Games Tent

Our friends of the Spellenspektakel Gamesconvention are the host of the Castlefest Games Tent.

They will make sure to bring all sorts of games you cannot miss. Of course you will be able to try out the newest games, but they will also bring very nice games that fit the Castlefest setting perfectly. Dragons, damsels, knights, dungeons, mythical figures, Middle Ages and lots and lots of Fantasy are just some of the examples of themes they will be promoting. Will we see you there?

Grab a chair and try out the best games. De Rode Pion will make sure you can bring your favorite new game home. Do you like to make a reservation for a certain game? Send de Rode Pion an email ( and they will bring it along for you.




A traveling village that has found a place on Castlefest to attract new blood for their special adventures. In this village you will find several places where there is something to see or do; Fight in the arena, brew drinks at the alchemist lodge, go on adventure for the merchant and a tavern to quench your thirst. People from the village want to share their experiences and knowledge with brave new adventurers!

Come and experience the atmosphere at the LARP Village to experience what makes the LARP hobby so attractive to many people of all ages.

LARP is a Real Life Game, where the participants get dressed in an adventure world in which everything is possible! Throughout the Netherlands these LARP events are organized. Often in the woods, but sometimes also in a castle. The game world is often medieval fantasy or post apocalyptic. Different LARP Groupings with their unique game worlds would like to introduce you to the LARP village.

More information will follow soon.