Heathen gang

Heathen Gang

The Heathen Gang will be present again at Castlefest 2017. This year you can find us at a new location.
Please check out the Castlefest map to find us.

This year’s theme is Connection: together we’ve created a beautiful variety of workshops and we will celebrate together with all of you love for Nature and energy of Life.

See you at Castlefest!


Gabs and her Elves will welcome you in the Rainbow Wish and Sound Temple
Accompanied by her beautiful Rainbow Wish bow, Gabs gives everybody the opportunity to discover their own wishes together with an extra magical rainbow clue.
It will definitely addy to your experience, so drop by and try it for yourself!


11.00h: Opening ceremony
11.45h: Wish bells stick workshop – hear the calling of the elves
12.30h: Yod Ritual with Healing Nature sounds – feel the Rainbow energy of the Yod
14.00h: The Elven hour – where you can experience diverse healing methods by Gabs and her Elves
15.00h: Drum circle
17.00h: Dance with the Elements (on Friday)
17.00h: Procession by Heathen Gang members (on Saturday)
17.00h: Rainbow Healing sounds (on Sunday)

I love to welcome you in one of the workshops

The Pagan Lady

This year The Heathen Gang will organize a tent dedicated to the path of the witch for the first time!

The Pagan Lady and her team will provide various workshops :

– What is witchcraft ( first meeting with witchcraft, with guided meditation to the 5 elements in yourself). By Sylvie Charlier, high priestess
– Meet your totem animal and learn how this can support you on your path of awareness. By Peter van Doorn, witchdruid
– Cooking as a tool within witchcraft. By Paul Smullenberg, chef from Rotterdam
– The importance of the moon for witches, dedicated to the waxing harvest moon. By Ingrid Cramer
– Make your personal talisman with herbal magick. By Ingrid Cramer and Anke Koopmans
– Make a Ogham-amulet (out of sacred wood). By Peter van Doorn

Continuous: Character analysis/palmistry by Lydia Waterreus and Celtic oracle by Ingrid Cramer. Of course we’re happy to answer all your questions about the sabbat Lugnassad

Roaming Ravens

For the 10th year on a row the Roaming Ravens are a part of the Heathen Gang with workshops & Drum circles.

The program:


12.00h &13.30h: Connecting with Morrigan, Goddess of sovereignty & abundance.
14.30h: Naming & initiation of your drum prior to the Drum circle


13.00h: Connecting with Morrigan, Goddess of sovereignty & abundance
14.30h: Naming & initiation of your drum prior to the Drum circle
15.00h: Initiate the Drum Circle


14.00h: Lughnasadh harvest ritual in the tradition of the druids
14.45h: Naming & initiation of your drum prior to the Drum circle

We welcome you to join us and celebrate!

Kundalini Healing

Your evolution is coiled within you. You can find Kundalini Healing at the healing tent for more information and to feel the energie.

Levensdans: Path of the Priestess

And of course the Priestess temple will be present again. During the day you are welcome at the Temple to create an offering for the Wicker man (this may be accompanied by one of the priestesses in ritual). You can consult the oracle, enjoy a fine healing, good conversation or simply drop by to relax.

-Celebrate Abundance in a Lughnassa ritual (Friday 14:00)
-Give Love and healing to Mother Earth in the water ceremony (Saturday 14:00)
-Allow Yourself to be embraced in sisterhood during Path of the Priestess and discover your own sacred path. (Sunday 14:00)

-Celebrate Life during the Pagan Passion Night (Saturday 19:30)

You can also find us at the Wicker.

Be welcome!

Smudge Temple

Like every year, there will be a Smudge Temple at the Heathen Gang again. Smudge is an ancient way to clean the aura an refresh your spirit. All Heathen Gang members are  participating and happy to answer any question you might have. 

You can find the Smudge Temple across the Heathen Gang fire circle. Want to feel refreshed and light? Drop by at the Smudge Temple.


On Saurday and Sunday Feestpaint will provide even more color to Castlefest. For the third year on a row you are welcome for the ultimate metamorphosis complementing your outfit or character. Face-paint and body paint for all creatures of all ages. Feel free to drop by for just a little touch up or a funny face as well. Feestpaint is located at the Heathen Gang.

Het Loosterveld


Being, connecting to your…?

You’re laying in a circle of power. Through guided meditation you will connect to your inner self. And from yourself there is connecting with Mother Earth, the Great Mother or Totem animals possible. It’s all up to you! Up to you being yourself, the real you. You’re perfect as you are, in your beauty, power, softness. Afterwards we perform a small ritual to empower this new personal connection.


Investment €5,-

Ilonka Heideveld from het Loosterveld is a Dutch Shaman

Heathen Gang Drumcircle

Every day at 11.00h we will start the day with a Opening Ceremony and at 15.ooh every day The Heathen Gang members will host a beautiful Drum circle.

Each day a different group will lead the Drum circle with a different theme.
We consider our Heathen Gang field as a small village, with villagers who come together every day to celebrate life and connect with joy and love.

The rhythm of the drums is like the beating of your heart and the movement and sounds will spread this through your veins. Would you like to experience this? Come join us and dance and move with us!

Opening Ceremony:
Friday: Centrum Innerpiece
Saturday: Levensdans
Sunday: de Negen Werelden

Friday: Centrum Innerpiece
Saturday Roaming Ravens
Sunday: the Pagan Lady



Levensdans: Pagan Passion Night

Feel life flowing through your veins, wild , free and untamed. Feel the beating of your heart and the deep longing to embrace all that you are. Pagans gather to celebrate this. Fire and earth, Passion and Joy, full of love.

Friday night the Celtic Spirit will be overflowing with true passion. We shed our skin to move into something new, wild , passionate, real, raw, beautiful. We celebrate life in all het glorie and we invite you to join us in this celebration. 

Friday night: 19.30u


From 11.30h onwards: Shaman journey
Join us for a relaxing Shamanic journey or meet your totem animal in the Tipi.

11.30h Medicine wheel
Walk the Medicine wheel for insights and ask for a shamanistic medicine healing.

12.00h Create your Butterfly
Make a butterfly – ritual for the wickerman with your personal message or question.  

13.00h Medicine wheel

14.00h Create your Butterfly

Siberian oracle and the Lenormand cards. 
Create your Witch cord to empower your wishes


Yoka is a magical woman, who is strongly connected with nature. She helped many people with her skilled hands during the years.

She is a nationally and international practicing Lokai Shiatsu Therapist who works with diverse healing methods, which she will also be using in the Healing tent.

Are you dealing with physical complaints (like a sore back) or can you use some mental support? Yoka would love to see you in the Healingtent!

The Green Goddess

De Groene Godin (The Green Goddess) will be present again with shamanic and witchy rituals, such as:

10 am Reading Stones
12 pm Shamanic Sound Healing
1 pm   Magic Strings (workshop)
2 pm   Reading Stones
4 pm   Shamanic Sound Healing
5 pm   Magic Strings (workshop)

and join us for a game of Werewolves at Castlefest as well!

Green Goddess Kids

Friday August 4th there will be a dedicated Crafts & Games tent.

From 10:00 to 19:00h

– Making dream catchers
– Make Rainiers
– Theatre Workshop

After 19:00h

– Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow and other games