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De Troubadour Harpen – The Bards’ Harps – Harps built with passion!

Searching for just thát specific harp that really matches your personality? Every single harp, form small lap harp to the biggest concert lever harp, it is handcrafted as a unique instrument with its own character.

Our harps are being played by many amatures and professional harpists all around the globe. From Helisir to Lavinia Meijer, Omnia to Kelten zonder Grenzen, they all choose one of the magnificent harps in our collection.

Whether it is a high quality, small, light weight lap harp or a wonderful performance harp by Triplett, Pratt or Rees, our harps will amaze you. Gotten curious? Come and have a look (and play of course) at the instrument builders market in the “Koetshuis”!

Have you been mesmerized by the sound of the harp already and just interested in hearing other harps, or in need of advise on your own harp? Our technical staff is at your service! Come and visit our exhibition or check out our website.

Dutch Hurdy-gurdy & Bagpipe foundation

Have you always been curious about bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy playing and how these instruments work? Then come and visit us at the Instrument builders market at Castlefest.

Under the guidance of experienced bagpipe/hurdy-gurdy musicians and the Dutch hurdy- gurdy&bagpipe foundation you can try these instruments. No previous knowledge is required, we only ask for a bit of enthusiasm and courage. Instruments are of course available.

The dutch hurdy-gurdy&bagpipes foundation is an organisation that focuses on hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes of the western European continent. Their activities include organising courses for advanced players and beginners. Beginners can even rent instruments from the foundation.

For the record: We won’t be playing the Scottish or Irish pipes, but the gurdies and pipes which are traditionally played in France, Belgium or in the Netherlands. Maybe you know them from paintings of Jeroen Bosch or Pieter Breughel?