‘t Ambachts Ghylde

Always wanted to know how to cook medieval dishes on an open fire? Or how to use a spindle to make yarn out of raw fleece from sheep? Or perhaps you’d like to felt your own woolen bracelet, or braid a mouse from straw. Visit The Ambachts Ghylde to learn all of this and even more!


Birdlive is a small and enthusiastic falconry, that enjoys bringing their spectators closer to nature with their beautiful birds. They work with rescue birds; birds that were injured or traumatized in their past, and have been lovingly and carefully nursed back to health. However, these birds are not pets and cannot be touched or petted. Birdlive does not do entertainment shows, but emphasizes the educational aspect of their craft, preferably for adults and/or children with special needs.

Falconry is an ancient tradition, carried on proudly and with great responsibility by Birdlive. For their falconers, living, flying and working with birds of prey and owls is not a job, but a 24/7 way of life.

De Anderling

De Anderling strolls along with a wonderful cart filled with quirks and quackery.
She’ll catch the butterflies in your stomach and entrance young and old with rainbows.
She has remedies for broken hearts and all sorts of youthful maladies; bottled dreams and glittering glamour.
Don’t be shy! Let yourself be tempted, because the solution to all of your problems comes at a small price.

Freakshow Escape

Freakshow Escape is a mobile escape room entertained by the Bearded Lady and evil circus director Zlatan Zorrero. Your company of max. 4 visitors is asked by the Bearded Lady to help her in her quest: the circus director has confiscated her shaving set – he won’t allow her to get rid of her beard – which she thinks she direly needs for her romantic date with a stable boy in the circus – the handsome Frankie Valdez. While the Bearded Lady holds guard she sends visitors inside the wagon of Zlatan to find her shaving set, but once they’re inside, they discover his terrible secret.. The mobile escape room lets visitors play the lead role in an unforgettable experience. It requires great communication skills, teamwork, a good dose of adrenaline and is not for the faint-hearted. Will you be able to escape before the evil circus director returns?

Costs: 1 festival token per person