You have packages or letters to send and don’t know how? You need to be somewhere where no one else goes? You are looking for complete privacy, no questions asked? Look no more! The Steamnation airship crew is what you’re looking for. Captain Glennwell, of the airship bss Phoenix, will take care of all your logistic needs, together with his crew. Steamnation is the leading crew in transport and logistics in our world and beyond. Our crew has 5 years of experience in transporting goods and persons. Visit our camp at Castlefest, get to know our crew and see what we can do for you. Participate in a tea duell, learn more about absinthe or witness an operation.

The Dragons Draught

Every year, creatures come to life in the World of Medusa. And each year at Castlefest, they are allowed to take their first baby steps….
Last year there were butterflies, flowers and bee’s, and Medusa’s team celebrated the splendor and abundance of mother nature.

But there’s a dragon chewing at the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree of life… Nature is always a danger….

This year, Medusa’s team explores inner and outer strength. It is magic, that we bring from fantasy into reality. The magic that illuminates us, elevates us, that gives us strength and vision! But our fantasies can also mean our demise … Danger lurks… This is the year of the dragons!

We explore the symbiosis between mankind and his imagination. Everyone must be able to tame, ride, master and roam with his inner dragon, and to see him return to his lair, regardless of the horrors and treasures that he brings from his flight. This year Medusa brings the dragons to life, Hydra and Lamia will exhale their dragon’s breath above all of you. Maybe Fafnir and Ladon fly by … and if we are lucky, or not, who knows: Nidhogg will claim his space…


The Green Fairy

The Green Fairy will be at Castlefest once again with her bittersweet drinks. Let yourself be seduced by this Green Muse, she will inspire you and her magical ritual will carry you away and take you to a surprising dream world where poets, painters, artists and dreamers dance around the acid green light… ;-)


13 years of Castlefest and 12 years of Greenthingz attendance!

The garbage goblins from Greenthingz are welcome guests at Castlefest. Were they picked up litter twelve years ago, nowadays they pick up little bits and pieces. It’s therefore that they are into barter business now. Bartering will take place around the bartercart, where they will trade you all things they have found and traded in the past years. Mind you, money has no value here, only barter.

Theater van de Droom

The Theater van de Droom (Theatre of Dreams) by Jeroen Boerwinkel and Laura Hamers brings an expressive form of puppet, mime, and masks theatre, brought to life from their own imagination in a language of motion, intensified by the use of costumes and props which were designed and produced by Jeroen himself.

By combining Mime with Costumes, Masks and Puppets, Theatre history from the Middle Ages till now comes to live in a playful way.

The Joker is a medieval figure that enjoys playing around and drinking. But on the moments he dozes off, we can have a peak in his small dreamworld with pure puppet play. In the end the climax comes in the form of a surprising metamorphose and wonderful mime movements by this Pulcinella-figure. 

Ambrosius is a traveling medieval puppeteer who entertains everyone with his magical play. From an old theater chest he will bring all kinds of figures to life. 
For example the lonely monk who writes heavenly poetry and suddenly gets a visit from the devil himself. After a devilish proof in form of a strange metamorphosis he will find his way back to his beloved faith! 

Brammert & Beertje is an location-act, where an old Dutch couple standing with their luggage between the public. They move in large areas or in the open air during Openings, Events and Festivals. An absurdist mime play full of visual theatrical discoveries and improvisation.

Igor’s Magicshow: The Fantastic Journey

Igor is part magician and part fool. Superhandy, but with a giant smile. For years he has made people laugh, surprised and deceived them!

He will be back once again at Castlefest with a completely new show. Igor has been on holiday and learned all kinds of brand new tricks from all over the world.
Come and see enchanted dragon eggs, dangerous tricks and magic rings. A truly special show which will make you laugh for sure!

You can find Igor’s Magicshow at the medieval spectacle near the camping entrance.
Igor’s holiday finds will be presented six times a day, timetable can be found at the show.