De Troubadour Harpen – The Bards’ Harps – Harps built with passion!

Searching for just thát specific harp that really matches your personality? Every single harp, form small lap harp to the biggest concert lever harp, it is handcrafted as a unique instrument with its own character.

Our harps are being played by many amatures and professional harpists all around the globe. From Helisir to Lavinia Meijer, Omnia to Kelten zonder Grenzen, they all choose one of the magnificent harps in our collection.

Whether it is a high quality, small, light weight lap harp or a wonderful performance harp by Triplett, Pratt or Rees, our harps will amaze you. Gotten curious? Come and have a look (and play of course) at the instrument builders market in the “Koetshuis”!

Have you been mesmerized by the sound of the harp already and just interested in hearing other harps, or in need of advise on your own harp? Our technical staff is at your service! Come and visit our exhibition or check out our website.


You have packages or letters to send and don’t know how? You need to be somewhere where no one else goes? You are looking for complete privacy, no questions asked? Look no more! The Steamnation airship crew is what you’re looking for. Captain Glennwell, of the airship bss Phoenix, will take care of all your logistic needs, together with his crew. Steamnation is the leading crew in transport and logistics in our world and beyond. Our crew has 5 years of experience in transporting goods and persons. Visit our camp at Castlefest, get to know our crew and see what we can do for you. Participate in a tea duell, learn more about absinthe or witness an operation.


Luitingh-Sijthoff is the largest Dutch publisher of fantasy novels. Please meet us at the book fair for the latest Dutch Fantasy and meet our authors! Saturday: Adrian Stone, Martijn Adelmund and Jeroen van Unen. Sunday: Tisa Pescar and Martijn Lindeboom.

Uitgeverij Macc

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and The Castlefest Chronicles!

Macc Publications is proud to announce the third part of the Castlefest Chronicles in the ‘Schrijverstent’, the only Fantasy series that takes place on Castlefest! Reality really becomes Fantasy! The author this year is Theo Barkel (‘I’ve seen the new Terry Pratchett, our own Theo Barkel’ – bol.com.) and the title: Brothers throughout time.

But we have many other books of course, books from new Dutch Fantasy authors like Johan Klein Haneveld with his novel De Krakenvorst. Karen Willekens with De Verkenner or Christopher Petersen with his debut De Weerling. But we also have the best Sciencefiction, Fantasy and Young Adult from around the world. Bestsellers from America and Germany, like Uschi Zietsch, winner of the German Fantasy Price 2017.

Do you have a manuscript? Come and visit us and who knows, your debut will be next year!

Dark Dragon Books

Do you like good comics? We do. And that’s why we do our utmost to publish beautiful & affordable comics that help you to forget all things around you.
Dark Dragon Books stand for quality of comic books in the Dutch language. We specialize in different genres such as Steampunk, Fantasy, SF, humor, horror, history and adventure. We also publish English art books.

We’d love to see you at our booth on the writers market.

Celtica Publishing

Celtica Publishing transforms fantasy into reality. Celtica publishes books that help you break free from the dullness of life. A person’s creativity awakens through dreaming and by using one’s imagination, and this world is in dire need of creative people.
Everyone who wants to share his or her dream with the rest of the world can submit a manuscript and have it judged for a small fee. Who knows, perhaps Celtica will want to publish your book!
Are you more of a reader? In that case, Celtica Publishing has fantastic stories to inspire you or to simply let you drift off.

Nimisa Publishing House

Nimisa Publishing House is a co-operation of enterprising writers who combined forces to let the public enjoy their fantastic stories.
They will present the following authors such as:

Mark van Dijk with Gerechtigheid, which was rewarded an astonishing 9.5 out of 10 by the Stephen King fan club.
Rik Raven with a new cover of Recht, which could only be described as elusively fascinating.
Atalanta Nèhmoura with the epic fantasy series De kronieken van Ulriach de Waanzinnige, and the release of her crowd funding project: the illustrated limited edition of De Erfwachter.
Marieke Frankema with her stunning and emotional stories that focus on spirituality and magic.
Joost Uitdehaag will bring his Fulia, but also Fulia part two. Fulia was called as best book of spring 2016 by the flemish reviewer boekenvlinder.be.
Guest author Mirjam van Velzen with Boranda 1 and 2 and Manga Cartoonist Chantal will also be present.

Wicker Ritual: A New Dawn

Now that the 9 universal year, a year of completion, change and transformation, has come to an end, it’s time for a new beginning.

This year the Wicker will appear as a Tree of Life with her seedlings. An anchor in Mother Earth, where protection, strength and fertility are of importance. Reaching for the sky, where our new ideas, wishes and future will be reflected in a powerful cycle. The male and female connected to the elements: the roots in the ground, water for growth, wind blowing through the branches and fire, given by the sun, for new energy. 

To give the ritual new energy and growth, the egg of the dragon, born from her power, will be intertwined with the Tree of Life. A connection between the transition of completion and a new beginning. Full of strength and open for wonders, we are ready:

A New Dawn. 

Dutch Hurdy-gurdy & Bagpipe foundation

Have you always been curious about bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy playing and how these instruments work? Then come and visit us at the Instrument builders market at Castlefest.

Under the guidance of experienced bagpipe/hurdy-gurdy musicians and the Dutch hurdy- gurdy&bagpipe foundation you can try these instruments. No previous knowledge is required, we only ask for a bit of enthusiasm and courage. Instruments are of course available.

The dutch hurdy-gurdy&bagpipes foundation is an organisation that focuses on hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes of the western European continent. Their activities include organising courses for advanced players and beginners. Beginners can even rent instruments from the foundation.

For the record: We won’t be playing the Scottish or Irish pipes, but the gurdies and pipes which are traditionally played in France, Belgium or in the Netherlands. Maybe you know them from paintings of Jeroen Bosch or Pieter Breughel?

Zwaard & Steen

Zwaard & Steen is a group of people with a passion for history, martial arts and sports (also called: H.E.M.A.: Historical European Martial Arts). Practicing European medieval martial arts combines sports, exercise and insight in historical fighting styles. It is a unique experience where gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with improving your fitness and confidence. In our classes, we train with the European longsword, dagger and unarmed combat. We base our training on medieval German manuscripts like the Codex Ringeck and Codex von Danzig.  Drop by for a free lesson or visit our stall for workshops and demos. 

Besides the regular classes we organize the largest European longsword tournament, The Dutch Lions Cup on August 26th in Utrecht. 01


The Dragons Draught

Every year, creatures come to life in the World of Medusa. And each year at Castlefest, they are allowed to take their first baby steps….
Last year there were butterflies, flowers and bee’s, and Medusa’s team celebrated the splendor and abundance of mother nature.

But there’s a dragon chewing at the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree of life… Nature is always a danger….

This year, Medusa’s team explores inner and outer strength. It is magic, that we bring from fantasy into reality. The magic that illuminates us, elevates us, that gives us strength and vision! But our fantasies can also mean our demise … Danger lurks… This is the year of the dragons!

We explore the symbiosis between mankind and his imagination. Everyone must be able to tame, ride, master and roam with his inner dragon, and to see him return to his lair, regardless of the horrors and treasures that he brings from his flight. This year Medusa brings the dragons to life, Hydra and Lamia will exhale their dragon’s breath above all of you. Maybe Fafnir and Ladon fly by … and if we are lucky, or not, who knows: Nidhogg will claim his space…


The Green Fairy

The Green Fairy will be at Castlefest once again with her bittersweet drinks. Let yourself be seduced by this Green Muse, she will inspire you and her magical ritual will carry you away and take you to a surprising dream world where poets, painters, artists and dreamers dance around the acid green light… ;-)


13 years of Castlefest and 12 years of Greenthingz attendance!

The garbage goblins from Greenthingz are welcome guests at Castlefest. Were they picked up litter twelve years ago, nowadays they pick up little bits and pieces. It’s therefore that they are into barter business now. Bartering will take place around the bartercart, where they will trade you all things they have found and traded in the past years. Mind you, money has no value here, only barter.

Historic Medieval Battle

Real steel! Real warriors! Real combat!

(Full Contact) Historical Medieval Battle is a young and growing sport in which fighters kitted up in authentic armour battle each other with real (blunt) weaponry with all the power they’ve got. The goal is to gain victory over the opposing force by taking them out.

Fights can be 1 versus 1, the so-called Profights, (A kind of MMA fight in armour, where about anything is allowed to take down your opponent), duels in which only weapon hits are counted, or group battles (Bohurt!) in which the amount of fighters can be up to tenths of fighters per team.

Of all categories Bohurt is the most spectacular… the closest you will ever get to a real medieval battle. 
Present will be the Dutch team that participated in the World Championship: ‘Battle of the Nations’ consisting of ‘Lions of Steel’ and ‘Ascia’. There will also be a delegation from the UK as well: the UK Federation.

Come, see the sparks fly, and feel the primal force of medieval violence at Castlefest!

Theater van de Droom

The Theater van de Droom (Theatre of Dreams) by Jeroen Boerwinkel and Laura Hamers brings an expressive form of puppet, mime, and masks theatre, brought to life from their own imagination in a language of motion, intensified by the use of costumes and props which were designed and produced by Jeroen himself.

By combining Mime with Costumes, Masks and Puppets, Theatre history from the Middle Ages till now comes to live in a playful way.

The Joker is a medieval figure that enjoys playing around and drinking. But on the moments he dozes off, we can have a peak in his small dreamworld with pure puppet play. In the end the climax comes in the form of a surprising metamorphose and wonderful mime movements by this Pulcinella-figure. 

Ambrosius is a traveling medieval puppeteer who entertains everyone with his magical play. From an old theater chest he will bring all kinds of figures to life. 
For example the lonely monk who writes heavenly poetry and suddenly gets a visit from the devil himself. After a devilish proof in form of a strange metamorphosis he will find his way back to his beloved faith! 

Brammert & Beertje is an location-act, where an old Dutch couple standing with their luggage between the public. They move in large areas or in the open air during Openings, Events and Festivals. An absurdist mime play full of visual theatrical discoveries and improvisation.