Writers market


Luitingh-Sijthoff is the largest Dutch publisher of fantasy novels. Please meet us at the book fair for the latest Dutch Fantasy and meet our authors! Saturday: Adrian Stone, Martijn Adelmund and Jeroen van Unen. Sunday: Tisa Pescar and Martijn Lindeboom.

Uitgeverij Macc

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and The Castlefest Chronicles!

Macc Publications is proud to announce the third part of the Castlefest Chronicles in the ‘Schrijverstent’, the only Fantasy series that takes place on Castlefest! Reality really becomes Fantasy! The author this year is Theo Barkel (‘I’ve seen the new Terry Pratchett, our own Theo Barkel’ – bol.com.) and the title: Brothers throughout time.

But we have many other books of course, books from new Dutch Fantasy authors like Johan Klein Haneveld with his novel De Krakenvorst. Karen Willekens with De Verkenner or Christopher Petersen with his debut De Weerling. But we also have the best Sciencefiction, Fantasy and Young Adult from around the world. Bestsellers from America and Germany, like Uschi Zietsch, winner of the German Fantasy Price 2017.

Do you have a manuscript? Come and visit us and who knows, your debut will be next year!

Dark Dragon Books

Do you like good comics? We do. And that’s why we do our utmost to publish beautiful & affordable comics that help you to forget all things around you.
Dark Dragon Books stand for quality of comic books in the Dutch language. We specialize in different genres such as Steampunk, Fantasy, SF, humor, horror, history and adventure. We also publish English art books.

We’d love to see you at our booth on the writers market.

Celtica Publishing

Celtica Publishing transforms fantasy into reality. Celtica publishes books that help you break free from the dullness of life. A person’s creativity awakens through dreaming and by using one’s imagination, and this world is in dire need of creative people.
Everyone who wants to share his or her dream with the rest of the world can submit a manuscript and have it judged for a small fee. Who knows, perhaps Celtica will want to publish your book!
Are you more of a reader? In that case, Celtica Publishing has fantastic stories to inspire you or to simply let you drift off.

Nimisa Publishing House

Nimisa Publishing House is a co-operation of enterprising writers who combined forces to let the public enjoy their fantastic stories.
They will present the following authors such as:

Mark van Dijk with Gerechtigheid, which was rewarded an astonishing 9.5 out of 10 by the Stephen King fan club.
Rik Raven with a new cover of Recht, which could only be described as elusively fascinating.
Atalanta Nèhmoura with the epic fantasy series De kronieken van Ulriach de Waanzinnige, and the release of her crowd funding project: the illustrated limited edition of De Erfwachter.
Marieke Frankema with her stunning and emotional stories that focus on spirituality and magic.
Joost Uitdehaag will bring his Fulia, but also Fulia part two. Fulia was called as best book of spring 2016 by the flemish reviewer boekenvlinder.be.
Guest author Mirjam van Velzen with Boranda 1 and 2 and Manga Cartoonist Chantal will also be present.

More information will follow soon.