Folk stage

Kelten zonder Grenzen

Kelten zonder Grenzen is a band based around the two harp players Lies and Coca. With an extensive array of musicians and instruments they never cease to amaze you. Their joy de vivre cannot missed on stage, but never without a few beautiful melancholic tunes. The Kelten are inspired by striking sunlight, cosy campfires and cappuccino with a large amounts of milk-foam.

Kelten zonder Grenzen plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.

La Horde

La Horde stands at the crossing between Medieval, Pagan, Celtic music and Rock ’n Roll! All of this will be combined with a lot of humor and surprises. A show with La Horde is much more than just music, it’s good times shared between the audience and the band, where anything and everything can happen. It’s an unexpected journey, where the many adventures are worth the trip. Don’t get surprised if you find yourself dancing to old 90’s hits. It’s completely normal !

With their second album called “Bonne Nouvelle” (which means “Good News”, “Good Omen”) released in May 2016, La Horde went out to spread their message of love, party and fun in a humble way and with the main purpose of mixing musical quality and entertainment!

“Bonne Nouvelle” marked the arrival of Mich Rozek on drums (Ex­-Omnia, Ex-­Illiana, Rastaban). With this album, the band defines more precisely their own style, influenced by various genres, from Classical Music to Heavy Metal, and dig deeper in all these ideas to create folk music that gets the subtlety of classical music, the power of Rock ‘n Roll, and the Belgian sense of humor. 

La Horde plays on Friday and Saturday at Castlefest.


The Fae and Pagan folk band SeeD taps into the mysterious world of the Ancient Fae and the modern world of dreams and passions in life.

Their aim is to make these two separate worlds converge, thus activating people in making the best of both. The four musicians travel from festival to festival to inspire the people lost in this world and to tell the listener tales of the vast Fae realms, or to simply get everyone dancing to the energetic, self-composed Pagan folk tunes.

SeeD plays music of their own creation. Every single one of the band members helps with composing and writing the music, thus creating an organic flow of creation. Because of this, there is not just one kind of song in their repertoire, but a healthy mix of all kinds of Pagan Folk tunes and songs.

SeeD plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.

SeeD’s new album “Through the Veil” will be released at Castlefest, during the show on Friday.


Cuélebre is a Spanish pagan folk band that mix archaic sounds with medieval instruments and ritualistic atmospheres.
Cuélebre emerges from Yhandros Huergo’s idea in 2011, looking for an archaic sound in the Pagan folk. They are influenced by bands such as Hagalaz Runedance, Corvus Corax and Wardruna, but they create their own unique sound and identity. This is possible by research and hard work and this got Cuélebre on the path they were looking for:  a personal and ritualistic sound based in votive texts.

Cuélebre first album “Oinos” was released in 2014 with Art Gates discography. They played every place possible in Spain and got the chance to travel to Europe. The first international music festival was Trolls et Lègends and this opened doors to other European festivals. They played at Festival Mediaval (Germany), Castlefest Winter Edition (Holland), Faun Spanish Tour (Barcelona and Madrid), Yggdrasil (Italy) and Castlefest (Holland).

In 2017 they will present their new album “Anaman”, again a very powerful album.


Rebels of the Sacred Heart

You can say what you want, but if there is one band that knows how to throw a party it has to be Flogging Molly. With their uptempo folkpunk this Irish/American band lead by guitarist/vocalist Dave King knows exactly how to win a crowd.

Dutch tribute-band Rebels of the Sacred Heart comes very close to the real deal and every show is a true tribute to the no-nonsense and highly accessible folkpunk from the band from Los Angeles, California.

“We’re Rebels of the Sacred Heart and this is what we do, so put on your dancing shoes and by all means join in!”

Rebels of the Sacred Heart are:

– Robin Slutter: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
– Robbert Arentz: electric guitar
– Rens Bourgondiën: bass guitar
– Jeffrey Hartjes: drums
– Hanneke Rinders: fiddle, tin whistle
– Joost Raben: accordion
– Sjoerd van Ravenzwaaij: banjo, mandolin, tin whistle

Rebels of the Sacred Heart plays on Saturday at Castlefest.


MUTEFISH are culturally diverse six piece band from Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and Ukraine. They fuse the musical sounds and cultures of Eastern Europe with traditional Irish influences resulting in an engaging melodic compilation of tracks. Each band member brings their distinct musical backgrounds and tastes giving them their unique sound which makes it difficult to label their style or genre.

Mutefish plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.

L.E.A.F. & Martine Kraft present: “Galdrar Song”

The Kati Ran | L.E.A.F and Martine Kraft cooperation presents two characteristic folk artists in one stage performance, backed by the same dynamic band. Ran’s poetic vocal blends perfectly with Martine Kraft’s powerful compositions and together they create something new and strong within the Nordic folk scene. These two “Northern lights” bring their Hardangerfiddle, Nyckelharpa, Kraviklyra, different flutes and drums along with a rare powerful and playful band, and with this a dramatic and historical soundscape has been brought to life.

Kati Ran | L.E.A.F is known for her work as composer, vocalist and historical folk instrumentalist. In her music Ran aims to “reconnect people back to nature, to each other and to their roots”. Ran released her successful solo folk album ‘LYS’ in 2015 and has worked as specialized guest and studio musician with various established bands.

Martine Kraft is an acclaimed Norwegian artist and composer, combining her traditional Nordic sounds with raw power and haunting dreamlike soundscapes. As well as being a virtuoso on the Hardanger fiddle, she is talented composer with a unique voice. Kraft is supported by innovation Norway to create the folkloristic Spirits from Norway; Kraft became an ambassador for Hardanger fiddles, awarded with a signature Hardanger fiddle by the National Hardanger fund Norway

L.E.A.F. & Martine Kraft play on Saturday at Castlefest. 


Rastaban is a Tribal Folk project, a unique mix of traditional folk melodies, tribal vibes and world music elements.

Their musical inspiration comes from Celtic and Nordic trads, French medieval tunes, melodies from the Balkan lands, Oriental music, as well as trance and tribal rhythms from many primordial cultures around the world, combined with the energy inherited from their previous rock or even metal projects.

Rastaban invites you to dance, to share emotions and to create a place in your every day routine to celebrate Life through the sound of their moving and energetic music.

Band members:
Marine Libert: vocals.
Stéphan Késenne: fiddle, bouzouki, vocals.
Dominic Marchal: guitar.
Luka Aubri: slideridoo, vocals.
Mich Rozek: percussions.

Rastaban plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.

Theodor Bastard

Theodor Bastard is one of the most unusual and independent Russian bands. They were pioneers of the world music and neofolk genres in Russia. The themes of band’s songs are very far from everyday problems and based on mythology and fantasy.

The hallmark of the band is the unique female vocal by Yana Veva, the lead vocalist and author of many songs, whose voice is filled with glory and in the same time by meditative serenity and mild warmth.

Theodor Bastard band turn their performances into a magic act that sends the audience to Eastern musical tradition, to Balkan and to Northern folk. Yana Veva often sings in private language invented and spoken only by her and in rare languages ranging from African and Asian to Native American and many more.

The musicians use electronic instruments: synthesizers, samplers, theremin as well as plenty of ethnic instruments: darbuka, ashiko, conga, djembe, daf, didgeridoo, gusli, cimbalom, dulcimer, agogo, bawu, mbira, marimba, ocarina, morin khuur, tibetan horn, jew’s harp and classic instruments: cello, harp and many more.

Theodor Bastard albums were released in 5 countries: Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Russia.

Theodor Bastard plays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Castlefest.