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Biodanza literary means ‘Dance of life’.

Biodanza invites you to step out of your usual patterns and to move more heartfelt. 

A way to again connect with yourself, others and our nature, full of fun and joy of life. 

Everyone can participate in Biodanza, there are no specific moves or special ways of moving. There is no age limit and there are no fitness requirements.

The theme of the sessions is Fire, the element of freedom and connection. 

Feel free to experience this!

Offline Tinder

After being a big hit on last year’s Castlefest, we again like to offer you a chance to find the love of your life in the fantasy scene. We offer you the opportunity to meet someone you like without having to talk with them. Doesn’t that sound easy?

How does it work?
Go to the Party Area and join the Offline Tinder game. The kind ladies of the Offline Tinder game will give you your personal number. Wear the number visible for everyone so you will be noticed as a participant. If you see anyone you like, go to the Offline Tinder office and check if you have a match with their number



Pyrolysis comes to life by putting a bunch of crazy people in a little rehearsal room in the middle of nowhere, letting them explode, and harvesting an incredibly jolly mix of folk and weirdness. Their songs run over the entire spectrum of Celtic music, ranging from acoustic ballads and Pagan sounding tunes to more heavy Celtic drinking songs. All the songs convey a warm message of friendship, happiness, and party. Pyrolysis is more than ready to bring their energetic folk music to the world!

Aside from their regular set, Pyrolysis will play a ball folk set for the dancers among you, with more traditional and ball folk danceable songs, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday early afternoon.

Gwendolyn Snowdon

Gwendolyn Snowdon launched her solo career with release of first album, Three Strand Braid. Three Strand Braid was inspired by artist’s blended heritage of Dutch, English and Irish, and all three languages are interwoven on the album in traditional folk style. Gwendolyn Snowdon, is perhaps best known as lead singer for Celtic Folk band, Finvarra. She is a full time musician, and will continue to perform with Finvarra, but her passion for creating and performing her own music has taken flight. Three Strand Braid was well-received during her 2016 mini-tour, on many festival stages in the Netherlands and Belgium; and she made the long list for Netherlands Fantasy Awards for Best Live Act-2016. Snowdon began her musical training at age of ten with guitar lessons; vocal lessons soon followed. Inspired by Tori Amos and Kate Bush in her early years, and impassioned by the energy of the fantasy folk festival scene, by the time she was a teenager the artist was performing on stage with the Dutch Lemmings. They say, ‘you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl’ and this certainly holds true for Gwendolyn who was raised by horse enthusiasts and spent most of her youth in the stables. Her passion for animals and the environment have played an important role in her life and is apparent in her music videos. As an active environmentalist the artist strives to make a difference in the world, both on stage and off.

La Maisnie Hellequin

In medieval and traditional legends ‘La Maisnie Hellequin’ refers to a band of little spirits, led by the Hellequin. They are infamous for making terrible noise at night…

The musicians of La Maisnie Hellequin play with this theme. They are making musical parades to create a special atmosphere with the strange sounds of hurdy gurdy, bruegelian bagpipe, nyckelharpa and medieval drums, inspired by this legendary world.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco has become a common name for all events where people listen to music through wireless headphones instead of a normal speaker system. Dance till late to the greatest party songs in the party tent at the Castlefest camping!

Hoop workshop

The best warming up for a weekend full of adventures is hooping. Lose yourself in dancing and twisting. Hooping is so much more then just a movement. Make contact with your body trough the hoop and find your own flow.

We will start at the beginning of hooping and we will try to teach new things. Everybody can join. Make sure to be in time, there is only a limited amount of hoops available.

Time: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 16.00h
Where: Partytent at the Castlefest Camping 

Zwaard & Steen

Zwaard & Steen is a group of people with a passion for history, martial arts and sports (also called: H.E.M.A.: Historical European Martial Arts). Practicing European medieval martial arts combines sports, exercise and insight in historical fighting styles. It is a unique experience where gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with improving your fitness and confidence. In our classes, we train with the European longsword, dagger and unarmed combat. We base our training on medieval German manuscripts like the Codex Ringeck and Codex von Danzig.  Drop by for a free lesson or visit our stall for workshops and demos. 

Besides the regular classes we organize the largest European longsword tournament, The Dutch Lions Cup on August 26th in Utrecht. 01


Cuddle Workshop

Klazien’s Cuddle workshop is back by dope demand! What beautiful, miraculous people to behold on Castlefest. But how to get up, close and personal with them? Cuddling is an amazing way to discover intimacy. It releases that good stuff in your brains which makes you experience a natural high. 

But how can you be sure your bear hugs are welcome? How to deal with rejection? How do you go about setting your personal boundaries? And how do you ask for what you really want? Klazien Schaap, cuddle expert at Lovehacks teaches you the bear necessities on how to create wonderful cuddle experiences for yourself and your partners. Let the oxytocine flow!

Time: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 14.00h
Who: Castlerest tent at the Castlefest Camping

Do-In Yoga

Do-in Yoga is a wonderful, relaxed Japanese form of yoga and combines different yoga exercises, self massage and breathing techniques. The exercises are used to stretch and stimulate your meridians (energylines), to create balance and strengthen your energy. Do-in is a easy form of Yoga and are suitable for all ages and bodies. It is is not necessary to be in a good condition or to have agility skills. The beauty of Do-In is that it encourages people to really feel their body and take responsibility for it. You can do this on your own level. 

Don’t expect a masterclass with complicated exercises. These workshops are an introduction of Do-in Yoga, meant for everybody. Regain your energy in the morning by Tai Chi movements combined with Yoga to get yourself ready for an other day at Castlefest.

Time: Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning at 8.30h 
Where: Castlerest tent at the Castlefest Camping


‘Twibv’ was created as an excuse for a group of friends to play music together, but quickly grew to be a fully fledged folk-pop band with original material. Playing music and telling stories, that’s what we love to do. Whether these stories originate in literature, poetry, nature, our own experiences or our imagination doesn’t really matter. We use an enormous variety of instruments (the counter is almost at 15!), different languages and most importantly: plenty of humour, even in songs about death and tragedy. Using (among other things) piano, ukulele, violin, whistles, cajon and vocals, we’re about to tell you a few of our favourite tales.
In 2015, we made a short cd named ‘Snippets’, and at the moment we’re busy writing and recording plenty of new tracks. What do the letters in ‘Twibv’ stand for, you ask? That’s a secret. But we’re open to your craziest suggestions…!

Twibv plays on Saturday and Sunday at the Castlefest Camping.


The three girls of the psychedelic folk band Brisinga, Fabienne Kirschke (recorders/flutes, hurdy gurdy, vocals, harp), Johanna Bonnekoh (bodhrán, hammered dulcimer, vocals) and Fanny Herbst (harp, vocals), are combining folk and modern influences, such as minimal music with ancient tales and myths. The partly instrumental, partly sung compositions are taking the listeners out to Northern gods, shamans and witches, dancing in the forest. The musicians aim to evoke diverse moods and emotions, both atmospheric and vivid.

Brisinga released their first album Vísa Nornir on April 11th this year and perform their self-composed music in their native country Germany as well as in neighbouring countries.

Brisinga plays on Thursday and Friday at the Castlefest Camping.


The musicians of Andoorn find each other in their love for nature and the fun of making music together. The original compositions vary from bombastic bourrées with bagpipes and bouzouki to swirling waltzes with fiddle and metallophone. The dynamic music of Andoorn brings dancers together in intimate moments after which they can go crazy on the dance floor.

Elco the Bard

Hear ye, hear ye! For your listening pleasure, hearken to the assured musical stylings of Elco the Bard. This cheerful Man of Song will turn your every pub into a Medieval tavern and every chilly throne room into a fire lit common room.

Come along on this musical crusade of crackling fantasy hitsongs. Listening to such classics as “If I were Steve” and “My little Elven girl” it is impossible not to be moved.

So sing along with the Bard’s music for every mood, or as Elco himself says: “Put those hands in the air.”