew is what you’re looking for. Captain Glennwell, of the airship bss Phoenix, will take care of all your logistic needs, together with his crew. Steamnation is the leading crew in transport and logistics in our world and beyond. Our crew has 5 years of experience in transporting goods and persons. Visit our camp at Castlefest, get to know our crew and see what we can do for you. Participate in a tea duell, learn more about absinthe or witness an operation.

Het Artiestengilde

Have you seen all the shops, listened to some great music and are you in need of a break? Or maybe even some space to create some beautiful things yourself? Drop by at ‘Het Artiestengilde’ (The Artists Guild) for a workshop, lecture or a challenging game!

What do you think of a workshop about the art of graffiti, an explanation of tips, tricks and do’s & don’ts about corsetry, reviving your talents with pencils and paper and learning how to make the most beautiful facepaints matching your lovely Castlefest-outfit? At ‘Het Artiestengilde’ you can do it all!

Not in the mood for a workshop or a reading? Join the field of games or participate in the various balfolk workshops. Don’t forget to take a look at the special Steampunk creations by Cock Zandvliet. His Steampunk car from last year amazed everyone!

Are you joining us? You can find Het Artiestengilde nearby the castle.

Want to photograph at Castlefest? Apply for a photo pass!

Castlefest is known to be very photogenic, whether it’s the terrain, our line-up or our beautifully dressed visitors. Of course we’d like to see photo-enthusiasts enjoying this all! In order to let things run smoothly, we’ve crested a photography policy, so everyone will enjoy making photos and having their photo taken.

Check out the information page for photographers and apply for a photo pass.


Birdlive is a small and enthusiastic falconry, that enjoys bringing their spectators closer to nature with their beautiful birds. They work with rescue birds; birds that were injured or traumatized in their past, and have been lovingly and carefully nursed back to health. However, these birds are not pets and cannot be touched or petted. Birdlive does not do entertainment shows, but emphasizes the educational aspect of their craft, preferably for adults and/or children with special needs.

Falconry is an ancient tradition, carried on proudly and with great responsibility by Birdlive. For their falconers, living, flying and working with birds of prey and owls is not a job, but a 24/7 way of life.

De Anderling

De Anderling strolls along with a wonderful cart filled with quirks and quackery.
She’ll catch the butterflies in your stomach and entrance young and old with rainbows.
She has remedies for broken hearts and all sorts of youthful maladies; bottled dreams and glittering glamour.
Don’t be shy! Let yourself be tempted, because the solution to all of your problems comes at a small price.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco has become a common name for all events where people listen to music through wireless headphones instead of a normal speaker system. Dance till late to the greatest party songs in the party tent at the Castlefest camping!

Freakshow Escape

Freakshow Escape is a mobile escape room entertained by the Bearded Lady and evil circus director Zlatan Zorrero. Your company of max. 4 visitors is asked by the Bearded Lady to help her in her quest: the circus director has confiscated her shaving set – he won’t allow her to get rid of her beard – which she thinks she direly needs for her romantic date with a stable boy in the circus – the handsome Frankie Valdez. While the Bearded Lady holds guard she sends visitors inside the wagon of Zlatan to find her shaving set, but once they’re inside, they discover his terrible secret.. The mobile escape room lets visitors play the lead role in an unforgettable experience. It requires great communication skills, teamwork, a good dose of adrenaline and is not for the faint-hearted. Will you be able to escape before the evil circus director returns?

Costs: 1 festival token per person

Wicker Ritual: A New Dawn

Now that the 9 universal year, a year of completion, change and transformation, has come to an end, it’s time for a new beginning.

This year the Wicker will appear as a Tree of Life with her seedlings. An anchor in Mother Earth, where protection, strength and fertility are of importance. Reaching for the sky, where our new ideas, wishes and future will be reflected in a powerful cycle. The male and female connected to the elements: the roots in the ground, water for growth, wind blowing through the branches and fire, given by the sun, for new energy. 

To give the ritual new energy and growth, the egg of the dragon, born from her power, will be intertwined with the Tree of Life. A connection between the transition of completion and a new beginning. Full of strength and open for wonders, we are ready:

A New Dawn. 

Dutch Hurdy-gurdy & Bagpipe foundation

Have you always been curious about bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy playing and how these instruments work? Then come and visit us at the Instrument builders market at Castlefest.

Under the guidance of experienced bagpipe/hurdy-gurdy musicians and the Dutch hurdy- gurdy&bagpipe foundation you can try these instruments. No previous knowledge is required, we only ask for a bit of enthusiasm and courage. Instruments are of course available.

The dutch hurdy-gurdy&bagpipes foundation is an organisation that focuses on hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes of the western European continent. Their activities include organising courses for advanced players and beginners. Beginners can even rent instruments from the foundation.

For the record: We won’t be playing the Scottish or Irish pipes, but the gurdies and pipes which are traditionally played in France, Belgium or in the Netherlands. Maybe you know them from paintings of Jeroen Bosch or Pieter Breughel?

Zwaard & Steen

Zwaard & Steen is a group of people with a passion for history, martial arts and sports (also called: H.E.M.A.: Historical European Martial Arts). Practicing European medieval martial arts combines sports, exercise and insight in historical fighting styles. It is a unique experience where gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with improving your fitness and confidence. In our classes, we train with the European longsword, dagger and unarmed combat. We base our training on medieval German manuscripts like the Codex Ringeck and Codex von Danzig.  Drop by for a free lesson or visit our stall for workshops and demos. 

Besides the regular classes we organize the largest European longsword tournament, The Dutch Lions Cup on August 26th in Utrecht. 01