Medieval Spectacle

Zwaard & Steen

Zwaard & Steen is a group of people with a passion for history, martial arts and sports (also called: H.E.M.A.: Historical European Martial Arts). Practicing European medieval martial arts combines sports, exercise and insight in historical fighting styles. It is a unique experience where gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with improving your fitness and confidence. In our classes, we train with the European longsword, dagger and unarmed combat. We base our training on medieval German manuscripts like the Codex Ringeck and Codex von Danzig.  Drop by for a free lesson or visit our stall for workshops and demos. 

Besides the regular classes we organize the largest European longsword tournament, The Dutch Lions Cup on August 26th in Utrecht. 01


Historic Medieval Battle

Real steel! Real warriors! Real combat!

(Full Contact) Historical Medieval Battle is a young and growing sport in which fighters kitted up in authentic armour battle each other with real (blunt) weaponry with all the power they’ve got. The goal is to gain victory over the opposing force by taking them out.

Fights can be 1 versus 1, the so-called Profights, (A kind of MMA fight in armour, where about anything is allowed to take down your opponent), duels in which only weapon hits are counted, or group battles (Bohurt!) in which the amount of fighters can be up to tenths of fighters per team.

Of all categories Bohurt is the most spectacular… the closest you will ever get to a real medieval battle. 
Present will be the Dutch team that participated in the World Championship: ‘Battle of the Nations’ consisting of ‘Lions of Steel’ and ‘Ascia’. There will also be a delegation from the UK as well: the UK Federation.

Come, see the sparks fly, and feel the primal force of medieval violence at Castlefest!

La Rosa D’acciaio

“La Rosa D’acciaio” is a group of Stunt Performer based in Italy. The ‘setting’ of our fencing during our show, is nothing more than a mix of medieval and modern fencing stretched to the show. We focus all of our energies to create live show with strong emotions. From 2012 to now, we have had (and we are continuing to do) performances of the main Italian and European squares with more than 450 live shows. In our curriculum appear names such as “Mirabilandia” and “Giffoni Film Festival”. In addition to performances “live”, we work inside national and international productions of movie, short movie, and music videoclip, creating fencing choreography and much more.