The Sprookspreker  is a medieval storyteller with a broad repertoire. This year, the Sprookspreker will tell the medieval tales from the wizards world: the tales of Beetle the Bard.

The Sprookspreker will be improvising stories as well, allowing the audience to be part of and influence the story. A box will be filled with objects that are given by the audience. These objects will steer the cause of the tale, making new stories come to life. The Sprookspreker tells his stories in Dutch only.

Magisch Verhaal

Martin of Magisch Verhaal is a passionate storyteller, magician and theatermaker. At Castlefest you can experience different kind of stories.

Old heroes and villains will come to life and take you with them to the adventure they’ve encountered. Nothing will be left out.

Come listen to one or more stories and enter the world of Magisch Verhaal.

Abe the Storyteller

Listen, tremble, laugh or weep, fall into an enchanted sleep. Let the story entrance you. Watch this storyteller build an imaginary world in which you can dwell and be mesmerized.

Abe has a way with words, he weaves his web of words around you, his gestures and demeanour are there to enhance the sacred story. Abe will tell lots of different stories about fairies, gods and heroes from all around the world. Prepare yourself to meet lots of ghouls, giants, witches and warlocks! 

You can find Abe next to the Storytellers cabin on Friday and Saturday behind the castle.