Program booklet 2017

List of caterers

People always say that the way to someone’s heart is by treating them to a good meal. If that’s the case, then a lot of hearts are getting touched at Castlefest!

All caterers use special tokens that represent a value of 2,50 euro. These tokens can be bought at the entrance and special token vending machines that are marked on the map. Please keep in mind there is a deposit of 2 tokens on cups. 

Medieval Catering
– Beer
– Wine / Mead
– Soda
– Coffee
– Tea
– Ice cream
– Crepe
– Crepe with ham and/or cheese
– Wedges
– Hamburger
– Mushrooms
– Drumsticks or chickenwings
– Fresh sandwiches
– Toasties

Cooking Highlander
– Chickenleg
– Spare Ribs
– Oerham
– Highlander Steak
– Ribroast
– Lamb skewer
– Salmon fillet
– Pulled Pork
– Flame Grill Burger
– Knobibrot (Garlic bread)
– Wedges
– Organic pork satay
– Chickenwings
– Bratwurst

– Tarte Flambée
– Filled bread

The Fudge Shop
– Slush Drink

Vegan Spirit
– Thai Curry 
– Falafel with salad
– Ayurveda plate
– Paella with sauce
– Crêpe with fruit
– Chia pudding
– Mango lassi
– Chai
All vegan & glutenfree
– Filled bread
– Sausage roll
– Pizza
– Apple fritters
– Pizza bread
– Sweet and savory bread
– Main course salads
Fabian Zengler
– Hemp bread with meat
– Hemp bread vegetarian
– Hemp bread sweet 
Everts Partycatering
 Fruit salad 

– Orange juice 
– Smoothie
Koek en Zopie
– Espresso coffee
– Milk coffee
– Coffee cocktails
– Tea / Chai
– Hot chocolate
– Oat milk
99% organic 
The Black Flower
– Beer 
– Wine / Mead 
– Soda 
– Juice
The Farm
– Coffee
– Pastries
– Omelet
– Small sandwiches
Seitan Chefs
– Vegan Kebab
– Soup
– Salad
Spelunkus Gaudium
– Meat skewer 
– Bratwurst
– Farmer sausage
– Honeyed meat
– Wedges
– Mutzbraten
– Räuberpfanne
– Roast ham 
Wietse’s Pie
– English Pie
Scottish Ale & Cider
– Scottish ale 
– Cider
– Irn Bru
– Water
 Christophe Everaerts
– Chimneycake sweet
– Chimneycake sauage 
– Bier
– Mede
– Sap
– Frisdrank
– Tosti’s
– Muffins

English Pottery & Giftware
– Muffins

Marskramers van Asterdam
– Pretzel
– Pretzel cheese
– Pretzel sweet


Shuttle bus time schedule

Check our Shuttlebus schedule here.



Opening times

Thursday the 2nd of August

The area for the openings concert is open from 18:00 till 24:00. The market and the rest of the terrain is closed on Thursday.

Friday the 3rd of August

The festival area is open from 11:00 till 24:00. The market closes at 21:00.

Saturday the 4th of August

The festival area is open from 10:00 tot 24:00. The market closes at 21:00.

Sunday the 5th of August

The festival area is open from 10:00 tot 20:00. The market closes at 18:00. After the market closes we invite everyone to come to the mainstage for more musical entertainment!

Am I allowed to bring food and drink onto the Castlefest terrain?

As every year it is not allowed to bring food and drink to Castlefest. We of course won’t make a fuss about a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water, but big thermos bags filled with food and drink or crates or trays of beer will not be allowed. Other forms of alcohol will also be confiscated. This has to do with the regulations and our catering permit. We won’t be as strict as most pop festivals like Lowlands, but we will have to enforce these rules. We hope you will be understanding.

Do I have to pay to park my bike at the car park?

No, you do not have to pay to park your bike.

Are dogs allowed to visit Castlefest?

Dogs are allowed on the terrain, but are to be kept on a leash.

Other animals are in the interest of animal welfare not allowed at Castlefest.

Does the event have wheel chair access?

The paths in the estate grounds are often very accessible for wheel chairs. The stalls are provided with steel planking and there is a disabled toilet. There are some special parking places available.


Minicamping Weltevreden

Langevelderlaan 41,
2204 BC Noordwijk
Tel: 0252-376876

Camping De Wijde Blick

Schulpweg 60,
2211 XM Noordwijkerhout
Tel: 0252-372246
Fax: 0252-370772

Camping De Carlton

Kraaierslaan 13,
2204 AN Noordwijk
Tel: 0252-372783
Fax: 0252-370299

Camping De Duinpan

Duindamseweg 6,
Tel: 0252-371726

Camping Op Hoop van Zegen

Westeinde 76,
2211 XR Noordwijkerhout
Tel: 0252-375491

Camping Le Parage

Langevelderlaan 43, Noordwijk Tel: 0252-375671

Camping Samoa

Kraaierslaan 17, Noordwijk Tel: 0252-373930

Camping Bungalowpark Smit/Vrede’s Vreugde

Randweg 10, Noordwijk Tel: 0252-372515

Camping Sollasi

Duinschoten 14, Noordwijkerhout Tel: 0252-374460 Fax: 0252-377728

Camping De Wulp

Kraaierslaan 25, Noordwijk Tel: 0252-372826 Fax: 0252-341807

Camping Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen

Randweg Noordwijk Tel: 0252-372485

Natuurkampeerterrein “De Ruigenhoek”

Vogelaarsdreef 31, Noordwijk Tel: 0252-375002

Camping Le Parage

Langevelderlaan 43, Noordwijk Tel: 0252-375671

Camping de Hof van Eeden

Hellegatspolder 2, Sassenheim Tel: 0252-212573

Landgoedcamping Vogelenzang

2e Doodweg 17, 2114 AP Vogelenzang Tel: 023-5847014

By car

From A4 (Amsterdam, Rotterdam)

Turn-off Nieuw Vennep/Hillegom/Lisse and follow direction Lisse (N207). At the end of the N207 turn left, in the direction of Lisse (N208 / Westerlijke Randweg). Exit at Keukenhof.

From A44 (Den Haag, Leiden)

Turn-off Sassenheim/Lisse/Noordwijkerhout. Turn right at the second roundabout in Sassenheim in the direction of Lisse (N208 / Westerlijke Randweg). Exit at Keukenhof.

From N206 (Katwijk, Noordwijk, Vogelenzang)

Turn-off Lisse. Turn left at the roundabout towards N208 / Westerlijke Randweg. Exit left at Keukenhof.

More information will follow soon.

Can you withdraw money during the event?

During the event a limited amount of money can be withdrawn at the cash registers. This is allowed after noon as long as there is enough cash available at the cash registers. Maestro and V PAY only.

Public transport

The best way to travel is via public transport! You’ll meet new people, you’ll by-pass the traffic jam in front of the parking lot, and you’ll save the environment at that. Therefore, we recommend to use public transportation as much as possible. Below, you will find the best ways to get to the festival terrain. Enjoy your trip and see you at Castlefest!

By bus

To get to Lisse by bus, please plan your trip carefully via or

By train

To reach Castlefest by train, please travel to NS station Hillegom. In front of the station, there will be a shuttle bus to the festival terrain waiting. Return tickets for the shuttle service are €4, to be paid for in cash only. Those of you who will be staying on the festival camping may use one ticket to get to the festival on Thursday, and to return on Sunday. The drivers will endeavour to provide a shuttle-service each 15 minutes; however, due to the expected amount of traffic near the festival terrain, this may not always be possible. We thank you for your understanding. Please plan your journey to NS station Hillegom via of


Kasteel Keukenhof
Keukenhof 1
2161 AN Lisse