Art at Castlefest

Het Artiestengilde

Have you seen all the shops, listened to some great music and are you in need of a break? Or maybe even some space to create some beautiful things yourself? Drop by at ‘Het Artiestengilde’ (The Artists Guild) for a workshop, lecture or a challenging game!

What do you think of a workshop about the art of graffiti, an explanation of tips, tricks and do’s & don’ts about corsetry, reviving your talents with pencils and paper and learning how to make the most beautiful facepaints matching your lovely Castlefest-outfit? At ‘Het Artiestengilde’ you can do it all!

Not in the mood for a workshop or a reading? Join the field of games or participate in the various balfolk workshops. Don’t forget to take a look at the special Steampunk creations by Cock Zandvliet. His Steampunk car from last year amazed everyone!

Are you joining us? You can find Het Artiestengilde nearby the castle.


Come and try your hand at archery at Kunst and Schietwerk. We can tell you about the different aspects of our versatile sport. If you are new at it or already experienced, we offer something for everyone. Learn the basic principles, tweak your performance or challenge your friends to a shoot-off.

Archery is for young and old, everyone can learn how to shoot! Do you want to shoot, get your picture taken whilst shooting or just have a look? You are welcome at our range.

Do you want to shoot with your own gear? let our supervisor approve it first.

On our larp-range you can safely shoot monsters and for the diehards we have classic targets and sharp arrows. This year we will also have fun shooting, so come and check it out.

Note: If you have had any wine, mead or beer, you can only shoot larp-arrows here.